Edward exited and locked the door. The player can discover information about him after activating hidden radios. incorrectcodzombiequotes . Call of Duty: Zombies - Richtofen, Maxis, Samantha and Fluffy Hello again! Maxis: Samantha gets the weapon. Samantha Maxis, a cause do to the apocalypse, believed to be born around 1930, born to Ludwig Maxis and a unknown woman who is known to be dead. One of the tests involved Samantha's dog, Fluffy. Dempsey Quotes "That's the last leg you'll ever hump freak dog." Samantha (seemingly having regained some measure of the power of the Aether) recalls her deranged Ultimis timeline self by furiously telling the crew that they're going to get revenge for Monty's betrayal, and that their next goal is to fight the Great War itself.) She is the daughter of Ludvig Maxis whose body was possessed by Edward Richtofen, who replaced her as the Demonic Announcer via his ultimate plan. "K to the I to the A Zom*****"! 1:59. Weapon list! Doctor Ludvig Maxis is a scientist who was part of the project known as "Der Riese" and was the father of Samantha Maxis. TIL: Samantha Maxis' laugh is actually a stock sound effect. She is the daughter of Doctor Maxis-her mother's proper identity is unknown. Samantha Maxis "I hate Edward! 306 notes Reblog. Samantha maxis is the secondary antagonist of the zombies storyline. #samantha maxis #mine #yall!!!! This is supported by one of Dr. Richtofen's quotes upon receiving the Teddy Bear, which directly reads, "Samantha? CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS COLD WAR ZOMBIES Exclusive Interview With Samantha Maxis … She is heard in almost every radio message; twice on Der Riese, throughout Ascension and in one transmission on Moon. Maxis teleports Eddie and Samantha to Camp Edward with the crew, before being killed by Monty. This caused chaos, and as Maxis tried to calm and reassure his daughter, Richtofen exits and locked the door behind him, trapping Maxis and Samantha with the raging Hellhound. In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, she is mentioned by quotes of both Richtofen and Maxis, and appears in the ending cutscene of Origins. Moon Quotes - Dr. Edward Richtofen [Announcer] (Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies) by Call of Duty: Zombies Library. Samantha Maxis is the main antagonist of Prelude in Violet.The daughter of Group 935's leader and head scientist, Dr. Ludvig Maxis, Samantha grew up at the Der Riese facility largely kept unaware of the experiments being performed under her father's supervision. *laughs*" — When waiting for the Pack-a-Punch "But I want my body back, and I will destroy that evil Richtofen for taking daddy away!" Samantha Maxis is a character from Call of Duty: World at War. Unfollow. Played Meteos Wars with a friend of mine and I just realized an ignition sound for one of the planets is literally Samantha's giggle/laugh. — Samantha upon completion of the Big Bang Theory Achievement "Tell Edward to DIE!" He was the leader of Group 935, aiding in the creation of the Hellhounds and Zombies. Maxis told him to open it, but Edward disobeyed him, and it is presumed he and Samantha were killed. When this occurred, Richtofen followed through with his plot to get rid of Maxis and his daughter, Samantha, by locking them in the room with the Hellhound, Fluffy. It is presumed Maxis was killed. Kino der Toten "How could I be running out of ammo?" Monty brought Maxis' brain to the house and wiped the Maxis who was corrupted by the Dark Aether from existence. (shotgun kill), "No rounds, no wounds... NO JOY!" Fan Nickname For the Zombie in … Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Origins Storyline with Richtofen, Samantha, Maxis and Origins Easter Egg ! The Hellhound begin to try and attack, destroying the room. She is one of three females in the game. In this video I analyze the "Origins Ending Cutscene" and talk about the Origins Zombies Storyline. yall!!!!! #im foaming at the mouth #im gonna look/feel stupid if this is all wrong but idc ill jump the gun this one time #@ the car: if you even look at her the wrong way i will stomp you to death with my hooves The future of nazi zombies is unclear: will it continue in the supposed … Quotes from his appearance in Call of the Dead pretty much prove this, ... Dr. Maxis, and his daughter, Samantha Maxis, before the events in Der Riese, and brainwashing the other characters and using them as experiments, among other things. LIKEEEEE IT TOO! He unwittingly helps Richtofen complete his grand scheme of replacing Samantha Maxis as the Demonic Announcer in Moon. Or is this the beginning of a whole new storyline? Moon Quotes - Dr. Ludvig Maxis (Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies) The mod also contains over 20 ported weapons from MW3, Ghosts, Black Ops 3, and World At War! She is the only female in the NZ Saga other than Sophia and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Further evidence suggesting he is dead are some of Richtofen's quotes such as "Maxis would've been proud" and "I wish Doctor Maxis were here to see this". Samantha Maxis/Cross is a Character from Black Op Zombies. Julie Nathanson, Actress: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. ... ~Samantha Maxis/Demonic Announcer "INSTA-KILL!" Dr. As her father was baring, he made sure to keep her close at all times. When her pet dog, Fluffy was Mutated savagely Samantha became shocked, Her father the Assistant of the Scientist Richtoffen tried to calm her down but it was too late, Ludvig, her father and herself were ripped apart as Richtoffen escaped and trapped them both inside with Fluffy. She was, however, close to some of her father's trusted staff members, especially Edward Richtofen. Since I received generally good feedback about my previous blog about Mob of The Dead , I feel it's time to introduce you to one of my most favorite gaming figures of all time. Samantha, however, was most likely turned into a ghost and became the zombies' master. Will Samantha and Takeo destroy every last remain of 935? submission knightray44 cod zombies nazi zombies nz ludvig maxis nikolai belinski edward richtofen tank dempsey samantha maxis original: code ment mod auto. Will these zombie killers encounter other strange happenings and more new characters to come? Samantha found her way to Agartha, where she beseeched a new incarnation of Maxis, one who was already an old man by the time of World War I, to free her from the place.
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