2. On this homepage you will find information regarding the organisation, procedures and the content of the degree programme. The professional study course Master Green Architecture (taught in english) is being offered by the Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany). Top Germany Architecture Masters Degrees & Graduate Programs 2020+ Architecture Colleges in Germany: Eligibility for Bachelors General Qualifications:Completed 12 years of high school education with minimum average marks of 60% and above. Dear students and all interested parties. It considers Berlin as a model for the highways and byways of a European capital in In the third semester, students can choose a specialisation in either Urban Planning (A) or Refurbishment (B). Attendees will need to travel to our national locations: Wismar, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Freiburg. This programme caught my attention because of the urban design specialisation, I liked the idea of visiting a different city each semester and being able to work while studying. Germany. Find out what it takes to make tomorrow's green buildings. This concept is very helpful when you combine work and study, it permitted me to learn at my own pace. Education & Training 19 Masters. What makes this study programme unique? In the fourth semester, the Master's seminar prepares students for the writing of their Master's theses. In the theoretic parts of our assignments cooperation was a lot easier. I decided this master, because of the opportunities in these days to expand my knowledge in sustainable terms. The relevant and uniquely ground-breaking course work, as well as the exposure to revolutionary lecture topics and innovative professors has been absolutely mind blowing! Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture are closely connected to other disciplines like Arts and Design. I would have liked to have more meetings, not only to talk about the assignments, but also to discuss theory or examples of what we were studying. 4. Thank you very much for your support! On the following pages you can read about the reason why our students decided for the international master's programme Green Architecture. Students with a background in other relevant fields may also be considered for admission, further to a discussion with the Master … Your lecturer will inform you about the type of exam you will have to take at the start of the semester. Further information. DAAD Scholarship in Germany 2020-2021 from the Government of Germany. What are the benefits you experienced during the study, professionally and personally? Germany is a great place to study, offering low or no tuition in general regarding the Public Higher Education system. Students that are attending will need to travel to the following locations: Wismar, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Freiburg. Master's students learn to develop, analyze and evaluate complex technical building systems and are capable of responsibly making important decisions. I would like to start this testimonial thanking everyone at Hochschule Wismar that made my international studies possible. During the video conferences you will have the possibility to discuss with your lecturers fundamental questions, design related queries, or any other matters. Architecture is what one would call an 'essential good', a product of human culture, a means to survive. ... Arts, Design & Architecture 69 Masters. Each module ends with an exam. Let's have a look at the top German Universities for architecture. It is difficult to work with people living in different time zones and different work schedules, specially for design assignments. The Master Green Architecture is a further education programme. What makes this study programme unique? The aim of our Master Green Architecture is to provide the tools and the technical knowledge necessary for understanding complex 'ecological building' design. Hi, I am Miriam, I live in México and I decided to study the master´s programme Green Architecture because I believe that it is possible to improve the quality of life, human health and well being through the built environment and that we can create communities that are socially responsible and ecologically oriented. As a professional I am now more focused on sustainability and sustainable design. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. As for the bachelor’s degree, Zeit Online offers a list […] Video conferences will help you in preparing for your written examinations as well as design projects. This Design M.A. Computer Science & IT 194 Masters. You can reach me on +1-212-252-2183 or email at m.jevtic@wings-university.comNext course start: winter semester 2021/22 Application closing date: 31 July 2021. Excursions provide an insight of what daily working practice is all about. There are, however, other master's degrees offered by architecture schools that are not accredited in any way. WINGS was built upon this and was set up in 2004. Considering that I have been allowed to study abroad, I definitively support this combination. Admission Tests: Students have to clear the entrance test Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) or other subject-specific entrance exams of the university. First semester. Why did you decide to study the master’s programme Green Architecture? Best regards, You can find the list of Master degree programs here in the field of Arts, Design and Architecture, program duration, tuition fee if any, university and city, in both public and private universities. The Master in Green Architecture incorporates know-how gained from the concepts of the ’Fundamentals of Ecological Construction’ from Weimar’s Bauhaus-University’s Faculty of Architecture, which is an established partner of the German Federal Environmental Foundation, or … 2. 460 Annual Scholarship 2021-2022 in Germany. Would you like to be a part of our international group of professors and students and visit relevant and state of the art sustainable buildings in Germany? With around 8,700 in-class and distance learning students, it is defined as a medium-sized university. How do you deal about the exchange and cooperation with your study colleagues and lecturers? Due to the longer duration of self-study period, it is up to you how you schedule your work and study. Actually, it is much more than this. In completing the Master's programme in four semesters, you will earn the degree Master of Science. How do you deal about the exchange and cooperation with your study colleagues and lecturers? You can broaden your knowledge by electing a specialisation. Pfarrkirchen, Germany With this Master's degree, you will gain the qualifications and skills for an international career in the future-orientated sector of healthy and sustainable buildings. Study locations: Wismar, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Freiburg. Looking for Masters of Architecture in Germany? The following are the TOP 5 Ranked Programs of the 2020 edition of the BAM Ranking, published in August 2020. There are also other tools and resources that you can use in your professional practice. If you don’t possess this amount of money you won’t be permitted to get a student visa and study for a master’s degree in Germany. Find top universities/colleges offering Master programs in Architecture in Germany along with their rankings, tuition fees, admission process, entry requirements and scholarships offered. Fakultät Gestaltung Applicants must have a first university degree with at least the grade 2.7 (German grade scale). Students might learn how to use a variety of computer programs to design a functional space. Including study at the bachelor's and master's level, these tracks range up to 7.5 years in duration. It is international, practice-oriented, and business-oriented. We made a very multicultural and nice group of almost every continent, the idea to know a little bit more of different countries and languages were a vital part in this master. It attempted to rebuild war-ravaged Germany through a pioneering approach to architecture, crafts and fine arts. Our professors and lecturers are themselves practicing architects, scientists and researchers from a variety of universities and research institutes, bringing with them innovative research and academic experience. This is thanks to the country’s highly regarded technical universities and lack of tuition fees. The opportunity to visit and experienced different cities and get to know it from local people in every field that was presented in each city. How to Apply to a Master's in Germany. Germany has Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes in nearly every subject or field you can imagine, and students all over the world find degree programmes that appeal to them and offer a … The MSc programme in Sustainable Architecture lies at the forefront of research, innovation and implementation related to reducing GHG emissions in architecture. This programme is unique because you get a chance to learn from professors with worldwide experience and colleagues who come from all over the world. The curriculum as well as all of the literature, etc., is in English language only. Master of Science in Geography, Urban, and Environmental Studies Master of Environment in Environmental Assessment: Dalhousie University: Master of Laws Master of Arts in International Development Studies Master of Marine Management Master of Planning Master of Architecture Master of Science – Oceanography Master of Environmental Studies The Online Campus is available for data exchange for the duration of your study. The campus seminars and excursions were my favorite part, I think these should be at least 2 weeks minimum. How do you deal with the exchange and cooperation with your study colleagues and lecturers? The aim of the international distance learning programme Master's in Green Architecture is to provide technical knowledge in the field of ecological building design and to teach the implications of building and planning. trending Searches Get $150 Scholarship! The compulsary seminars will be held over one week each semester. Most arch programs in Germany require that you speak German so you have to prove this with a German language certificate. This University is rather quality oriented with its 1600 international … Top Master Programs in Sustainability Studies in Germany 2021. Architecture and Planning Engineering Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Management Science Interdisciplinary Doctoral Degrees Master's Degrees Certificate & Online Programs Exchange, Special, & … Being able to work directly with the teachers is great. Within your work contract there may also be the possibility to integrate your qualification aims into a personal development programme. The distance learning course Master's in Green Architecture is concerned with the fundamental aspects of sustainable, ecological planning and building. There are self-study phases (with tutorial support) combined with on campus seminars and video conferences. we are re-designing our website and want to include you in the process. Stuttgart University. The Städelschule Academy of Fine Arts in Frankfurt, Germany offers a Master of Arts program in English, and the Oulu School of Architecture in Oulu, Finland offers both bachelor's and master's programs in architecture that are BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. The main goal of the Master's program in Green Building Engineering is to educate engineers with advanced skills and knowledge compared to graduates of the Bachelor's program. Fully online self-paced study offers employed students the time flexibility needed to balance work and studies. and it also one of Europe’s leading institutions for science and research. The earliest example of Renaissance architecture in Germany is the Fugger chapel in St. Anne's Church, Augsburg. Take 2 minutes to sign up to PGS student services and reap the benefits… The chance to apply for one of our 15 exclusive PGS Bursaries Pfarrkirchen, Germany With this Master's degree, you will gain the qualifications and skills for an international career in the future-orientated sector of healthy and sustainable buildings. Please fill out a short questionnaire. Students will gain higher public education degrees such as a Bachelor's, Diplom (FH) and Master's. As a public university … In fact, Germany has more top-ranked universities than any other country outside the UK or USA. How do you like the study concept, self-directed study combined with on campus seminars (workshops weeks, excursions)? protection declaration. Personally, it helped me make changes in my lifestyle that improve my relationship with the environment, it also gave me bases to reach other people with these eco-friendly concepts to change their lifestyles as well. With such an organisational structure we assure an optimal compatibility of your studies with your professional activities. The Master Green Architecture (taught in english) is concerned with the fundamental aspects of sustainable, ecological planning and construction. TU Dortmund University is a leading university in the fields of production engineering, … Master's degree programs United States. course. The tuition fee of 3,950 EUR per semester includes, among other things, accommodation expenses during the seminars in Germany. At that time, Germany was fragmented into numerous principalities, the citizens generally had few rights and armed conflict, especially the religious conflicts of the Protestant Reformation , ensured that large tracts of land remained virtually undeveloped. This programme is not a traditional online-learning programme. The program is carried out in Valldaura Labs, in Barcelona, a 135 He property located in the Collserola forest. 2. As everybody knows, there are software and websites, such as Skype or adobe connect, that make really easy exchange all type of information. 4. Why did you decide to study the master’s programme Green Architecture? This is thanks to the country’s highly regarded technical universities and lack of tuition fees. First university degree in architecture with a minimum of 210 credits acquired at a national or international university Applicants must provide proof of their English skills: TOEFL 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), 90 (Internet-based). It offers an extension of the knowledge base required of practicing professionals to students with a pre-professional undergraduate degree in Architecture … Furthermore, 30 ECTS credits can be chosen from the German master's degree course in Architecture, if the students possess the necessary German language skills. How do you deal about the exchange and cooperation with your study colleagues and lecturers? The aim of our Master Green Architecture is to provide the tools and the technical knowledge necessary for understanding complex 'ecological building' design. Flexibility in studying, chances in going on in academic way, studying together with academicians and professionals from different cultures and countries make this study unique and challengeable. Architecture – Master's Degree Course Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and Design, in Wismar, Germany, is one of the public universities on the Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. While on excursion or workshop weeks, it is easier to benefit from lecturers face to face, but it is more difficult and less efficient via e-mail or skype because of missing in attendance, connection problems, rare meetings and limited time. WINGS and the University of Wismar do not provide any scholarships. 23966 Wismar How do you like the study concept, self-directed study combined with on campus seminars (workshop weeks, excursions)? Please, fill out the following contact form. 4.600 USD)  per semester includes: You can also pay the semester fee in monthly installments. The study concept, self-directed study combined with on campus seminars is great because it allows you to continue developing your career while at the same time travel in Germany and study a master´s programme without having to choose between academics or professional career growth. The course on offer is integrated into the normal working environment, in which self-directed studying is combined with regular group meetings and consultations. In the first semester, the modules impart basic knowledge providing a framework for the work on complex planning tasks in the following semester. The curriculum has been designed on the basis that you should spend approximately 15 – 20 hours a week studying. Colleges and universities in the United States with accredited Master of Architecture degree programs are listed below. From the moment I met Milesa Jevtic, the course co – ordinator, and Martin Wollensak, the head of the department, I have felt like a part of a family. (taught in english), as well as accommodation expenses during the seminars. It was the biggest challenge in my case. At the same time they are a good opportunity to discuss any issues with your lecturers and your study group. What are the benefits you experienced during the study, professionally and personally? Excursions provide an insight into what the daily working practice involves. You can view the top universities in Germany in 2019 here, and you may like to view how German universities rank for. On one hand this strengthens your contextual understanding while on the other it allows you to develop your social competence. The seminars for the Master Green Architecture are held in various locations throughout Germany - generally in combination with module related excursions. Would you like to learn more about building lifetime design and know how to develop holistic ecological concepts for buildings as well as urban areas? 3. A Distance-learning master's options provide many opportunities for career advancement. Germany is providing a lot of opportunities to architecture students from all over the world. The distance learning programme Master Green Architecture is accredited by ASIIN. Many schools offer several possible tracks of architectural education. Planning and design within existing buildings, Planning and design: new buildings, Design Project I, Resource-efficient, Low-pollutant Architecture, Specialisation A: Urban Planning, Design Project II, Specialisation B: Refurbishment, Design Project II, german university degree M.Sc. Apart from this, I was looking for gaining some experience abroad. The experience I have had whilst studying my Masters at Hochschule Wismar has been one of the best in my life. This is the main reason I decided to start specific studies in this field. DAAD scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship in Germany for all International Students from around the world to Pursue Masters, Ph.D. Applying to study a master’s in Germany. Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences 114 Masters. Master Degree Programme in Architecture The English-taught MA provides education and training for internationally oriented architects. Professionally, I found a job that allows me to work with people that share my ideas on sustainable urban design, where I am involved in projects that have a real impact on the city and the environment . 23966 Wismar, In order to give you a better service our website uses cookies. We know that the cost of studying for a master’s degree in Architecture is very high, that’s why we have arranged the best 21 Masters Scholarships for Architecture Students. We had two or three meetings during the semester and I felt I was on my own when doing the projects. 29 different Master’s Degree programs have been compared from the most prestigious architecture schools in the world. 1. Engineering & Technology 249 Masters. Our programme stands out thanks to its extensive individual support. I highly recommend this course to anyone with a keen interest in sustainability and a passion for innovation. To be admitted into our programme you need to meet the following requirements: academic degree (Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma) in Architecture completed with a minimum of 180 credit points obtained from a national or international university, and, at least one year of professional work experience within the related field after completing your academic degree. The course aims to offer a deeper understanding of the interdependence of Berlin's architecture and the city's social and political structures. Design projects are intended as group work. In the third semester you can further extend your knowledge by electing to specialise, in the subject areas of ecological urban design or design with existing structures. 5. The online availability of the study materials allows you to study from anywhere and at anytime. Study a Master of Arts in Smart City Design. If the 210 credits cannot be reached, students can attend elective courses to acquire further credits. I am sure that this experience will make me be a better architect in the future. 4. Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. programme is taught entirely in English at our Macromedia campuses in Munich and Berlin, Germany. Please contact us to discuss in detail the admission requirements related to your personal situation. Many companies support the further education of their employees by granting a leave of absence or financial support. Due to the current situation, there may be changes in the individual course offers. © Master Green Architecture | Wismar University (Germany). This will only take a few minutes, can take from 1 to 5 years to complete, depending on the extent of the student’s previous education base in architecture[ii]. Compare 2 Universities & Colleges courses, fees, scholarships and eligibility requirements for MS in Architecture in Germany at Shiksha.com. In your personal download section, you will receive all important teaching and study organisation information – this is where all additional digital teaching materials, as well as other tools and practical examples will be available. Further information on the Bachelor‘s program in Electrical Engineering is available in German: Green Building Engineering (Master) . They were very demanding and intense, but the experiences you get are worth the effort. It was not until the late 1990s, however, that energy taxation also became a vehicle for Germany’s green agenda. Having over 16 institutes nowadays, the Stuttgart University and the Faculty of … Through this study I have had the opportunity to know people from different cultural backgrounds which has made this a very rich life experience both professionally and personally. You can obtain an academic qualification, such as a Bachelor’s, Diploma or Master’s degree. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the usage of cookies. Not only has the course changed me professionally for the better, it has also allowed me to make some amazing friends in Germany, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, but to name a few. Master Green Architecture (part-time programme for professionals), https://uk.wings-university.com/green_architecture, Planning and design / new buildings - Design project I, Resource-efficient and low-emission architecture, Architecture and environment / water and landscape / light and buildings, Lectures and consultations via online conferences by means of Adobe Connect. Earning a master of architecture( degree M.Arch.) With the lecturers it was also difficult, specially in the first semesters. The main focus is to develop ecological, holistic concepts in relation to architectural design and construction, building physics and engineering services, building materials and the environmental impact of these materials, and water and urban planning concepts. Most master’s in Germany take four semesters (two years) to complete, though some are shorter or longer. How do you like the study concept, self-directed study combined with on campus seminars (workshop weeks, excursions)? Here check our list of Top 10 Architecture Schools in Germany Top 10 Architecture Schools: Germany’s educational infrastructure is utilizing the full potential of the available resources, and it is a leading country in providing the best academic education as well as being professional at the same time. Also looking at the theory you learned coming to life, and seeing how people use it and live it, how it really works is the best way to learn. 2. BAM 2019 #6 / 30 Location Munich. Third semester 1. According to previous experience, it is possible that this figure may be lower. We use cookies to optimize and constantly improve our website for you. The students have the opportunity to choose between a wide range of studio themes that address contemporary architectural issues. Architecture degrees at universities and colleges in United Kingdom - Find 23 studies in Architecture to study abroad. The cooperation with my colleagues was hard. MRes + PhD studentships at the EPSRC CDT in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment The theme building and environment has become one of the most important topics regarding the future of building also in USA. Highly Paid Fully Funded 2,000 Scholarships in Germany available.German Universities and the Government of Germany offering Fully Funded 2,000 Scholarships for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. I wish the study program would / could be more participated in academic environment (campus, university, library) to benefit from these sources more and efficiently. Please visit the websites of the universities for up-to-date information. KTH Architecture and the Built Environment MASTER’S THESIS ON GREEN SKYSCRAPER: INTEGRATION OF PLANTS INTO SKYSCRAPERS KUNGLIGA TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLAN ii Green Skyscraper: Integration of … 14 Why did you decide to study the master’s programme Green Architecture? Self-study time: approx. 1. Browse and compare degrees from universities and schools throughout Europe, and connect with their admission staff to learn more. Our distance learning course is structured to meet the needs of working professionals, so you can complete your studies while maintaining your professional and financial stability.

master's in green architecture in germany

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