You can pay online with your credit or debit card or if you prefer, you can drop off payment at our head office or request that our driver collect your payment from anywhere within Dubai. Highly recommended and very convenient especially during this times. Daintree – A Dubai-based healthy food delivery service where all meals use organic produce and are free from gluten, dairy, GMO, soy, corn, hydrogenated fat and refined sugar. Every time I need clarifications, advices and options, she gives me the best and most practical options I could have. I don’t have to think what to eat anymore , kcal has it planned. Been enrolled in customized plan for nearly a month.. Our food is healthy, wholesome, nutritious and tasty, full stop! In addition, you’ll also have a dedicated account manager to make sure you’re enjoying the journey from start to finish. Operation and delivery side Mr Helmy is spot on at his tuen. You can register by clicking. Can’t commit to a full month? Kcal Extra nutritionists are on hand to ensure you select the right plan for you based on your optimal daily calorie intake, age, height, current weight, gender and activity level. Even if you know what you're doing, a week's worth of meal prep and healthy food can still take an entire afternoon. Get connected through our social media channels, We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card, Copyright © 2020. Will definitely extend the service for another month at least . We have received your message, we will contact you very soon. Fit Family (10% off); for families to enjoy the plan together, Refer a friend (AED 200 off for each referral upon renewal): as a thank you for spreading the word about Kcal Extra, Partner in health (10% off for your first month): for companies partnered with Kcal (contact your company HR for more information or if you would like your company to be one of our partners in health), Extended sign up (up to 10% off): for those who wish to sign up for plans lasting 8-12 weeks at a time. Your bespoke meal plan will be planned around your preferences. With a daily calorie intake that ranges from 1800 – 2300, you’ll have enough energy to juice up your training. The best thing was the hours saved by not having to shop, wash dishes or wake up early to prepare my food. I developed hypothyroid condition during my pregnancy and started putting on a lot of weight. I lost weight, but could not keep any food down. Why it's important to have a balanced diet. People used to ask me whether I was sick. Food delivery companies in Dubai There are a lot of companies offering diet food delivery in Dubai, but you need to make sure that they fit these requirements. All Kcal Extra menus are carefully designed to ensure you enjoy the optimum quantity of carbs, protein, fat, calories, nutrients and vitamins throughout the day. We do this by giving you the tools you need for continued success. Only then can you enjoy a rich and rewarding lifestyle. Is there still an appropriate plan for me? I started Kcal about 15 days ago and I already lost 2kg. Delivery service punctual. I started to lose weight steadily but regularly. But he understands that sometimes, people need a more personalized plan. By meeting with a Kcal Extra nutritionist, we can learn about your food preferences, eating habits and lifestyle. Our morning slot is between 4am and 9am and our evening slot is between 4pm and 10pm. We don’t take our role lightly because we know firsthand just how important it is to be healthy, well and fully of vitality. Kcal Extra isn’t designed to be a fast fix. Our lowest calorie plan starts from AED 3,100. During the consultation we will also provide the InBody analysis which provides us with a complete review of your current weight, body composition and metabolism. But you also know creating a healthy meal plan and prepping your meals for the entire week can be a pain in the glutes. We have just one program and that's your program! I was desperate. The food is extremely delicious with a huge variety of tastes and cuisines – I feel like my mum is cooking for me again - and I never experience any digestive problems. Our keto prepared meal plans for weight loss are nutritionist approved and filled with clean eating nutritions. Most Kcal Extra customers lose anything from 3 to 8 kilos per month. While the notion of diet food is nothing new, shifts in modern lifestyle witnessed our eating habits change. When signing up on our website, we’ll ask you about your likes, dislikes and allergies and if having a consultation with a Kcal Extra nutritionist, you’ll discuss these at your appointment. We offer more customisation than any other diet plan delivery service in the UK! Check out our plans and choose the one that best matches your fitness goals, along with the frequency of your food delivery. If you select "Plan without consultation" (Set-to-go), we can start your plan in as little as three business days. Who uses the Kcal Extra meal delivery service? Deliveries are daily. to us through their meal plans & also great support system like Sheryl who has been looking after me & not just that she has been one of the key factors in my road to a healthy better me. We replace processed and artificial foods with foods that are natural, wholesome and nutrient-rich. In most cases, a person’s weight is directly related to their lifestyle so the first factor to consider when trying to lose weight, is a change in lifestyle. Theo’s Point switched me to another meal plan for a few months and those last kilos dropped fast. Kcal Extra came as a natural extension to Kcal healthy fast food. You know diet is everything. When you sign up with Kcal Extra, you can choose from the following options of duration and meal delivery frequency: We're serious about helping you reach your weight loss goals. What about food allergies and other food preferences/dislikes? When possible however, we do recommend you try to fight any hunger and stick to your plan to enjoy the greatest results. Good team work guys!!! We have a weekly delivery service from our Kcal Healthy Fast Food restaurants. With the delicious monthly meal plans in Dubai that we offer, there’s no longer the need for you to believe the ‘healthy food is tasteless and time-consuming’ because we’ve bust that myth for you. And if that isn’t enough, every single plan, is personalised to near the exact calories you require. You need a plan and with Kcal Extra, you can enjoy a complete monthly meal plan. But most importantly, my vision is no longer blurred and I have gone back for tests and I am showing no symptoms of MS. I consulted with the Eupepsia Medical Clinic team who offered me a holistic program, including counseling, physical and energy therapy and a special nutritional meal program through Theo’s Point. There's no company in UAE who can deliver service like Kcal Extra. Last but not leas, food quality, packaging, macros labeling hygiene and diversity of meals are all top class ticked all boxes until now. In addition, we support you in reaching your target weight goal and provide you with all the necessary tools to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. My meals consisted of no carbs at all, except in the morning (a piece of bread) and lots of salads. We want to help you maintain your weight loss as well. As such, we take the hassle out of living a vegan lifestyle by bringing delectable, freshly made food directly to you. Terms    |    The food was exceptionally delicious bursting with flavour and very filling! We do have several discounts on offer (Terms and Conditions apply): We recommend you stay hydrated by drinking a minimum of two to three liters of water per day. Veggies, fruit, eggs, honey or other organic goodies. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & 2 snacks. Right Bite is a healthy food delivery service in the UAE since 2004. Click. I'm not interested in losing weight. To the delivery personal who always come on time and deliver the food for us. :), variety. My account manager Charisse is very attentive to my needs and dislikes. God bless. Absolutely! Fitnutro provides Best Diet Food delivery in dubai, UAE, freshly prepared personalized meal plan, Best weight loss gym in dubai, Best healthy meal plan provider in dubai, best fitness center near me in dubai, Best weight loss food in dubai, Best Healthy food delivery dubai, UAE, Best gym in Dubai, Healthy meal plan provider in UAE. Whether for weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain, we have a plan to suits you! Or choose from our delicious healthy signature meals. How long will I need to stay on Kcal Extra? KCAL extra is the most effective and excellent when it comes to providing healthy meals tailored for your lifestyle and personality. Everything is customized based on what I like and dislike. and attentive to all my queries. I looked healthier to the point that all my friends were asking me what have I done to my face, to look so healthy and fresh. Kcal food doesn’t just provide healthier options. Individual results, amount and time duration will vary person to person. Good nutrition and an active lifestyle go hand in hand so exercise certainly plays a role in living a healthy lifestyle. Control your blood sugar with low GI meals. A few months later, I went back to see the physician and he said that my inflammation had decreased considerably and my thyroid function was back to normal. Daily delivery at the same time, even during quarantine, as promised. First of all when you’re counting your macros, you’re counting the grams of proteins, carbs or fat that you’re consuming.... Get in touch! All our monthly plans are bespoke, designed especially to address your individual needs and personal goals. I have enjoyed the diet for the first time in my life. Dubai. Healthy food you'll adore delivered to your door. Ketolife was the first meal delivery plan that I enjoyed whilst seeing great results! It won’t take long for you to reap the rewards and you’ll feel a marked increase in energy levels. The staff are very friendly especially Alma who is always there to answer to my inquiries. Posted on 11.04.19 by jane. Delivery on a daily basis (excluding the weekends) to assist with all your weight loss goals.‍‍‍ You’ll need to notify your account manager or request for your plan to be frozen on the e-tools section on our website.

diet food delivery dubai

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