Growing to 28–33 centimetres (11–13 in) in length and weighing 275–375 grams (9.7–13.2 oz),[2] the Timneh is a medium-sized parrot. It really showed me how much you really care about your clients as well and I appreciate how you have been guiding us by the hand through every step. Cookie and Mia are by far the most awesome parrots I have ever owned. I also want to thank you for going above and beyond to help us make it easier to ship him safely. “[Brett’s] writing is so vivid, the observations so telling, that a reader can virtually feel the smooth heft of a collected egg in the palm of a hand or hear the goofy, honking dawn call of the peacock.” —Globe & Mail on Trauma Farm A raucous biography of a remarkable parrot and an incisive exploration of how we relate to those who are different from us. Ready To Keep A Parrot? African Grey Parrot Eggs for sale . Breeding birds has been our passion as we started breeding parrots 15 years ago for non-commercial use. These parrots are WONDERFUL! REVIEWS. Cookie and Mia are by far the most awesome parrots I have ever owned. Thank you so much for your wonderful help & advice throughout the whole process of picking our little Macaw “Sisqo”. African Parrots! African Grey Parrot Eggs For Sale. She is cute and funny and immediately become part of my family. Most individuals will maintain a bare patch of skin near their eyes, which will remain white. In fact, they are mostly all gray and look as if they have been dusted with soot. we are now taking orders from … After being ripped off 6 times, i finally got the bird of my dream. African Grey parrot farm has great quality and would not sell to just anyone. Buy Congo African Grey Parrots Online. I was already like a proud parent yesterday, taking photos to show my family and friends. Choose the most beautiful for you African grey and take home right now. Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for Louise, our Macaw parrot,he is the best. This means that they must be able to spend several hours per day outside of their cages, playing in supervised, “parrot proof” areas. African Grey parrots are not colorful compared to other parrots. African Grey parrot farm has great quality and would not sell to just anyone. Copyright © 2002-2020 Africa Grey Farm. Wants to please, readily wants to learn. Site goes by the name "African Grey Parrot Farm" via the website domain: on the following number: +1 (281) 503-4953 / 281-503-4953 I went to see him and I got to meet the African Grey parrot farm breeders and their entire aviary and I new right away I wanted another. Osong Parrots Farm. Congo African Grey parrots are probably the most well-known bird in the entire pet industry. She was exactly as described and seen on pictures and videos. He is amazing, its so wonderful for something so small to be so big in our family. He said she was the healthiest parrot he had seen in a while! We can’t wait to watch him grow & be a part of both mine & Damien’s life. We were very surprised to find how companionable she is for such a young parrot – she loves to be near you, sleep at your feet (or on them!) Best african grey parrots, buy african grey parrots, buy african grey parrots usa, buy african grey parrots uk, african grey parrots for sale, african grey parrots for adoption, african grey parrots price, wholesale african grey parrots, buy african grey parrots canada, buy african grey parrots canada australia, buy african grey parrot eggs, buy grey parrot eggs, best african grey parrots online, Copyrights © 2019 African | Grey | Parrots. We decided to keep his name as you have named him, as an honor to African Grey parrot farm. Rio made his way to California via plane and has been the best parrot since he arrived. Contact us for more information or place your order on our website. From the first time I visited your website, I instantly knew that you were not the average breeder. We also have parrot eggs for sale available on our store. my neighbors could not withstand our parrots and immediately got theirs from them, African Grey parrot farm are great breeders; African Grey parrot farm parrot cares about their parrots and are very protective on where they go. The love, attention, and dedication you and your family give to these babies are truly out of this world. And of course she is absolutely beautiful. All rights reserved, Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Axel with us!! We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. AFRICAN GREY PARROTS Afro - Birds Farms | About Us We know our Parrots and can say with certainty that whoever buy one of our Parrot find themselves with a lovable, healthy, superb family pet. 3 talking about this. We are a online pet store that sell African Greys. African Grey Parrot Breeders, Karachi, Pakistan. Thank you so much. Our parrots have large acres to play in . Thank you. All our African Grey Parrot Eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary , candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies . They are playful, they love my kids, they are very intelligent and Mia is an awesome leader. these cute parrots are 8 MONTHS OLD each. Hand-reared African Grey Parrots available now. Buy parrots online, parrots for sale, parrots, birds, birds eggs, parrots eggs, fertile parrots eggs, parrots fertile eggs, fertile eggs, lovebirds, macaw, african grey, incubators for sale, parrots unfertilized eggs, parrots egg videos, parrots egg for sale Baby Congo African Grey For Sale Join our satisfied clients A premier supplier of high quality parrots in USA. In other words, We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots.. Buy Macaw eggs Online, all our Blue & Gold Macaw Parrots Eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary, candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies. Description. He’s the sweetest most socialized parrot I’ve ever had and I’m in awe at how well-behaved and intelligent (just three weeks here in his new home). Not only was he even more gorgeous than we expected, he was so neat and breath taking!! All Right Reserved. We give them Nature and Variety toys that they love and thrive on. The package contains over 30 unique gourmet ingredients including veggies, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts and more that help relieves cage boredom and encourage activity. Submit your reviewName: Email: Website: Review Title: Rating: 12345Review: Check this box to confirm you are human.Submit CancelCreate your own reviewThe Parrot FarmsAverage rating: 6 reviewsNov 13, 2019byBryan, ND onThe Parrot Farms"Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for Maxy, our Macaw parrot,he is the best. Our services. I would highly recommend you guys to everyone looking for a great little companion that are spoiled with love and are bred by the best. we have recommended so many family and friends to them and all of them have adopted their parrots successfully ,If I were to buy another parrot, I would 100% go to African Grey parrot farm, Words cannot express how much Joseph and I appreciate everything you have done to help us to add a new member to our family. It’s only been a couple of days but his little personality not to mention his cheekiness is already showing. Products. African Grey parrot farm could not have given me anything better than this parrots. Thank you … Cookie is my dominator but Mia is my leader (kinda weird) but that is who they are. The 15 Best Food for African Grey 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide) ... for the daily dietary needs of African Greys, Parrots and Conures. The parrot kit was also SO sweet. You’ve done a wonderful job in his early life & we thank you for that. Subscribe to our newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase.. Visit our site today. Good day I just wanted to say a big thank-you for being so patient with me and helping me choose the right bird to suite me. Macaw chicks of self eating and hand-feeding, and hand feeding swainson lorikeet chicks. Contact Us. We've been informed of another Parrot Scam website, which appears to be using an area code in the Houston, Texas, USA area. Keep up the good work its well worth it, thanks again. Also, African grey parrots need a lot of exercise to keep their strong muscles toned and maintain an adequate physical condition. How do we do that – and what makes this site different than the others? Our parrots are all loved If you are looking for a reliable quality parrot breeders of african gray parrots, hycinth macaws, blue and gold macaws, scarlet macaws, umbrella cockapoo, Indian ringneck etc, please visit with us first. Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot Pair For Sale $ 1,500.00 $ 876.00; Baby Scarlet Macaw Parrot For Sale $ 1,000.00 $ 500.00; Baby Hyacinth Macaw Parrot $ 3,000.00 $ 2,000.00; Baby African Grey Timneh Parrot $ 300.00 $ 250.00; Baby African Grey Congo Parrot $ 550.00 $ 280.00 He is a treated as a prince in the family. Vet check said healthy well cared for parrots! I’m very happy with my little african grey parrot. Communicate with us throughout our social media links by just clicking in your prefered social media icon. African Grey parrot farm has great quality and would not sell to just anyone. The parrot farms sell baby Parrots. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a Macaw or any bird breed that comes from your . in 2011 I started off as just buying one parrot from them and that was Cookie. Reviews (4) Samantha Pemberton ... I’m very happy with my little african grey parrot. Oh my lord I fell in love with her, I called the breeder and immediately said “I WANT HER” and that was that. Cookie and Mia are by far the most awesome parrots I have ever owned. Three days and housebroken. Our vet was most complimentary about her physical condition and temperament, and specifically asked where she was bred. ... Hello My husband & I would like to thank you for sending us the most gorgeous baby Congo African Grey Parrot, who we have called Hooch. They are playful, they love my kids, they are very intelligent and Mia is an awesome leader. Make sure you give your more interaction and toys for stimulation. I got my parrot December 2006. He’s a wonderful little ball of feathers that has us in complete awe. I will definitely recommend Birds Farm Online to anyone who is looking to buy a parrot or pet products! I knew when we picked up baby Chloe he would be cute and lovely…but when you pulled the blanket off him to see my reaction, boy was I surprised. They are entirely grey, with the exception of their brilliantly red tails. In fact, I’ve already sent the link to a few people I know who already have parrots. We have handfed African greys, umbrella cockatoos, blue gold macaws, yellow-naped amazon parrots, double yellow head amazon, congo African greys. will claim to deliver the parrot using a Fraudulent Delivery company which is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, a air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your parrot as well as multiple other fees.. To see more scam websites involving african grey parrots have a look at African Grey Parrot Scams. African Grey Parrots for Sale All of our birds come with an extensive health guarantee: We guarantee that the bird you are acquiring is free from any harmful diseases and does not have excessive amounts of any harmful bacteria. Thank you so much to African Grey Parrot farm. I ended up finding Afro-Birds Farm and finally appeared, Nicka! 1.4K likes. We brought Cookie home and two weeks later we had Mia. I will definitely recommend Birds Farm Online to anyone who is looking to buy a parrot or pet products! ... Our goal is to offer you the finest parrots, parrot products and parrot information on the web. I was searching high and low for an African grey parrot and I couldn’t find a breeder in Louisiana, nor Texas (Texas, didn’t have any available at the time). We picked up a pair of African gray in 2008 (jolly and Costello) from African Grey parrot farm. We have a wide collection of these charming birds; we have several species available such as the amazon, african grey, electus, macaw etc. We welcome feedback from our customers and hope to remain in touch throughout the years to learn how each parrot is growing though life. Looking for grey parrots in the USA, then welcome to our farm with over 100 African grey birds for sale. Categories: African Grey Parrot, female, male. Cutes African Grey Parrots – Buy Healthy Intelligence African Grey Parrots Cutes African Grey Parrots – Buy Healthy Intelligence African… Puppy Scammer List 0 shares 93 views Provide your grey with a cage, play areas and proper diet. You guys are amazing to work with and made the process so easy, your customer service was so responsive and helped with all my questions and concerns. They are all so gorgeous, kissable, extremely friendly, Smart and active. Best & Safest Place to Buy to Parrots Online.we have a variety of parrots available and all our birds are trained and have a health guarantee.We may not have all breeds available at all time but you can submit to our newsletter to know when a breed of your choice is available. Buy Macaw eggs Online, Blue & Gold Macaw Parrots Eggs for sale. You are going to have to send me your business cards since I know baby Chloe is going to stop everyone in their tracks. With dedication and care, you have a happy African grey parrot and a great family pet. it's a journey of breeding african African grey , I will share my experience with all I just want to say thanks for everything you have done for us with Louise, for him to be able to accept all of us and more without getting upset or scared, is brilliant. Buy exotic parrots from hyacinth macaw, scarlet macaw, African grey parrots, cockatoo, greenwing macaw, blue and gold macaw parrots … African Parrots Perhaps the best known of the African Parrots is the African Grey Parrot, the acknowledged champion of talking parrots, this native of Africa is known the world over for its intelligence and personality.. Africa is also home to a few species of Poicephalus You guyz were extremely professional and I could tell you were definitely passionate about your birds. It’s only been a couple of days but his little personality not to mention his cheekiness is already showing. Reviews (0) Shipping & Delivery. Watch amazing parrot chicks, african grey chicks / hand-feeding and self eating. There are no reviews yet. Hello Exotic parrot Home its me Kimberly and i wanted to THANK you guys so much for my new winged African Grey , it still felt like a dream when my Son said Mummy mummy the delivery Truck is here , and we received Zazou just as Healthy like you guys said . So many gifts to help us start off with baby Mason the right way. I recommend the other parrot from this parrot farm, Having always adopted parrot from local breeders, I was a bit weary about purchasing a parrot this way but I knew I wanted a parrot and fell in love with “Rio” on African Grey parrot farm. We hand-rear all our baby Greys in small clutches so that each one gets lots of human attention at a very early age to ensure that the parrots are completely tame and easy to handle so they can have a wonderful life with their new mum & dad. My children are so rapt as am I. Thanks so much for everything. Description. Getting an African grey that has been well socialized with people and different situations as a young bird will help ensure a good pet. And gives lots of parrot kisses. Terry Parrot Farm is a family owned aviary managed by me and my family: Me, my wife and my two children. Jue $ 550.00; Tom and Molly $ 850.00; Carine $ 700.00; Cindy $ 650.00; Milly $ 850.00; Reviews (0) Reviews. we provide our clients with lovely hand-reared parrots. Know About African Grey Farm Always Simply the Best, your Satisfaction our Priority. The only color that can be seen on these birds is the bright red color … Exotic Birds Farm is your one stop online shop for the most adorable parrots you can find. African Grey Parrots for Sale, We breed and supply best health parrots worldwide. They are playful, they love my kids, they are very intelligent and Mia is an awesome leader. Home / African Grey Parrot / male Cherry and Roi. Terry Parrot Farm is a popular parrot farm located in Oklahoma, devoted to supply healthy and well tamed parrots to parrot lovers. African Grey parrot farm has done a terrific job of breeding and nurturing the parrot They are sociable, welcoming, talkative and lovable. Welcome to AFRICAN GREY AVIARY Hand Rared Birds The Perfect Family Companion As a family business, we pride ourselves in the manner in which we raise our babies. My children are so rapt as […] Everyone who has seen him so far comment about his handsomeness (my mum keeps calling him my joy!!) All parrots are cuddly-tame and used to being around small children and busy household. Timneh African grey parrot, is a West African parrot that is variously considered a subspecies of the African grey parrot Psittacus erithacus timneh.

african grey parrot farm review

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