28% off Limited time deal. // ]]>. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and … the original E.A.B. The Gerber Exchange-A-Blade pocket knives use contractor grade or standard size utility blades that can be easily replaced. Gerber EAB has has been a topic of many online reviews of folding utility pocket knives and box cutters with exchangeable blades which included some industrial tools heavy-hitters like Stanley, Irwin, Fuller, Sheffield and so on. 2. Čepele se snadno vyměňují a vy tak budete neustále připraveni. Hexadecimil reviews Gerber EAB Lite boxcutter pocket knife - Duration: 19:36. hexadecimil 4,279 views. A weboldalon feltüntetett adatok kizárólag tájékoztató jellegűek, nem minősülnek ajánlattételnek. A Gerber EAB (Exchange-A-Blade) egy cserélhetó pengés munkakés, rozsdamentes acél markolattal és zsebcsipesszel. This folding utility knife has a pocket-friendly footprint, complete with an included clip that can double as a money clip or even a belt clip. The Gerber EAB Lite Exchange-A-Blade pocket knife employs contractor grade utility blades that can easily be replaced, keeping you ready and on the go. I have to say I am very impressed with this tool. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. … document.body.appendChild(ak_widget_script); Comparison of Gerber EAB Pocket (22-41830) vs Gerber EAB Lite (31-000345) Hunting Knives. 15-17 Telefon: +36 70 610 60 19. To replace the razor blade, simply raise the screw for easy opening. Markolat anyaga / … A termékeknél megjelenített képek csak illusztrációk, a valóságtól eltérhetnek. Gerber 31-000345 E.A.B. Better yet, like the replacement blades you will feed the tiny Gerber; the knife itself is insanely affordable. Eltérés esetén a gyártó által megadott paraméterek érvényesek! A weboldalon feltüntetett adatok kizárólag tájékoztató jellegűek, nem minősülnek ajánlattételnek. Click now to learn more. var ak_widget_params = ["81972ac07a8a1a53c13163aeb4322792","R","HU",0,"R"]; Menu Knives & & Multi-ToolsHunting EAB Folding ClipDescription Gerber Exchange-A-Blade pocket knives use grade standard size utility blades be Lite finger a the E.A.B. The Gerber E.A.B Lite has a 2.25 inch replaceable utility blade (held in place by a solid screw mechanism that provides less blade play than other quick release type blade systems) and measure about 5.1 inches when open, and 2.85 inches closed, which is a comfortable and ideal size for a utility knife. $33.50 ... Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife [31-000345],White. Anyways, I was tooling around this weekend and stopped into a local Academy Sports store and saw the EAB Lite and figured for $12 OTD, what the hell, I'm bored and want a new toy. A stainless steel body and liner lock construction … New for 2010, the E.A.B. The knife accepts both standard and contractor quality utility blades. Weboldalunk böngészésével Ön beleegyezik, hogy számítógépén / mobil eszközén cookie-kat tároljunk. Low prices on Gerber EAB Lite, Stainless Steel Handle, Utility Blade. Műszaki adatok: Penge hossza / Blade length: 38 mm. I'm a gerber hater but I love this guy. Lite pocket knife is a convenient, compact sized folder that uses contractor grade or standard size utility blades that can be easily replaced as necessary. Modelová řada EAB i EAB Lite má rukojeť opatřenou sponou na kapsu nebo na peníze. PSA, if you have a Gerber EAB and you need to replace the screw, try to find a 3mmx 0.05mm button head screw at a specialty hardware store. You can even use it as a money clip if you’re not a fan of wallets. The stainless steel handle works well as both a pocket or a money clip, and liner lock construction keeps the blade safely in the open position when in use. You are using standard box cutter blades so it doesn't matter so much who made it. Lite also features deep finger grooves that provide a secure grip in a lighter knife. For which purpose, we’ve highlighted the vital Gerber Blades factors you would distill with foremost: model, type, size, country region of manufacture,... and package quantity.
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