Eggplant has been cultivated for thousands of years and … 1 Its fruit is high in nutrition and commonly consumed as a vegetable.The fruit and other parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine. It plugs the entry hole by its excreta. The infested terminal shoots and fruits ultimately drop out. Like Bt cotton, Bt brinjal carries an additional gene that provides in-built insect protection against fruit and shoot borer (FSB). 8.Fruit rot :Phomopsis vexans. Brinjal is not a tree it is a small pot herb plant belonging to the family solanaceae .It is generally 20 -40 cm tall .It is also commonly called as egg plant because its fruit is egg shaped .It ( the fruit … Eggplant or Brinjal is a species of the nightshade family. The damage after flowering and fruiting can be controlled by using recommended insecticides. Continuous cultivation of brinjal on a same field and non removal of plant parts of the previous brinjal cultivation aggravate this damage. The symptoms first appear in immature shoots i.e. Brinjal fruit and shoot borer Symptoms Bore holes seen on shoots and fruits plugged with excreta, Larva enters into the stem from upper part and feed on inner content. Although eggplant is technically the fruit of the plant of the same name, it is more often considered a vegetable. (Diseases of Brinjal) Symptoms Bacterial wilt symptoms on leaf surface Wilting, stunting, ... Collection and destruction of diseased parts and portions of the plant. The eggplant is a delicate, tropical perennial plant often cultivated as a tender or half-hardy annual in temperate climates.The stem is often spiny.The flowers are white to purple in color, with a five-lobed corolla and yellow stamens.Some common cultivars have fruit that is egg-shaped, glossy, and purple with white flesh and a spongy, "meaty" texture. brinjal is a biotech crop developed using Bt technology and transformation process similar to the one exploited in Bt cotton. Soon after observing wilted shoot remove and destroy them. We eat the fruit of the brinjal plant, as a vegetable. Picture soure: Later on it also enters into flower buds and fruits. The pest can cause 70 to 100% damage to the brinjal crops and up to 40% damage to the potato crops. It is in the family of nightshade vegetables and so is related to tomatoes and potatoes. 2 Origin and distribution Wild brinjal can be found growing in Malaysia and India. The edible part of brinjal is pericarp and placenta. Symptoms Affects all above the ground plant parts. We can prepare Chutney from the calyx. Marks of Identification: The adult is greyish-brown moth with white wings. In Brinjal or eggplant (Solanum melongena), fruits are used as vegetable. The green calyx can also be cooked and eaten, if it’s fleshy. Reason: From biology point of view,Fruit means the fleshy , seed associated with structures of plants , it comes from part of flower which has an ovary and vegetable means the edible part of the plant other than a fruit or seed. Eggplant is native to India but is now grown in many parts of the world. Brinjal (Solanum melongena), also known as eggplant or aubergine, is an easily cultivated plant belonging to the family Solanaceae. Spots generally appear first on seedling stems or leaves. wilting. Answer:Yes, Tomato , Brinjal and lemon are fruits. Development of Bt Brinjal: Bt. It is known as a vegetable but botanically speaking it is a fruit.

parts of brinjal fruit

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