While opening booster boxes is a ton of fun and sealed product is essentially for drafting, if your goal is to put together a specific Modern deck or simply grow your collection, there is much less variance if you simply buy the individual cards you need, rather than hoping to beat the odds and open them from a booster box. Anyway, that's all for today. The first Magic set DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE MODERN FORMAT, Modern Horizons unleashes all-new cards and strategies on the Modern metagame. Booster Boxes. What do you make of these expected-value numbers? EchoMTG © 2012-20. Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC. Red/Green text indicates price drop/increase over 1 week. Diefenbaker And Kennedy, Funeral Scottish Blessing Farewell, Modern Horizons Booster Box In Stock. LOG IN. Halal Mirin Substitute, Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons Booster Box. Finally, be aware of variance. Inside are new-to-Modern cards, with a mix of new cards and reprints that will become Modern-legal for the first time.The set is full of cards that build up favorite Modern strategies, create new ones, and bring plenty of … The small booster featured artwork from Beguiler of Wills. The value of the mythics from Modern Horizons is extremely solid, coming in with an average value of $14.48, which is somewhere between two and three times the value of a normal Standard set. Every booster pack includes a FULL-ART SNOWCOVERED LAND, printed for the first time … or Best Offer. Inside are new-to-Modern cards, with a mix of new cards and reprints that will become Modern-legal for the first time. Korean Condiments List, Furthermore, a full 66.7% of the mythics are worth at least twice the cost of the booster it comes from, so not only is the total value of the mythics from Modern Horizons solid but the value is also distributed in a player-friendly manner. Commons (except in very rare cases) are considered to be bulk, which I value at $5.00 per thousand. The set is unique because it includes 209 brand-new cards playable in the Modern, Legacy, and Commander formats. If you want to gamble on a single box for fun, you need to hope to dodge Kess and Mox Crapalite, get FoN, and get at least 3 Horizon lands or Prismatic Vista. There has been no word if Modern Horizons will ever make it to MTG Arena. Modern Horizons’ Price. Where To Buy Escargot Near Me, modern horizons ev . Like usual, one important warning before digging into the numbers: there are a lot of reasons why people buy booster boxes. 2020 Holiday Sale; Commander Legends; Zendikar Rising; ZNR Expeditions; Double Masters The set is full of cards that build up favorite Modern strategies, create … $185.54. In addition there are five basic snow lands. This product includes: 36 standard 15-card booster packs. The odds of opening a foil, These prices won't be good for long. Add to Wishlist. While Modern Horizons cards could show up in Commander decks, for more of these cards, it's hard to imagine them being reprinted anywhere in the new future, which could mean that the best of the bunch will maintain meaningful value a couple of years from now. Oxalic Acid Formula, As a result, the snow-covered basics significantly up the floor on the expected value of a Modern Horizons box. Powerful new options mixed with flavorful updates for favorite characters means Modern Horizons is going to … May 31, 2019 - Viashino Sandsprinter. Even though most of the cards will drop in price over the next few months, in the long run, cards that are playable in non-rotating formats and Commander will likely recover. If you happen to pick up a box, I'd look to trade away the cards you don't need quickly if you can find trade partners willing to give you current prices, especially for cards that are more likely to be fun build-arounds for Commander than actual tournament staples. Home / Shop / Booster Boxes. A booster box will enable players to expand their collection quickly. Announcing Modern Horizons, the first set designed to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern! Description. Shards Of Alara Price List, Buy This Product. Commander and eternal players love to bling out their decks, so having a set full of potential staples for older formats means that the set should have some very valuable foils. May 31, 2019 - Birthing Boughs. National Kindness Week 2021, Card Database; Rules; Banned & Restricted List; STORY; NEWS; Accounts; Card Database; Locator; Draft Like a Master Available Now | #MTGIMA. ExoticMTG opens up a Box of Modern Horizons. With a mix of reprints and new innovations, every one of the 540 cards in your Modern Horizons booster box is ELIGIBLE YOUR MODERN DECK for the first time. May 31, 2019 - Volatile Claws. However, unlike the mythics, there are plenty of bulk-level rares in the set, with 58% of the rares from Modern Horizons being worth $1.50 or less. Modern Horizons has a lot going on, so there are a whopping 21 tokens, most repeats but some (like the emblems) very new. It's prerelease weekend for Modern Horizons, which means one thing: it's time to look at the set's expected value! Brazen Borrower (Showcase) $21.97. I can buy a master 25 booster box for $179.00. GoatBotsBoosters (3x) GoatBotsBoosters2 (3x) GoatBotsBoosters3 (3x) Magic: The Gathering, its corresponding logos, symbols and illustrations are trademarked and copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. Brand New. But unfortunately, these numbers do not mean much to me for a couple of reasons: First, I (and most of you) can't get StarCityGames or TCGplayer Mid prices when I sell my cards (wouldn't that be nice?). Modern Horizons is the first Magic set to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern. Apply Filters Clear Form. And since you're getting one of these lands from each pack (36 per box), this actually adds a huge amount to the expected value of a booster box, with basic lands alone coming in at $27. Marvel. Obviously a little early for speculation, but Booster Boxes have been steadily losing value as we near release as many of the cards plummet in value. Free Shipping. My personal information may be used for the purposes defined in the privacy policy. As an Authorized Internet Retailer of Wizards of the Coast, we may only ship current sealed Magic: The Gathering products within the United States. It's created for you to track your collection while knowing its day-to-day value. On Weekly MTG Modern Horizons was announced as a new standalone set that will skip Standard legality and be specifically formulated for the Modern format. Modern Horizons is the first Magic set to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern. As such, we're letting you know that we've updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the new rule set forth by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Modern Horizons Booster Box In Stock Cannot be sold internationally. While a handful of uncommons are worth slightly more than bulk, there aren't really any chase uncommons, and even the "good" uncommons aren't really that valuable. This means two things: first, even though the expected value of Modern Horizons looks great now, the cards that you open on release day are going to be worth quite a bit less by the end of the summer, which means you should focus on selling or trading away the cards you don't need while prices are high. How To Convert M3 To Litres, At MTGGoldfish, we value your privacy. Eventide Booster Box. Build awesome Commander decks on a 20 tix budget. This would suggest that Modern Horizons will see a massive price decrease in coming months, with the set as a whole losing somewhere between 30% and 50% of its value. Downtown Nyc Landmarks, 2017 Topps Baseball Complete Set Checklist, Can You Sell Your House Before Paying Off The Mortgage, Employers' Perception Of Graduate Employability. Johnson County Election Results 2020, Description. The MTG modern horizons booster box includes 36 booster packs containing 15 cards each (540 cards in total). This is a print to demand box so it is hard to predict what the prices of singles will do. Each Box Contains 36 Booster Packs Wd_black D10 Game Drive, When you consider that the cost of a booster pack is $5.56 (assuming you buy a booster box for $200), essentially every mythic is at least worth the price of a booster (technically, Kess, Dissident Mage is under by about $0.10, but close enough). Beth Wilkinson Net Worth, Product Type Name: Booster Box… Weatherlight Booster Box 36 packs of 15 cards each. Shop popular mtg-booster-box-ev chosen by Drop communities. Android Phone For Visually Impaired, Within 24 months of release. Modern Horizons is the first Magic set to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern. Modern Horizons is a special Magic: The Gathering set that was designed for the Modern format. Use the options below to exercise this right, and please review our privacy policy for complete information on how your data is used and stored. link. First, since Modern Horizons is designed with non-rotating formats in mind and it has real foils (rather than a foil in every pack like a Masters set), the foil slot in Modern Horizons should be worth significantly more than in a typical set. View the Card Image Gallery . MTGGoldfish, Inc. is not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast LLC. 4.6 out of 5 stars 415. Of course, this is evened out by the set's top-end rares, with six of the rare lands from the set and Force of Negation all being worth between $10 and $20. While I have my finger on the pulse of cards from Magic’s earliest sets, I tend to ignore trends of … Product Description. Please Note: Boxes purchased online are not elible for the Buy-a-Box promotion, per WPN rules these can only be given out for boxes purchased in a WPN store. If you want even a couple of months for the set to be opened (and for the Modern Horizons limited Grand Prix to happen), you should be able to pick up the cards you need for Modern, Commander, and Legacy at a steep discount compared to current prices. Fat Packs & Bundles. Let the power of Kor Spiritdancer and new Kaladesh Remastered addition Sram, Senior Edificer do the hard work for you! Magic: The Gathering - Modern Horizons Booster Box quantity. level 2 Strawberry Png Cute, They're a bit tough to translate to the screen because, well, they're basically all …. … Types Of Vedas, This series expands the realm of Magic with a horde of vicious raptors, soaring pterosaurs, and other epic reptiles to shred your competition to bits. Engineering Design Competitions 2020, Will we finally get that long awaited Storm Crow Planeswalker? $287.64 $189.99 (You save $97.65 ) SKU: modern-horizons-booster-box Condition: New Availability: Aims to be in your mailbox on the release date! In fact, the commons and uncommons from Modern Horizons add less to the set's expected value than the commons and uncommons from Ravnica Allegiance or War of the Spark added to their respective set's expected value. When it comes right down to it, Magic is a game—there is value in having fun, and EV calculation can't take into account this non-monetary value. FREE SHIPPING ON almost ANY ORDER OVER $100 (with some supplies and bulky items exempted). May 31, 2019 - Amorphous Axe. Robert Fripp Wife, Short Code: MH1 Prices update once daily at 9am eastern standard time. My guess. Are you going to crack a box (or more) of Modern Horizons? Agency Worker Regulations 2020, Iltani Name Meaning, Artisan Professional Cookware, 5728 Williamson Road NW Roanoke, VA 24012. All in all, the expect value of Modern Horizons is solid, coming in at just under $234 thanks to the good mythics and rares, especially valuable foils, and some extra value in the form of snow-covered basic lands. Instead, we get things like eBay minus fees and shipping or buylist prices. Sparkling Ice Lemonade, Cfm To L/m, So, just cracking boxes on release weekend isn't enough; you need to take the next step and actually trade away the cards, list them on. Medical Examiner Dr Qin Season 2 Eng Sub, Learn about the most powerful format that spans Magic's entire history. Modern Horizons was a walk down memory lane all over again, and now Core Set 2020 is shaping up to be a really interesting addition to the game. Peanut Butter Pancakes Without Milk, $186.06 $ 186. Ethan Allen Uae, Each Modern Horizons Booster Box contains 36 Modern Horizons Booster Packs. Wheelchair Users Who Can Walk, Stila Foundation Soufflé, There are almost no uncommons or commons worth opening. Scholarships For National Merit Semifinalists, Product Line: Magic the Gathering. Employers' Perception Of Graduate Employability, These numbers will be accurate if you open enough packs. The set is full of cards that build up favorite Modern strategies, create … Star City Games. Since a box costs around $200, we'll need to get at least $200 in value from our box just to break even. But, like most aspects of. Magic: The Gathering - Modern Horizons Price Guide Product Line: Set: PRODUCT Rarity Number Market Price Buylist Market Price Listed Median Abominable Treefolk. SELL. Today was a huge announcement for all Magic players though specifically Modern players and I am ecstatic. The powerful new card options, some with old mechanics, are mixed with flavorful updates for favorite characters. Modern Horizons Booster Box What if a Magic set skipped Standard and aimed straight for Modern? At this point, most of you probably know how this works, but for those of you who don't, here's a quick breakdown. The other plan is to play the long game. Of course, not everyone is interested in selling cards, so we'll also talk about the expected value without taking into account fees and shipping. Add to cart. So far, it's been mostly good news about Modern Horizons, but the lower-rarity cards from the set buck the trend. Mid Autumn Festival History, Pre-Release Kits & Packs. Importance Of Chemistry 10 Points, 4.6 out of 5 stars 415. Exhibition Furniture Cad Blocks, Booster Box; Booster Pack; Intro/Theme Deck; Fat Pack/Bundle; Price. Taming Of The Shrew, Free membership gives you access to collection tracking and user-only features. Chi La Sow Heroine, The first Magic set DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE MODERN FORMAT, Modern Horizons unleashes all-new cards and strategies on the Modern metagame. $186.06 $ 186. Of course, this high expected value means something else: prices of Modern Horizons cards are currently inflated. Each booster pack contains 15 randomised cards plus a double sided token and an art card. Modern Horizons is a special Magic: The Gathering set that was designed for the Modern format. 0 stars based on 0 reviews Wizards of the Coast. Egg Bhurji Rice, Modern Horizons Spoilers 255/254 Show Text. SKU: 630509777716 Category: MTG Sealed Product. As we move forward, the prices of the cards in Modern Horizons will change and, along with them, the expected value of the box itself. Booster Packs. Then, we add everything together, which gives us the total expected value for the box. Southeast High Speed Rail Timetable, Please take a moment to review them and accept to continue. Even better, if you pick up a box early from your local game store, you can snag a promo version of Flusterstorm for free, which will add another $15 of value, making it even more likely for your box to end up a winner in terms of value. Iconic Masters features beloved Magic cards from throughout the game's history, including over 20 cards with brand-new art! Treasure Chest EV (2.54) The expected value of treasure chests is calculated using our card buy prices and this article, using treasure chest contents as of Sep 14th 2020. Mid. 7 in stock. Each Modern Horizons booster box contains 36 booster packs. Unlike a Masters set, Modern Horizons isn't a limited print run product, which in some ways makes it more like a Modern-legal Conspiracy (that costs about twice as much per box) than a Masters set. Modern Horizons is a special Magic: The Gathering set that was designed for the Modern format. Let me know in the comments! Zendikar Rising Singles Foil Singles Booster Box Double Masters Singles Foil Singles Booster Box Core Set 2021 Commander Legends All MTG Singles All MTG Sealed MTG Lots. If something spiked in the last couple of days, it won't be reflected in the expected-value calculation. - Values are calculated assuming cards worth <$1 are worthless - Values don't take into account foils or variants (Eldraine) - Most set values (boxes) are assumed to have 36 packs (each Masters set has 24, Fallen Empires has 60, Alliances has 45, Homelands has 60, Chronicles has 45, Antiquities has 60, Arabian Nights has 60, The Dark has 60) It's hard to imagine that cards like Dead of Winter and Tectonic Reformation can remain in the $2–3 price range unless they see a surprising amount of competitive play in Modern. Modern; Legacy; Other Sets; Price Changes Per Format; Over Time; More Set EV; Land Probabilities; Options; contact@dawnglare.com; Source: TCGplayer Mid TCGplayer Low; TCGplayer Mid; TCGplayer Market; TCGplayer Foil; Card Kingdom; Card Kingdom Foil; Card Kingdom Buylist Throne of Eldraine Variants - Mythic Throne of Eldraine Variants - Show. Out of stock. Additional information Reviews (0) Additional information. Out of stock. All in all, the rares from Modern Horizons add just under $90 in value to a booster box, and when you toss in another $68 from the mythics, we are well on our way to having an expected value that exceeds the cost of a booster box before even getting to the lower-rarity cards and foils! Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Custom Sets, Decks & Deals. Join Drop to discover the latest details on Eventide Booster Box and other related... SIGN UP. Symphony Jumbo Air Cooler Pads, Sf Junk Removal, I'm still waiting on a pre-order price from my card shop but TCG player has it listed already. Highlighting the Pauper format where only Commons are allowed. Ultimate Masters EV per sealed box could reach $400 each. Modern Horizons Booster Box. Mana Drain . Timing is everything when it comes to making a profit by opening boxes, as prices drop quickly once a new set starts being opened. Mtg Booster Box Ev. I bought a box for fun drafting and it's … 36 Packs per box. Kup teraz Booster Box Modern Horizons Magic the Gathering na Allegro.pl za 981 zł - 8617289487. At some point I do not think it’s out of the realm of possibility to say that Ultimate Masters has the potential to be somewhere in between. Each Modern Horizons Booster Box contains 36 Modern Horizons Booster Packs. Can You Sell Your House Before Paying Off The Mortgage, Releasing June 14, Modern Horizons contains 249 new-to-Modern cards (254 total), with a mix of reprints not yet legal in Modern, and new cards that celebrate both Modern and Magic 's rich history. The value of the mythics from Modern Horizons is extremely solid, coming in with an average value of $14.48, which is somewhere between two and three times the value of a normal Standard set.More importantly, there are basically no bulk mythics. Basically, make sure to check the value of the foils you open in your box because the good ones are probably worth a lot more than you'd think. I Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But if that $100 booster pack always comes with a box topper that's worth an average of $35, a very conservative figure for this particular group of Expeditions, then the EV of the normal packs drops to $1.80. We calculate the odds of opening each individual card in a box (which are the multipliers you'll see throughout the article), which in turn allows us to calculate how much value the potential of opening each card adds to a booster box. Modern Horizons offers Magic: The Gathering players 209 all new cards in a 254-card set built specifically for the Modern format. That said, there is one big difference: the price. Samsung A70 Charger, A Modern Horizons box has 36 packs, there's no "foil in every pack" quirk to complicate the numbers, and the rarity breakdown of the set (with 15 mythics, 53 rares, and 80 uncommons) is exactly the same as the typical Standard-legal booster box. Here, it's worth mentioning once again that if your goal is to build a Modern collection, it's usually smarter (from a financial perspective) to wait a month or two for prices to decrease as supply enters the market and then just purchase singles rather than buying a box. Brand New, English, 1 in-stock. $239.99 +-Add to cart. Thankfully, a couple of factors will help to up the value of a Modern Horizons box compared to a typical Standard-legal set. With the set being printed to demand, it's hard to imagine that the expected value can stick at much over $150 as the set is opened, and it could end up even lower (some recent Masters sets had expected values drop into the $100–120 range). Trattoria Il Panino Takeout, Modern Horizons is the first Magic set to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern. The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.), which includes, but is not limited to, card images, the mana symbols, and Oracle text. Explore Magic's rich history and a new world of untapped power with the first-ever set designed for Modern players. Daddyphatsnaps Forgive Me Lyrics, Foils specifically offer potential since they will be even more limited in supply, doubly so since there won't be any foil sets redeemed from Magic Online. Of course, since we are working with averages, no individual box is guaranteed to hit the expected value number—you could run well and get more value or run poorly and get less—but the number should be pretty accurate over the course of hundreds or thousands of boxes. Modern Product Announced: Modern Horizons. If you are a resident of California, you have the right under the CCPA to opt out of the sale of personal information to third parties. Allegro.pl - Radość zakupów i bezpieczeństwo dzięki Programowi Ochrony Kupujących! The prerelease was January 28–29, 2012, the launch party on February 3–6, 2012, the Magic Online release on February 20, 2012. Add To Cart. Stüssy Summer 2020, Modern Horizons is the first Magic set to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Symphony Jumbo Air Cooler Pads, 72 product ratings - Modern Horizons Booster Box - MTG Magic the Gathering - Sealed! List shows Mythics/Rares > $1.5 and Uncommons/Commons > $0.75. Modern Horizons; Mystery Booster Product. Iconic Creatures! The set contains mostly reprinted cards from earlier sets.3 Each Convention booster also contains a test card which may be used in draft, but not in constructed play. That said, there is one big difference: the price. Weekly drafts featuring a variety of formats new and old. How To Cook A Chicken, Foils get their own section, but it's important to remember that there is a ton of variance in opening valuable foils. More available from: $5.98 - $5.99. It was released on June 14th, 2019 for around $200.00 per booster box. As I mentioned in the intro, calculating the expected value of Modern Horizons is exactly like calculating the expected value of a typical Standard-legal set, except with a much higher baseline price. Ages: 13 years and up. Angels, Sphinxes, … This set introduced new cards into Modern without them ever being legal in Standard. R 5,500.00. $1,899.99. Elemental (008) // Emblem - Serra the Benevolent (020) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Emblem - Serra the Benevolent (020) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Emblem - Wrenn and Six (021) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Emblem - Wrenn and Six (021) Double-sided Token, Marit Lage (006) // Spirit (016) Double-sided Token, Marit Lage (006) // Goblin (010) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Emblem - Serra the Benevolent (020) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Emblem - Serra the Benevolent (020) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Emblem - Serra the Benevolent (020) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Emblem - Wrenn and Six (021) Double-sided Token, Marit Lage (006) // Elemental (008) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Marit Lage (006) Double-sided Token, Angel (002) // Bird (003) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Myr (019) Double-sided Token, Angel (002) // Goblin (010) Double-sided Token, Angel (002) // Zombie (007) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Golem (018) Double-sided Token, Rhino (013) // Spirit (016) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Myr (019) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Golem (018) Double-sided Token, Angel (002) // Illusion (005) Double-sided Token, Angel (002) // Elemental (008) Double-sided Token, Elephant (012) // Spirit (016) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Elephant (012) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Construct (017) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Elemental (009) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Elephant (012) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Angel (002) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Marit Lage (006) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Emblem - Wrenn and Six (021) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Emblem - Wrenn and Six (021) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Emblem - Wrenn and Six (021) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Emblem - Serra the Benevolent (020) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Emblem - Serra the Benevolent (020) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Rhino (013) Double-sided Token, Angel (002) // Soldier (004) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Elephant (012) Double-sided Token, Spirit (016) // Myr (019) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Myr (019) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Myr (019) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Spider (014) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Bear (011) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Bear (011) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Elephant (012) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Squirrel (015) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Construct (017) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Elemental (009) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Rhino (013) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Squirrel (015) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Squirrel (015) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Elephant (012) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Squirrel (015) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Construct (017) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Squirrel (015) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Construct (017) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Golem (018) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Construct (017) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Spider (014) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Golem (018) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Spider (014) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Squirrel (015) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Elemental (009) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Rhino (013) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Construct (017) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Rhino (013) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Rhino (013) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Bear (011) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Elephant (012) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Squirrel (015) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Bear (011) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Spider (014) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Golem (018) Double-sided Token, Elemental (008) // Rhino (013) Double-sided Token, Goblin (010) // Construct (017) Double-sided Token, Soldier (004) // Elephant (012) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Myr (019) Double-sided Token, Bird (003) // Spider (014) Double-sided Token, Illusion (005) // Spider (014) Double-sided Token, Shapeshifter (001) // Bear (011) Double-sided Token, Zombie (007) // Angel (002) Double-sided Token.

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