The drinks can be made a … This is ratio that has been shown in studies to help protein synthesis after intense workouts the most. Instant coffee serves as an easy addition to homemade recovery drinks such as whey protein shakes and chocolate milk. I’ve been wondering if there is a better formula and found your Gatorade idea is interesting. This is where a homemade recovery drink can offer distinct advantages over commercial drinks – fresh natural ingredients such as fruit and milk are packed with nutrients, unlike most of the commercial powdered formulations out there! This easy-to-make, maple syrup-flavored recipe is delicious and settles well because it is not acidic, says recipe developer and author Nancy Clark, R.D. The main difference between a homemade sports drink and a homemade protein shake besides the protein is that the shake does not provide hydration. High in vitamin C, this cranberry sports drink provides a tangy … I apprehensively gave it a taste test and was pleasantly surprised. Rita Maas / Getty. Not to get overly technical, but you want to create a blood sugar spike, this helps transport the protein to your muscles, helping speed muscle recovery. Hey Andrew, I’m not having a protein shake after my workouts right now, it’s dinner time right when I finish my workouts so I’m going with a whole food meal. I was looking for the net of alternative post workout drink after Insanity and found your site (which im so glad I did!). Q-factor: keep it low for efficiency and comfort. Make a Homemade Electrolyte Drink with Real Food. Research review: Which conditioning protocol for an ultra event? The problem I have is the serving sizes. There is the same amount of sugar as there is carbs in the Gatorade powder, so that means 42 grams of sugar vs only 26 in the original recovery drink. After an intense workout, the body has what has been called a“window of opportunity” where if you take advantage of this time with proper nutrition, it helps you seriously increase your recovery rate. 4 oz fruit juice (I used orange juice) 6 oz water 2 Tbs high quality protein powder 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp ginger 1/4 tsp salt. There is no brewing, there is no waiting and if you do… Thanks for this post! (sorry my english, i’m portuguese), Hi Angela, sounds good to me. Simple Carbohydrates & Fast Digesting Protein. These will make up 1-litre of sports drink. But is this really the case? Very half-heartedly, mixed my Vanilla ON protein with the lime flavored Gatorade, and then took a sniff. This easy to make and delicious recovery drink ticks all the boxes. This is where the Beachbody recovery drink still shines with only 7g of sugar. Click the link to my blog for the full recipes: Amino acids and performance: brain vs. brawn? With a daily intake limit of 35gms, it really hurts to take 21 gms with this shake itself. Bethany, is this a legitimate replacement for the P90X recovery drink? amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Homemade protein shake recipe. I realy like it. Your body needs protein to rebuild muscles and carbohydrates to refuel muscles. I hope it helps cut the confusion of getting in shape by using a simple approach to fitness and food that we all can follow to reach any goal. It’s 3-ingredient recipe is super easy to make, and will leave you satisfied and on the road to recovery after your workouts. But can everyday foods do the trick equally well? One last question. This recovery period has been dubbed ‘the window of opportunity’, because during it your muscles behave like a sponge, soaking up what they need to recover and prepare for your next work out. Maple Sports Drink. Multiple studies have shown that in order to get the most from this window of opportunity, you need a carbohydrate to protein ratio that is 4:1. It’s pretty close to the 4:1 depending on how large the banana /teaspoon of honey is. Consuming only one of the key ingredients, while better than nothing at all, is far from optimal. We first look at the World Health Organization’s recipe for a rehydration drink 2, which serves a very similar purpose for dehydrated individuals: replace electrolytes, give energy, hydrate the body. Supporting athletes, coaches and professionals who wish to ensure their guidance and programmes are kept right up to date and based on credible science. A homemade protein shakeis a great way to deliver necessary nutrients to your body quickly so you can recover from all the hard work you put in on the bike. 1 OF 6. 1) Love P90X recovery drink 1 tablespoon lime juice. It seems that this may be a more healthy way to get the simple carb intake. Here are six simple recovery drinks and snacks that we recommend after a workout. Fast digesting protein like whey protein will increase the rate of protein synthesis. 100ml of semi-skimmed milk or dairy-free milk. Sports Performance Bulletin investigates MORE, in Nutrition for endurance athletes, Recovery nutrition, Supplements, Weight management, Can pre-exercise single amino acid supplementation improve sport performance? A tsp of honey should add about 6 net carbs of sugars which will be slightly lower on the gi scale than dextrose, but I don’t necessarily believe that to be a bad thing. Make your own sports recovery drink with simple ingredients. When you ingest simple carbohydrates like dextrose after a workout, it causes an insulin spike. Hi Dritan, It depends, for the P90X workouts, I would suggest the recovery in drink as the workouts are so intense. Hi Sean, Yes, this is fine for after Insanity workouts. Why Post Exercise Recovery Drinks Are Important. Simply add half a teaspoon of sea salt to some ‘no added sugar’ lemon-flavoured squash and pour the mixture into a sports drink bottle. I used to love the old R&R formula as well and when the price was increased that much it just isn’t an option for me so this is great! hello! The real P90X Results and Recovery Formula contains added vitamins, antioxidants, l-arginine, l-glutamine, and creatine. That is why when I saw the cost of the P90X recovery drink was $49.95 for a 30-day supply, I knew I had to figure out a way to make my own alternative with the same self-healing benefits for much, much less. This could be an herbal tea, plain water, or even coconut water. The nuts would not be a good option after workouts as they are slow digesting, you want a faster digesting protein at this time. The 4 to 1 ratio is recommend because muscles are depleted of glucose when you perform intense exercise, after exercise you want to replenish these stores as soon as possible to enhance muscle recovery. The brand of whey protein I prefer is 100% Whey Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition, which you can find on and in nutritional supplement stores. 1 beetroot, peeled and chopped. 2) Love Chocolate Flavor It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’ll help those tired muscles recover and regenerate after gruelling workouts! Bethany. Homemade Recovery Drink. As long as you eat the right carbs you won’t get fat, I know I had the same problem getting used to it. You could technically purchase all of the above ingredients separately and add them to your made-at-home P90X recovery drink, but it would start to get a little cumbersome and expensive. Fruit Juice. I have to train my brain because i always think i will get fat eating carbs. Update: Now Foods sells a pure Dextrose Powder that costs about a dime per serving. Bethany. L-glutamine another amino acid that also supports the immune system and has been shown to help muscle wasting during times of intense working out. While it does contain the fundamentals of the original recipe, like most do-it-yourself projects, it is not 100% perfect. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Berries, orange juice, and yogurt are a great way to start … I would not change ratio, but you can play with it and see what workos best for you. But the findings also noted that drinking coconut water … Your thoughts? Hi Jeff, I think that amount of water would be fine, the Gatorade powder and creatine should dissolve for the most part, I would just keep a spoon handy or use a blender bottle to prevent it from settling. I read on another site that you could add Emergen-C packets to the mix to incorporate more vitamins and minerals that the old formula had in it. Bethany. Have you considered substituting orange or apple juice in place of the Gatorade powder? Research review: new thinking on training load and injuries. You are not the first I have heard from. Experiment, and remember most often, having something is better than nothing so don’t get bogged down in numbers and calories, just eat and drink! This repairs the muscle breakdown exercising caused. Hi Shawn, Yeah, I asked my boyfrined about this he said he used to about 2/3rds of a sccop of Gatorade powder to get the ratio closer. Part of Green Star Media Ltd. Company number: 3008779. I use vanilla or strawberry for this type of thing, since chocolate with Gatorade just seems nasty. Does anyone have any information on that or alternatives? I’m all about finding a cheaper alternative with similar benefits, so this recovery drink was right up my alley. The sodium content, on the other hand, is much lower than processed sports drinks. so i’ve been using different Protein powders lately after my p90 exercises. The only sad thing is that of the sugar content with the above recipe. Post-exercise carbohydrate for recovery: fast or slow? Gatorade powder directions say 1 scoop to 32 oz of water (or a “serving” of 1/3 scoop to “about 12 oz”); my Six Star Whey says 1 scoop to 6 oz of water, and my Six Star Creatine says 1 scoop to 8 oz of water. Skimmed milk is an excellent recovery drink – and also cheap! This insulin spike is what will help replenish the depleted glycogen stores within your muscle caused by working out. What you consume right after your workout directly affects your results and recovery. Hi Jim, Thanks for the comment. 4oz of fresh pineapple (or small tin of pineapple chunks in juice). What could be used to make up the “what’s missing” is some Creatine powder. Coconut water. In a nutshell, recovery drinks need to supply the right combination and ratio of carbohydrates and proteins, at the right time, and in a form that’s convenient to prepare, easy to drink and rapidly assimilated. Feel the squeeze: groin strain risks and prevention. 6 Super Simple Recovery Drinks and Snacks Close gallery popup button. Sea salt or Himalayan … At least close enough for me. It is in liquid form so your body can absorb it as quickly as possible. In this two-part article, Andrew Hamilton looks at what the research has to say, starting off with the macronutrients protein, fats and carbohydrate MORE, in Masters, Nutrition for endurance athletes, Recovery nutrition, Recovery strategies, All other things being equal, older athletes experience more post-exercise muscle soreness and take longer to recover. can we get all benefits of recovery drink formula,by food after workout?? In fact, we can do one better and make an electrolyte drink with real food. I’m always in the mindset that if you can save money by doing it yourself and you can actually do it yourself, then you should! The body’s glycogen stores are fairly limited, so the ability to resynthesize or replace glycogen is a critical part of recovery between events or even when training sessions are close together. As you stated, a few things are different in my mix per serving: +16g sugar, -10 calories, -15g cholesterol and missing most of the supplemental vitamins. Banana, milk and yoghurt make a good base, but you can substitute the pineapple for a variety of other fruits – apricots and peaches make for a smoother and slightly sweeter drink; berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries create a more aromatic flavour and also seriously boost the antioxidant content! I like the idea of adding in honey, I would try to go with a local raw honey if you can for some added antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Fill the bottle with water and you have a rehydration drink. Fat Burning: using body fat instead of carbohydrates as fuel. But as Peak Performance explains, applying knowledge from recent sport nutrition research could help masters athletes recover faster... MORE, in Nutrition for endurance athletes, Recovery nutrition, Recovery strategies, The conventional wisdom is that fast-releasing carbohydrate is better at promoting post-exercise recovery than slower-releasing carbohydrate. To keep athletes fueled, Blackberry keeps a ready supply of a chilled homemade sports drink available during both breakfast and lunch. Post-workout nutrition is almost as important as the workout itself. How to make an energy drink using table sugar Making your own sports drinks will save you a fortune and there are two main ways to tackle this. Body Fortress Vanilla Crème Isolate Protein, 13.3g Hi Tarun, You’re welcome, and thank you for sharing your experience! But the reason behind using less than a full scoop of the gatorade powder is you want a 4 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein. Combine 4 parts simple carbohydrate to 1 fast-digesting protein and you have a recovery drink that contains the main P90X recovery drink ingredient profile – for pennies on the dollar! 150g low-fat natural yoghurt or soya yoghurt. Since they stopped making the P90x drink and are forcing the much expensive alternative onto customers, I started looking for alternatives. Hi Andrew, After intense workouts is the only time you really want to get a simple sugar like dextrose into your system. To make a homemade electrolyte drink, you start with some healthy liquid base. Took a small sip, and wow, it immediately reminded me of the P90x drink. These added ingredients do provide additional benefits when it comes to faster recovery and are likely why the P90X recovery drink is priced the way it is. Injury risk in athletes: mind how you go! Plyometric training: load up for greater benefits? 1 1-inch piece of ginger, peeled and smashed. 2 sprigs mint. The carbohydrate should comprise some quick releasing carbohydrates (to promote a rapid rise in blood sugar, which in turn stimulates insulin release to drive carbohydrate and amino acids into muscle cells) and some slower releasing carbohydrates (to sustain blood sugar levels). I mean, i know that the Gold Standard whey is a favorite by many, but is adding in all the simple, sugar carbs from the Gatorade an appropriate mix? I will review this new line in a future post. 1 banana, peeled. It smelled ok. Muscle recovery is what will ultimately determine the results you’re going to get.”. Hi Bethany, Sprint training: getting older, staying fast! I’d been previously using an entire scoop of powder with about 12oz of skim milk. Hi Heidi, There are other protein powder like hemp or pea protein if you are sensitive to the dairy proteins. The ingredients are inexpensive and easily available. Creatine creates energy in the muscles, allowing them to work harder. I can say the new line of performance supplements are costly, but like most of the Beachbody supplements you find, they use top of line ingredients which factors into the cost. It does happen to have about 70% of the R&R arginine level, though. About recovery drink, can you tell me if a juice of 2/3 oranges with 10gr whey is ok to an after workout? My P90X Recovery Drink Alternative Recipe, The P90X “Muscle Confusion” Training Principle Explained. Creatine supplementation has been shown to improve exercise performance and increase muscle mass. @2019 - This is a really common question I get asked all the time. Notes: You can use adjust the whey powder and/or add maltodextrin to balance the 4:1 ratio. My favourite recovery drink is around 500ml of skimmed milk, a banana, half an avocado, a scoop of whey powder (28g whey/21g protein) plus a teaspoon of honey. I have not found a cheaper source of dextrose than the Gatorade powder you can find in most supermarkets or even in your super Walmart. Carbohydrates and protein are the big ones. I also picked up the Gatorade powder at Costco (Arctic Freeze). Simply add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved. Try different kinds of base liquid for recovery drinks to see what works for you. Evening exercise: a pain in the gut for athletes? Bethany. Getting carbohydrates and proteins to your muscles as soon as possible will enhance your muscle recovery rate, which is a very good thing. I’ve heard honey is a good source of dextrose too, maybe one day I’ll try that. Milk contains a blend of casein and whey, which have amino acids in a pattern similar to muscle protein. hey Bethony. Use only sea salt or real salt. Then, you add a bit of high-quality salt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Beth, It just seems a little loose around the edges, if you know what i mean…, Hi Andrew, You could always try both and see how they compare to one another. 3 servings Gatorade Powder (14 grams of carbs each), 12 grams of protein (most brands will be a half a scoop). All Right Reserved. Do you recommend this 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein (even with the high sugar content), over just using a full scoop of the Gold Standard Protein w/Skim Milk? -Bethany. Can probiotics protect post-marathon immunity? found coconut water to be just as beneficial for post-workout recovery as both sports drinks and water. After a hard ride you will also need to drink wate… I mean, we can’t blindly follow the ratio or we might be taking in 4g of carbs and 1g of protein for a serving. 1 tbsp peanut butter. I’ll be the first to admit my homemade P90X recovery drink is not perfect. This will help to increase the duration and bioavailability of the nutrients. Peak Performance helps dedicated endurance athletes improve their performance. Berry Coconut Recovery Shake Recipe. In some cases this replenishment may need to … However, this can be omitted for anyone following a low-sodium diet. Biofeedback for better running technique? Thanks for posting this! I wanted to thank you for publishing this recipe, especially now that BB changed their R&R formula earlier this year. Sports psychology: self-confidence in sport – make your ego work for you! Bethany. On a gut feeling, I decided to get the lime flavored gatorade powder, since I had absolutely no idea what the Arctic Freeze flavor would taste like. This natural electrolyte drink is loaded with the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need to stay active and hydrated, even when you’re sweating buckets. Hey Bethany, There are two ingredients we need: dextrose and whey protein. It has been replaced with the Beachbody premium line of supplements. It is consistent among all workouts. Bethany, A little about me: I’m vita-mixing, so the stress on the machine isn’t an issue. These sports drink hacks makes enough to fill a 24-ounce (3-cup) water bottle, so go ahead and scale up the ingredients if you want to fill multiple bottles. The ingredients above will typically supply: You may prefer to take your drink in two portions – half immediately after training and half approximately one hour later. Coconut water is rich in magnesium, potassium and antioxidants. Bethany. I’ll just take it easy on my sugar through the day and stick with the above recipe. The good news is that during this time, your muscles are also ready to be fed. You can’t just go out, get a Big Mac and expect your body to repair itself at an optimal level. Sports injury: can you eat your way to recovery? okay, thank you for all the info! I’m wondering about alternatives to the whey powder (whey + my stomach = uuunnggh). The vapor from the boiling water, also known as distilled water, is the best option, as it is devoid of all pollutants, contaminants, minerals, and elements. For other workouts, whole foods that contain carnbs and protein should be just as effective. The cost is about $0.65 per serving compared to about $2.30 per serving with the old R&R formula. Beetroot Juice. Because I have whey and would just need to add Gatorade powder. Are you currently using the same recipe posted above (3 scoops Gatorade to 1/2 Scoop Protein powder), or have you adjusted the amounts at all? Training for longevity: is more always better? Now im wondering if I should cut back my dosage to half a scoop of protein power and toss in a scoop or two of Gatorade power like you mention in the above posting.. Im a bit concerned that adding the Gatorade powder w/the all the sugar it contains may sabotage the positive benefits of the post workout drink. The basics of good nutrition are the same for active people as they are for sedentary people -- eat more fruits and vegetables but less meat and dairy, choose whole grains over refined varieties and limit your intake of sugar, sodium, fat and processed foods. I do have one question, is there any concern for the amount of sugar in this? This recipe contains 62g carbohydrate, 23g protein, and 429g sodium, Remember, finding some of your favorite ingredients and having them on hand can make quick recovery fuel easy and enjoyable.
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