Develops training modules for new or improved systems. The Financial Management Group comprises positions that are primarily involved in the planning, development, analysis, delivery or management of internal Public Service financial policies, programs, services or other related activities. They are composed of the following: Statement of Financial Position; Statement of Operations; Statement of Change in Net Debt; and Statement of Cash Flows. Plans, coordinates and conducts studies relating to the development of financial systems and financial policy, procedures and controls; Supervises project teams of other systems specialists drawn from the division’s pool and from other departments which develop financial policies and systems; and. Examples of sub-activities of full activities are: financial systems analysis, which is part of the financial policy and systems activity; accounts receivable, which is part of the accounting operations activity; budget analysis, which is part of the planning and resource management activity. Some limited requirements exist to apply managerial concepts as in controlling and coordinating the assigned responsibilities within a minor organizational unit or when managing studies or projects. Provides functional advice to regions and directs the activities of the Financial Services Division engaged in accounting operations; financial planning and resource management; and accounting systems and procedures development. Reviews financial management information systems (FMS, DFMS) processes and procedures and directs project teams to study problems identified by Regional Directors, Zone Directors and Responsibility Center Managers; Develops, reviews, tests and documents financial information and control systems, methods and/or procedures; Develops and modifies, jointly with other financial systems officers, Branch input to departmental financial management procedures; Develops the Branch’s requirements for classification of accounts and the central reporting systems; and. Reports to: Regional Senior Financial Officer. This position is in a small regional branch. A record of the financial data pertaining to a specific asset, liability, revenue or expense item. As the senior financial specialist for the regional branch, manages all delegated financial management activities throughout the Region. The type of organizational structure within which the financial duties are performed. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. Formulates proposals for new and develops revisions to existing government regulations, policies and guidelines pertaining to financial and operational management practices and systems; Provides consultative and advisory services to ensure understanding, acceptance and uniform implementation of new/revised policies; Conducts continuing government-wide programs to evaluate the viability and effectiveness of practices, policies and systems and compliance with and implementation of Treasury Board policies by departments and agencies; Plans and coordinates aspects of professional development for the financial community; and. Four “financial” officers, four “other” officers and 19 support staff report to this position. Action is constrained by departmental and branch procedures and close supervision by the Manager. There are no subordinates reporting to this position. For the current financial year of 2017-18, the Tax slabs are as follows : For Individuals who are less than 60 years old (either … The duties involve interaction with others when providing information to departmental management. Interaction with others is required when negotiating the acceptance and implementation of changes where other jurisdictions are involved. One Financial Clerk reports to this position. Administers the financial planning and resource management control services for regional programs; Monitors the compliance and adequacy of the financial signing authorities delegated to the region; and. Planning and Resource Management; Policy and Systems Development; and Accounting Operations are each normally considered a full activity). Work consists of relatively similar tasks and/or solutions to problems performed in relatively familiar situations. Coordinates and controls the branch regional financial management program. This factor has been pre determined and is identified in the worksheet for each type of resource. have been included in the glossary of terms found within the FI job evaluation standard. production of statements. The grid was developed on the basis of 2004 dollars. Each description consists of a list of the principal duties and specifications describing the degree of each factor to which the position is rated. $44.44M (B-1 = $202.50M, B-3 = $90M, B-4 = $5M, B-5 = $13.50M, B-7 = $0.10M. The nature and dispersion of the line organization, both in terms of geography and financial delegation, for which financial services are provided and the extent to which this increases or decreases the intricacy of financial work; and. The Chief, Accounting Operations has responsibility for the full activity. revenues received and expenditures made are in accordance with delegated authorities and unauthorized transactions that could have a material effect on financial information and financial statements are prevented or detected in a timely manner. Work requires to reviewing and recommending policies, procedures, directives and guidelines. Job Evaluation standard format updated to meet accessibility requirements; Job Evaluation standard title changed to Financial Management (FI); Reference to the category definition removed and group definition inserted; All benchmarks revised to reflect current Financial Management terminology including change to the following benchmark titles: BM1, BM6, BM8, BM13, BM30 and BM31; and. It also provides functional direction to five regional auditors. Classification entails allocating positions by occupational group and level using the appropriate job evaluation standard to ensure that the relative value of work is respected across the core public administration. Directs the implementation, maintenance and evaluation of departmental accounting, financial reporting and financial control policies, systems and procedures; Directs the preparation of financial management and accounting reports; and. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. It is one of four reporting to the Director, Financial Management. Pueblo County School District 70. Please note that the organization chart below is not intended to represent any specific organization. Providing advice or functional guidance; obtaining agreement; providing central agencies with justification for departmental requirements. Visa and the National Football League have teamed up to help teach financial concepts with Financial Football, a fast-paced, interactive game that engages students while teaching them money management skills. the lead departmental executive for all aspects of financial management, program financing, financial reporting and disclosure, and for dealing with central agencies and other stakeholders. The work involves providing functional guidance, advice to management and justification or defense of the Branch’s request for funds at Treasury Board. This resulted in a $0.01 loss per share for the current quarter and a $0.03 loss per share for the nine-month period ended September 30, 2020. Provides advice and guidance to management on all matters pertaining to accounting, financial reporting and financial control. Three other positions reporting directly to the Regional Manager Financial Administration are: Budget and Financial Analyst with a staff of one Analyst; Financial Review Officer; and the Regional Accountant. Position is one of eight reporting directly to the Regional Director. Resources: Weighted amount of $92.80M (B-1 = $87.20M, B-3 = $5.60M). Directs the financial planning and implementation for reviews of the Operational Plan, the Annual Reference Level Update (ARLU), the Main, Interim Supply and Supplementary Estimates, operating and capital budgets, FTE requirements and analysis of expenditures; Advises on the financial implications of programs and projects, other expenditure proposals and of cost recovery rates; directs the preparation, review and submission of Branch revenue and expenditure forecasts; Provides functional direction and guidance to five Regional Managers, five Regional Budget Analysts and others; and. The Chief and the Director each are responsible for resources of $480 dollars. Get the right Fi manager job with company ratings & salaries. All methods of job evaluation require the exercise of judgment and the orderly collection and analysis of information in order for consistent judgments to be made. The position is in a departmental corporate headquarters of a decentralized department which is organized into four branches each exercising considerable delegated financial authority. Funding mechanism where revenues remain available to finance continuing operations without fiscal year limitation. This is the department’s senior “full-time” financial officer position. Other positions reporting to the Director are: Chief Financial Planning and Resource Management; Chief Accounting Operations; and Chief Financial Policy and Systems. For enquiries, contact us. solving day-to-day problems in financial planning and resource management. Manages a departmental financial management activity. The Program Alignment Architecture (PAA) is an inventory of all the programs undertaken by an organization and links these logically to the organization’s strategic outcomes and provides a framework to support governance, planning and decision-making by providing both financial and performance information. Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc) $79k - $130k. Similarly, point values have been assigned to the degrees of the factors. Position provides financial recommendations through three organizational levels. Resources: Weighted amount of $89.65M (B-1 = $77.70M, B-3 = $7.30M, B-5 = $4.65M). Interaction involves influencing others within the branch and throughout the region when providing advice in all matters related to the custody, security and control of public monies. $21.75M (B-1 = $36M, B-5 = $7.5M. Salary Increment 1 Salary Increment 2 Salary Increment 3 Salary Increment 4 Salary Increment 5 Salary Increment 6 Salary Increment 7 Salary Increment 8 Salary Increment 9 Salary Increment 10 Salary Increment 11; December 22, 2017: 72210: 75972: 79735: 83498: 87251: 91017: 94769: 98541: 102297: … Work consists of relatively similar tasks and/or solution of problems in familiar situations. In achieving the goals of the position, persuading, influencing and motivating others is of critical importance. The Chief, Financial Planning and Resource Management is the expert. Plans, organizes, directs and controls financial management systems throughout the Region; Plans, directs and controls, preparation of region’s planning and resource management processes including program forecasts, estimates and annual capital, operating and revenues budgets; Provides revenue and expenditure accounting services to regional headquarters and functional direction to District accounts and administration staff; Plans, directs the development, establishment and operation of regional financial management controls including internal controls over financial reporting; Manages the regional systems for procurement of goods and services, contract administration and asset control. Two Senior positions reporting to the Chief, each with different subordinate structures, are each responsible for $240 dollars. Resources: Weighted amount of $201.40M (B-1 = $172.50M, B-3 = $22.50M, B-5 = $6M, B-7 = $.40M). The supervisor’s position is the deepest specialist. Schools to reopen beginning Dec. 7. Requirement for independent action is constrained by policy, legislation and regulations. 7. One other position reports directly to the Regional Senior Financial Officer: Section Head, Accounting Operations. Prepares departmental financial statements including those required for Public Accounts. Five Financial Clerk positions report to this one. Performing the duties involves interaction with concerned personnel when discussing ARLU, Main and Supplementary Estimates proposals. Coordinates the analysis and consolidation of financial reports on departmental operations and provides advice and assistance to the managers both at corporate headquarters and in the regions. The three “traditional” central agencies are the Privy Council Office, the Department of Finance and the Treasury Board Secretariat; Central Service: Organizations that provide central services to federal departments and agencies (e.g., Public Services and Procurement Canada and Shared Services); Departmental Branch Headquarters or Branch Headquarters: Centre of control for Program/Branch/Sector organizations within the department or agency which are headed by an executive at the EX 04 or EX 05 level or equivalent; Branch Regional Headquarters; Departmental Regional Headquarters; Regional Headquarters: Centre of control for a region which are headed by an executive at the EX 03 or equivalent (e.g., Regional Director General); and. Eight Accounting Clerks report to this position. Work requires coordinating and controlling inputs from regions and Headquarters related to accounting transactions in the financial management system. The total of $311.10M is shared among 7 positions in the pool). A significant grouping of associated financial management responsibilities (e.g. Work consists of developing procedures for accounting operations which are regionalized. Identifies and ensures prompt collection of accounts receivable; Develops regional revenue collection and reporting procedures and participates in the development of sector and departmental revenue collection and reporting policies; Determines client credit eligibility, also approves or recommends terms of revenue contracts and terms and conditions of payments; and. Resources: Weighted amount of $106.10M (B-1 = $74.90M, B-3 = 4.50M, B-4 =26.70M). Reports to: Director, Financial Management Branch. The position is in the branch headquarters of a large department; it reports to the Chief, Financial Policy and Systems and is one of a pool of six Financial Policy and Systems Officers, with no subordinate positions. In allocating a position to the appropriate group, the purpose of the position must be assessed according to all of the following criteria: the impact of the financial aspects of the advice and recommendations made on the overall achievement of the organization’s programs and objectives; the degree of responsibility and complexity of the financial work of the position, including the availability of, and the need to provide, financial functional direction; and, the degree of specialized knowledge, skill and experience required in the work; and. Managerial responsibility requires the control and coordination of one financial management activity in one central service. Performing the duties involves interaction with other Branch members. Point-rating plans define characteristics or factors common to the jobs being evaluated, define degrees of each factor and allocate point values to each degree. Tentative degrees of each factor in the job being rated are determined by comparison with degree definitions in the rating scales. Three other positions report to the Regional Manager: Superintendent, Material Management; Administration Officer and a Regional Accountant. The total of $347.95M is shared among 4 positions in the pool). Directs reconciliation of balances in reciprocal accounts in Central and departmental systems. Independent action is constrained by departmental and branch policies and standards and by direction of the Chief. Maintains the departmental system for delegated financial signing authorities. Only those taxes authorized by a legislature or council would be recognized.

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