$25.16 $ 25. It's made of wood composite, is pre-primed for painting, and assembles in 15 to 30 minutes with a screwdriver. 99. When you buy this K&H feral cat shelter you will receive the following pieces of equipment: Everything you need is included in the package apart from a Phillips screwdriver that you’ll need to put the sides, roof, and flooring together. Cats enter the lower level from outside, then climb up through an … 4.5 out of 5 stars 20. When I built this insulated winter shelter, I happened to have an extra old, small, animal travel kennel. Don’t worry, this cat home is dog and coyote proof. Building a feral cat shelter can help keep a feline safe and sound this winter – and could even save her life! This can become pretty bad situation for the cat located within the cat house. Being made of cedar not only ensures strength but helps it to resist harsh winters and extremely dry and hot summers, this type of wood is well known for its durability. At the checkout, you can actually choose whether you want a heated or unheated shelter, so if you live in the cooler parts of … In spite of the problems that are normally faced with stray cats, by providing such kind of accommodation, you will be able to take care of them without any kind of issues of problems. When you need an outdoor solution when it comes to housing feral cats, then going for this product is the best thing that you could possibly do. Let me share with you how to build a feral cat winter shelter using a travel kennel. Anyone in Polo who cares for feral cats and could use a shelter or two, or would like to donate, can contact Project Humane Polo at projecthumanepolo@gmail.com or 815-627-6508. Our facility conducts free spay/neuter only. Even though it is not a wooden cat house, it will hold sturdy and tight no matter the weather conditions. This will easily ensure that within a couple of minutes you will be an expert and have it installed and ready for your feline friend to stretch out on. It is definitely going to be a Christmas miracle for them. Preferably, the doors should be on opposite sides of the shelter or far enough apart that if a predator did try to get in one door, the cat could safely get out the other. To encourage the stray and feral cats to go into their new shelter, place food and water nearby. It is a wonderful way to provide appropriate warmth to the feral cat. If you are a cat owner, then purchasing the feral cat houses for outdoors, and helping out all the feral cats in the outsides would be a wonderful way for you to provide appropriate help to those that are in need of it. You want to make sure the shelter is facing away from the direction of the wind and is not close to any sort of danger. Gazebo Jungle is the top resource for all things gazebo and shelter related. Feralvilla manufactures the best-selling outdoor cat shelter on the market. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, MET Listed – This product exceeds USA & Canadian electrical safety standards. £29.99 £ 29. Feral cats typically build a protective coat for winter, but the effectiveness of their fur as insulation is greatly reduced if it becomes wet or frozen and can often times result in hypothermia. This ensures that the temperature of this home is better regulated from the extremes of temperature. If unleashed dogs are in the area, place your shelter behind a fence where the dogs can't get in, or have the entrance face a wall so only the cats can get in and out, and be sure the shelter is weighted down and hard to move. 6% coupon applied at checkout Save 6% with coupon. This shelter is available as a heated or unheated version and the price is different according to the type you wish to buy (heated obviously more expensive). Feral cats can get frostbite on their ears, nose and paws. This is particularly helpful in case there is heavy rain or snow, and there are cats located within that particular cat house. However, please bear in mind that feral cats are very territorial so, although you may see the feral cats together whilst outside, they may not be too keen on living in close proximity to each other. If you notice a particular area the feral cat/cats like to hang out or regularly see them sleeping, this would be a good location to place the shelter. Here's how to help them survive winter. However, in spite of the drawbacks, this is still one of the best warm products that you would be able to purchase from the market. Warm Cat House. However, it needs to be of the build the perfect size, or else on the heat trapped within the feral cat house for outdoor would go wandering away. It doesn’t take a lot to pull together the makings of a winter shelter – in most cases, you can use what you have on hand. The kitty tube insulated cat house looks so natural in any yard that it is almost unnoticeable that it’s actually housing feral cats. If you’re concerned about your feral cats surviving the freezing weather between late fall and early spring then try adding some extra straw into the home. 4.6 out of 5 stars 46. Moreover, due to the lack of any large door openings, the feral cat might not be able to run away in case there is any predator lurking nearby. You would also be able to easily purchase the feral cat houses for the outdoor, as they do not cost a lot of money. The following are ways that you can use to get you feral cat to use the shelter. Tips on Convincing Feral Cats to Take Shelter. 1. Learn what makes a good shelter for outdoor cats. Most feral cats will not use a shelter that only has one door. $6.00 shipping. It is a definitive necessity for the people that would like to have the perfect feral cat house, while providing appropriate heating solution to the cat living within it. It is definitely going to bring about a lot of change in how you perceive feral cats and how a simple change can make a difference to their lives.

feral cat shelter

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