South Africa celebrates Heritage Day today, the day used to be known as Shaka Day in commemoration of one of the most famous African warriors and king to ever grace South Africa. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Answer. He writes on socioeconomic issues and believes these can be solved through journalism. The Zulu Tribe Celebrates Shaka’s Day Annually. The Xaba Royal Kingdom position consists of the three (3) Royal Kingdom seats namely: a) ISilo: Menzi/ Nkayishana How were the Khumalos in the royal? We don’t belong in Africa?? He was also feared by the pale face. For in the space of twelve years, he organized an immense army of skilled and disciplined warriors, conquering and pacifying a territory larger than Europe. I will go over some basic facts such as their origins, the Zulu family structure along with their beliefs, and of course, some additional facts to impress your friends at your next gathering. Interesting facts about Shaka Zulu. There a lot you can compare with with and shaka but then there is not a lot you can not compare. How Shaka Zulu Changed the World. Now QINISO MBILI shares some lesser-known facts about the Zulu king. However, a small number of Zulu also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique.The Zulu language, called isiZulu, is a Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup.. This Zulu man forbade his troops from marrying; During his wars, he killed everyone else but spared the lives of bushmen. Zulu kaNogandaya could do as he pleased with Shaka’s support, and was one of few people who ate with Shaka. Well, when Nandi (mother of Shaka) died in 1827, the grief was too much for him to bear and as a result, he relapsed into a psychotic disorder. Menzi and Senzangakhona is the same person my brother. However, you … But whites rarely want to talk about that. They celebrate this day in the month of September to remember the famous founder of the Zulu Kingdom, Shaka. KaMvuyana was a Buthelezi who was adopted in Shaka’s kingdom and rose to earn the King’s respect. It was as if I wrote it. After her death, Shaka declared a mourning period of over a year and during this time, crops were not to be planted. After her death, Shaka declared a mourning period of over a year and during this time, crops were not to be planted. This Zulu man forbade his troops from marrying; During his wars, he killed everyone else but spared the lives of bushmen. Yebo , Nina be Dlovu enamandla He named him Sgidi and the child resented being called Shaka. The Zulus persevered through apartheid and remain the largest ethnic group in South Africa. Shaka kaSenzangakhona is considered as one of the greatest rulers in the history of the Zulu Kingdom. I’m teaching History and very crazy about it. A heavily under-armed army of Zulu warriors outsmarted 1,350 British soldiers, resulting in a crushing defeat. In the war of 1879 the Zulus had more guns than the British. Where abd where do I find the correct hestory of our clab. Shares. He made his brother, Dabulamanzi the commander of the Zulu army. His life is the subject of numerous colourful and exaggerated stories, many of which are debated by historians. I leave you to do your own research by speaking to the elders in KwaZulu the true essence of the “eGazini” part of the Royal Family…..So stop reading the European version of your own history! Interesting Facts about Shaka Zulu. watch how you speaking about our Kings. Here are 16 things that made Shaka Zulu a military genius. It is the truth about Shaka Zulu. Even with so much death after colonial wars, there are though very few people who can give a clear version of our history of ZULU in particular….it does not end there…..there is a great deal of our entire history…..not only ZULU but through out AZANIA…doing research should be everyone’s task to find the truth but one should be very careful in doing so because our history is falsified by the very people who want to claim they are the only ones who know our history simple because they have been given the vote……We must rise against such tendencies that want us to look stupid and myopic……you can fool some people sometime but not all of them all the time….. Cetshwayo kaMpande was the King of the Zulu Kingdom from 1872 to 1879 and their leader during the Anglo-Zulu War. Apart from all the National Holidays in South Africa, there is one holiday that is dear to the Zulu people, and it is called Shaka Day. Menzi was Senzangakhona,and Nkayishana is isilo Maphumuzana kaDinuzulu kaCetshwayo kaMpande kaSenzangakhona kaJama kaNdaba,n yes uMbopha was not a commoner he was from the royal family. They wear their full traditional attire which includes the weapons and have a gathering at KwaDukuza in Stanger, where Shaka’s tombstone is. 2.kubhalwe ukuthi wake wakopolota umuntu amehlo okungenzeka ngamanga nalawo One thing you can say about Shaka Zulu is that he did not do his men this way. How Shaka grew the Zulu clanShaka sought to change things that did not make sense to him. Shaka's campaigns part of a larger chaos An increasingly cruel and paranoid Shaka Zulu was assassinated in 1828, but that didn't mark the end of his effects on the history of southern Africa. It is a pity so few have tried to understand this character. They call him their king though his mother was not royally married like other wives…..he ddnt even have a single child, shame….. Just like the verwoerds and p w bothas of this world, Shaka’s history has been distorted a lot by colonizers who used his story to miseducated Southern Africans about their real history… He was Imbube/Induna yezikhali and served under King Menzi the true founder of the Zulu nation. After shipwrecking just off the coast of Natal, Farwell and the remainder of his crew first encounter … Nandi’s clan at first refused to believe she could be pregnant, as she was not married, and instead thought her pregnancy symptoms to be the result of a disease known as utshaka. He is widely credited with uniting many of the Northern Nguni people, into the Zulu Kingdom, the beginnings of a nation that held sway over the large portion of southern Africa . Please allow me to leave here it long and painful but thanks God we are the Peace Ambassadors among other existing Nations on planet. Another was Shaka’s protégé, Zulu kaNogandaya, who had almost equal rights to Shaka. Shaka kaSenzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, was a great Zulu king and conqueror. then who is Bheje no Donda. He was known as uShaka kaSenzangakhona. 1. But there has to be a reconciliation between what we get from a whiteman’s history books and our African oral history. – The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) played a vital role in the renaming of Shaka’s day to … Pres-JG Zuma, how can I get hold of you Man… that history make sense to me, ningadlali ngathi please akenibuyele emuva nofunisisa, Nkayishana Kamenzi, cha mfowethu buya usiphe ukuthi konke lokhu ukuthathaphi ngoba esikwaziyo nesakufuna emlandweni akufani nalokhu…. (No one else had the courage or rank to do so.). killed and replaced Sigujana, his half brother. 1. The British army was led by Lord Chelmsford and the Anglo-Zulu war resulted in one of the most bloody wars ever to take place on South African soil. kahle kahle ayikho lendaba yaloyamdlalo ngoba ubhalwe umlungu kukhulunywa nesingisi lesi uNodumehlezi KaMenzi ayengasazi, But it’s just a sham that this black king is looked down on for doing the same as the pale face did. In fact, several places in KwaZulu Natal were named after the specific incidents that involved him in those places. The name ‘Shaka Zulu’ was created by white settlers. !u believe the useless history that you have been taught? No, Indian South Africans are not persecuted. If you really listen verbal or narrated history of the Royal Family you will never ever trust what the colonizers put in books about the history of Africans. He was known as uShaka kaSenzangakhona. He therefore put up an army of forty thousand to sixty thousand men. Several historians agree that Shaka was the … Additionally, he introduced the shields made from cowhide to his army. The Zulu She was then placed at the status of a lowly third wife. This is really said as we may not find out the true version of our history. 7. On the death of Shaka's father (c. 1816), Dingiswayo lent his young protégé the military support necessary to oust and assassinate his senior brother Sigujana, and make himself chieftain of the Zulu, although he remained a vassal of Dingiswayo. White people have lived in Africa for thousands of years. Shaka zulu is one of the famous(or notorious) leaders to have graced southern part ofafrica in the past few centuries. Here are 16 things that made Shaka Zulu a military genius. He was one of the most influential monarchs in the Zulu kingdom. I think Shaka Zulu was a head of his time. Tired of the assegai — a long pole weapon made of wood with pointed iron at the end and thrown like a javelin — Shaka Zulu introduced the ikwla, a weapon with a shorter sphere and a longer spearhead, sort of like a sword. Shaka Zulu will be remembered as great leader and conqueror who united over 100 chiefdoms into one mighty kingdom. He traveled to Mozambique and then west into the Transvaal, settling there by 1826.Continued attacks by coalitions of his enemies caused him to move west again to what is now Botswana and, in 1837, northward to present-day Zambia. at one point he controled so much. Image of Shaka Zulu-It’s a well-known fact that Shaka Zulu loved his mother, Queen Nandi, dearly. he won 1 battle against the British… battle does not win a war. ... 8 Interesting Facts About the Tonga People Chep. 1787 – ca. These included short men, deemed useless as they would not be able to see approaching enemy impi (warriors) from afar; troops who had wounds in their backs after a battle, as this meant they’d been running away; and anyone who went against his will. As the commanding general, the young warrior’s thirst for brutality found full expression, and in 1816, he, with the help of Dingiswayo deposed, killed and replaced Sigujana, his half brother. Shaka kaSenzangakhona also known as Shaka Zulu was the leader of the Zulu kingdom from 1816 to 1828. They wanted to see if they were able to take a land from a man that had to much but so little in there eyes and wanted to see how and why. African Tribes. Also Shaka was called Sigidi later in his life because he deemed to rule over millions “isigidi”. Even iSilo will tell you things about uMbopha being royal and him (i.e. You get angry over the past and useless dead he has been pushing….you call him a king. This one allowed his warriors to only engage the enemy at a close range without unnecessarily losing one's weapon. He was the brains behind the bull horn battle formation. One popular narrative is that Shakas conception was a mistake after his parents got carried away during uku-hlobonga, a ritual for unmarried couples involving sexual foreplay and no penetrative sex. Clans fleeing the Zulu war zone included the Soshangane, Zwangendaba, Ndebele, Hlubi, Ngwane, and the Mfengu. pls mfowethu vela, ungabaleki ngoba kusho ukuthi khona lana nawe okutholekhona nathi sifunde sazi iqiniso…angibone, wow plz send the real history im very interested, Well said my brother “respect” I wish to learn the real history of shaka so I can pass it to my son will you please assist me. Apparently there's some evidence that Shaka Zulu was also gay and that he used to f**k his soldiers. Shaka (ca. Just correct, offer your own version and substantiate. Shaka’s inner-circle of advisers was primarily comprised of two men. Check my other channel Highlight History: →Subscribe for new videos every day! ... 10 Interesting Facts About the Kalabari People Chep. Your name and mine is not only the same but our thinking are also alike. In 1827, Shaka’s mother, Nandi, died, and in his grief the Zulu leader lost his mind. This was a three-part attack tactic where the most experienced fighters would form the chest of a bull pressing enemy at a vulnerable position. Like or hate him that is Shaka Zulu for you, and nothing much will change because he is a story now cast on the stone of Shaka Zulu history, Imaage:, @Shaka ZuluSource: Twitter. Shaka Zulu (born 1787) was the founder of the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa. He was trained and served as a warrior under Dingiswayo, chief of the Mthethwa clan. Shaka usurps the Zulu Chiefdom. Several Xaba men, women, children were kidnapped to America and other countries and those who went to America were humiliated so hard in order to force them change their original XABA surname into a new surname “Jackson” (Jack is the most powerful tool on earth and Son-people/ Nation) which existed as from 1603 till date. So the English settlers did not kill to get what they want. Shame Nandi and the new-born Shaka were escorted to the Zulu capital where they were shamed. Uma kungukuthi uMenzi wakhulisa uShaka, kanti uDingiswayo Mthethwa yena wennzani? UMUNTU ONGACISHE ASIPHE OKUGCONO NGOMBUMBI ISILO GOODWILL KABHEKUZULU QHA. The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa.There are 10-11 million Zulu living in South Africa, mostly in KwaZulu-Natal province. Shu, kwaze kwakuhle ukubona abantu bakuthi bedingida loludaba olubabulekile ezweni, if only such debates could be organised properly and documented so that kuzotholakala okuyikhona. Im a Khumalo from Ndanisa Clan. African Tribes. The only thing they at least had to hold on to with what they was going thru. The youthful and aggressive warriors would then form the "horns ‘and trap the enemy within the semi-circle. He said Shaka new how to make a weapon using a metal, we both know that a metal need to be mined and be heated with a higher amount of heat so it could give you the shape of a spear. Hate him or like him,he is the personalities that established the zulu kingdom. Umlando wethu wamosheka. What are facts about Shaka Zulu? Shaka was a mass murdering dictator who killed many millions of blacks, not our fault you cannot accept it and need to resort to lies and blaming whites. Personally, I prefer the latter. To truly understand most of our history one needs to verify through collobrating strories with or from other clans and tribes for instance the training of Shaka by Moshoeshoe is collaborated by most oral history of BaSotho clans hence his impi/ibutho (soldiers) were called uSuthu olumabhesh’ankone and the story that Sithole’s were associated by patronage to Shaka’s kingdom is collaborated by the story told by our [Sithole’s] forefathers when they relate the meeting of Shaka and Jobe when Shaka was after Mzilikazi. Curiosity drove himShaka was a curious person. the King mentored kaNogandaya, and he also rose to be one of the few who had the exclusive rights to eat at the King's table. Shaka kaSenzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, was a great Zulu king and conqueror. As earlier mentioned, the history of Shaka Zulu is marked with horror accounts of intolerance, brutality and extra-judicial executions. Today on the 19th of August 2017 our Royal King: Nkayishana “King Moshoeshoe I” Xaba is making the 414 years buried alive chained both hands and legs. At the time of the Zulu war, he refused to submit to the British. As a consequence to his illegitimacy, Shaka was raised in his mother’s settlements. The a cappella group’s compelling performance style was a unique melding of indigenous Zulu songs and dances with South African isicathamiya. As a result of his illegitimate birth, Zulu was raised by his mother alone. Shaka, chieftain of the Zulu tribe, was described as the “African Napoleon” for his military genius and consolidation of hundreds of South African tribes under the Zulu Empire. Shaka has never been a king bro, a worrior , stupid leader. I can go on and on about this but the point is. Local and international travellers who have visited … This remarkable king, was a contemporary of Napolean, and his achievements rivalled the Emperor's. Ngoba kwezinye izincwadi kuthiwa nguye owabumba iLembe. After various encounters, Zulu found throwing this spear from a distance ineffective because the enemy would quickly pick it up and hurl it back. The Black led Government knew and know about this (From Hon. Shaka was a killer and you all know it. His mother was called Nandi, and she was a Lentani chief's daughter. With Edward Fox, Robert Powell, Trevor Howard, Fiona Fullerton. Owing to his smart combat techniques, Chief Dingiswayo quickly promoted him to the chief commander's position where he took charge of all the kingdom's military campaigns. In his initial days, he served as a warrior under the leadership of Dingiswayo. 1787 – ca. They always try to sugar coat it. 4. Bakhona o Mtaka, Usolwazi Maphalala 8 Interesting Facts About the Herero Tribe Chep. However, a small number of Zulu also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique.The Zulu language, called isiZulu, is a Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup.. Further Reading on Shaka. It’s just crazy how people look at thing because of there own race and not look at the real of it and just say dang our race was wrong or dang we are alike more then we thought. I talk about why Shaka was to be King, I talk about his visions,his mentors and even his sons. In 1986, the 10 Part TV Series Starring Henry Cele Shaka Zulu was released, and in my view it has stood the test of time.. The ANC Youth League Is Dead. Qiniso It is again believed that Shaka was a highly educated Man according to one of the Rastafarian on my Radio Show Who I interviewed. Dingiswayo's death. You probably have to listen to Shaka Zulu songs, view some of the Shaka Zulu pictures or even watch the Shaka Zulu movie to see the re-enactment of his heavy-handed leadership. Therefore the name Shaka was perhaps a derogatory reference to his illegitimate birth status. 0 0 1. He used warfare to achieve his political agenda and to instill fear and respect for his rule. In just a few years into his reign, Shaka Zulu had mercilessly killed, displaced and amassed swathes of territory, with over 250000 new subjects under him. Zulu is one of the most amazing and ethnic communities of people in South Africa. Shaka Zulu is the most famous African ruler to ever walk South African soil. He also planned to send one of his most loyal men, Sotobe, overseas to England to learn more about the British invaders and their weaponry. Menzi placed Senzangakhona as the protector of the nation and when he rejected his son, it was Menzi’s wife who raised Shaka – he is still today known or referred to as “uNodumehlezi kaMenzi” literally meaning he gained fame by residing in Menzi’s home. Consequently, the King irrationally ordered the killing of pregnant women and their husbands to compel them perhaps to share in the pain that comes with losing a mother. ‘Cause I sure know it doesn’t mean you can slice a living pregnant woman’s tummy for your curiosity. Word of Shaka Zulu’s advanced military tactics did one of two things to neighboring tribes: they either moved far away or joined his forces, making him stronger and his enemies less formidable. By Heather Whipps 14 July 2008. He created a great Zulu empire in southern Africa in the early 1800s. Soldiers with wounded backs were also executed regardless of the circumstances under which they got hurt. Image:, @Shaka ZuluSource: Twitter. Originally a lieutenant of Shaka, he revolted against the Zulu king in 1823 and withdrew his people northward to safety from their home on the southeast coast of Africa. It is reported that he sat very little indoors and travelled the country by foot. Can’t tell us fuck all about our black ancestors in our Country. He was assassinated by his two half- brothers in 1828. 1787-1828) was an African warrior leader and creator of the Zulu military monarchy. Thank you, the evil European settlers destroyed south Africa and are still destroying the world, they are the filth, distort the truth about everything, first Africa and The true America, now it’s the Middle East, the scum the filth. White adventurers met Shaka only in the last four years of his life. Respect for a select fewFew men were allowed to challenge Shaka’s decisions. 22 September 1828) was the most important leader of the Zulu Empire.He joined the Zulu tribal groups together into the beginnings of a nation. Shame Nandi and the new-born Shaka were escorted to the Zulu capital where they were shamed. However, apart from their reputation as great military leaders, history has remembered these two men quite differently. Less not give up with the research. He introduced new weapons to the Zulu people. Spartan approach to his peopleHis capital kraal was called KwaBulawayo, which means where they are killed. It is based on the story of the king of the Zulu, Shaka (reigned 1816 to 1828), and the writings of the British traders with whom he interacted. It’s believed the founder of the Zulu clan was conceived through what started out … The Zulu Kingdom was very important in South African history during the 1800s and 1900s. Tsonga Tribe Facts and Origin 1. Africa must renecensse! Lastly: uMbopha came from the eGazini part of the Royal Family. The military conflict helped immortalize the Zulu in the minds of Westerners, but Zulu history was far from over in 1879. From a small tribe as late as the 1816, they were organized and invigorated by the legendary Shaka Zulu to become the dominant kingdom in South Africa. - The Zulu tribes religion is based around the reverence of ancestors - The Zulu tribe is related to the Swazi and Xhosa tribes also tribes of southern Africa - Two of the tribe's most well known leaders are Dingiswayo and Shaka - Other religions that Zulu people worship are … We know of ZWEDE kA MPANDE and not the other one…..the XABA’s of this world may be coming in corroborated as a result by those that has a hand in the falsification of our story but even when we could say QABA as a result of the shipment of some of our people from Southern Afrika to AMERICA could be a falacy since the years do not correspond…The slave trade ended in 1838 but on when it started can only be relied on what has been documented by the powers that be…..CREDO MUTWA ….can at least connect the darts for you and a base where you can find some direction when doing research work …..ngesinye isikhathi ungathembi umuntu…….themba itshe!!! “White forks don’t belong in Africa”. ngicela ungene kule page ye face book : Inkunzi isematholeni izaga izisho umlando kaZulu, Lapha name ngizoke ngibhale ngibuze ukuthi kungani I Nkosi uShaka bembiza ngokuthi unoduma ehlezi ka Menzi? If blacks are so great where are the great stone cities built by their great civilizations?? Nandi was, in fact, pregnant and when the child was born, she named him Shaka after the beetle; she birthed Shaka Zulu. So who is Mhlangana because that claim that he is Senzangakhona’s son? I’m glad you are shining the light on the true character of Shaka and the true motives and customs of caucasian people. In all in all Shake Zulu was just one of this rare black man that had way to much power in those days and whites needed it to shut down cause he seems to be more powerful then them and they feared that. When I looked at your comment Brother Bilal. Firstly, Shaka’s mother marriage was not a royal marriage…..start from there….. thats absolutely false and shows how delusional you people really are. But not realizing they help start one of the biggest turn of history slavery. His career was a transforming influence in the history of southern and central Africa. Even after his death, Shaka’s political mind and military tactics resulted in victory for the Zulu nation, most notably in the Battle of Isandlawana which was fought in KwaZulu-Natal on the 22nd January 1879. Senzangakhona claimed that Nandis bloated belly was a symptom of iSh… Interesting facts about Shaka Zulu. 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He was one of the greatest military leaders of all time and many consider him a very brutal ruler who trained his troops with severe discipline and questionable methods. There are much dancin… PW Botha to Hon. Richard you sound so clueless of what being a Zulu king means above that you are not a Zulu I can tell . Besides the infamous event in which Shaka sliced a live pregnant woman’s belly open to see how the unborn baby occupied that space, historians claim he once ordered a man’s eyes to be taken out so that he could observe how the man would adapt to his new circumstances. Sir Edward Poynter (1836-1919) Sir Edward John Poynter [1836-1919] è stato un pittore inglese, esponente del Neoclassicismo Vittoriano. The assumption was that a warrior's back could only be wounded when they were fleeing from the enemy. Shaka kaSenzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, was a great Zulu king and conqueror. How is there question about shaka zulu and the pale face as they would say in that time. . 8. Here are the ten shaka Zulu facts that you never knew about. While Shaka Zulu’s aspirations and statesmanship inarguably were earth shattering for the Zulu, they finished on an about sad note. At the time of his death, Shaka ruled over 250,000 people. Ironic that no one is claiming the land he took must be given back. The rest of the fighters would form the ‘loin' taking position behind the "Chest" to ward off any additional attackers. masizwa emlandweni uShaka wakhulela wacijwa inkosi Dingiswayo kwesakwa Mthethwa,loku kuka Nkayishana no Moshoeshoe kasikwazi thina sikuzwa ngalo okubhalile,kodwake vele wonke umuntu angeke engakufisi ukusondela naye abonakale afaka isandla ekubumbeni uZulu,asingahlanekezeli umlando singadlali osomathuba. 2012-09-16 14:35:23 2012-09-16 14:35:23 - He ruled over 250,000 people at the time of his death. 1. He also dispatched one of his confidants to England to know more about the British weaponry. Hawu! …but an African saying Shaka was a loser!!! The British-Zulu War begins as British troops under Lieutenant General Frederic Augustus invade Zululand from the southern African republic of Natal. I have therefore decided to share some interesting facts about the Zulus. This was an overly curious person whose itching to know how certain things worked drove him to inflict undeserved harm or even death to his fellow man and beast alike. I really wanted to know the exact undiluted history of UShaka kaSenzangakhona but I’m even more confused. akukho okuhle abelungu ababengakubhala ngo Shaka: Shaka's brothers realized that Shaka had gone crazy. I’m Zulu, so can I ask what does it mean to be a Zulu King? Shaka kaSenzangakhona (sometimes spelled Tshaka, Tchaka or Chaka; ca. Uyishaye eskhonkosini mfo ka Xaba … colonizers distorted everything you can think of about black. His leadership and his energy make him one of the greatest Zulu chieftains. He even ordered for all pregnant animals to be killed. Mfethu, Shaka has never been a king, he was fathered by a king….the kingdom doesnt belong to him….do a thorough research . Shaka gain power, respect, and was feared. & I find it ludicrous to hear African people label iLembe negatively. Yet, … Only the close relatives of the family really know how the family relates. In recent years, this holiday was renamed the Heritage Day and takes place each year on the same date, which is September 24. Shaka Zulu was founder of the Zulu nation, a born leader and a brilliant general. , my grandfather assume that , the book was a bible. The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa.There are 10-11 million Zulu living in South Africa, mostly in KwaZulu-Natal province. When she died in 1827, it is said that Shaka went on to kill many Zulus to mourn her death. READ ALSO: Mmusi Maimane throws shade at the ANC but gets roasted instead, Image:, @ NKOSI PUBLISHINGSource: Facebook, As you continue reading, you will at some point find yourself asking , so, how did Shaka Zulu die? One of them was Ngqengelele kaMvuyana, a Buthelezi who had arrived as a stranger to Mthaniya’s place but was later adopted and gradually earned Shaka’s respect. It came relatively quickly after the death of his mother Nandi in October 1827, and the devastation caused by Shaka… The earliest are two eyewitness accounts written by European adventurer-traders who met Shaka during the last four years of his reign.

shaka zulu interesting facts

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