A faded D appears next to messages sent to iPhones and Windows Phones. im suspecting my gf is ignoring me and i need someones help. What does A Faded D mean In kik? It is the D you need to look out for. Once they open the app, you’ll see a solid D and then the R when it’s been read. You can read messages without someone knowing by removing them from your friends list and reading the "new" chat window. I know she's not the type of person that would just block me and I still got her on my aim contacts so I don't think she blocked me, this is urgent please help me! The have the app open however are utilizing a different app. The D means that it has been delivered. she has an ipod touch and i sent her a kik text and it showed the dark D symbol. Kik uses a simple system to show you when a message is sent, received, and read. S means that your message has been sent to our Kik server. The grey one means that the user has recieved a push notification. Telephone isn't became on and or the app is just not going for walks. The D can be one of two different colors. Relevance. A faded “D” appears when messages are sent to iPhone and Windows Phone devices. When you see an ‘S’ over the message, it has been sent. D means that we have delivered your message to your friend. Faded D means their phone has not connected they haven't opened kik. They're talking on kik 2. The D Kik symbol will remain like this until they have seen the message. There are also two different types of D Kik Symbols: a grey one and a a black one. The little letters beside your message are receipts giving you more information about the status of your message. It means that the message has been pushed to your Kik friend’s account, but they haven’t opened the app to receive the message on their actual device. Why? If the D is solid black then the person ahs read the notification. Faded D on kik? Hanna. So this morning I sent 2 messages to my girlfriend and when I sent both it showed a faded D , does this mean she blocked me? Hello the D stands for 'Delivered'. I've sent a message for like 6 hours to someone on kik, but it is still a faded/weak 'D' next to the message? There's a number of reasons: 1. 2 Answers. The D still appears when the user has blocked you from their kik messenger. What do S, D, R mean? They are on the social media, I'm not sure if they're on the phone tho, but it has stayed like that for long.. Answer Save. Faded 'D' on kik? When the message has been delivered but the app has not been opened, the D remains as a faded out grey. Gentle d approach message used to be bought. The message has hit the person's Kik app on their device but they haven't opened it yet. Once they open the app, you will see a solid D. (Source: Kik site, Tip Tuesday) It isn’t until the D changes to ‘R’ that you know the person you sent the message to has read that message. If they do not have the notifications ON then regularly failed to … R means that your message has been opened and read. It means that we have sent the push notification of your message to the recipient but they haven’t opened the app to receive the message on their phone. Dark solid D: Once a user opens the Kik app after receiving a message, faded D turns to dark solid D meaning the user has checked the message on the Kik notification. It means the user has received a push notification of your message but hasn't opened or checked the message. When it changes to a ‘D’, it has been delivered. Light faded D: A faded D appears only on iPhone & Windows phone. Daring d approach: 1. Last Updated: Jan 15, 2013 02:25PM EST. The one where you can delete or start a chat but that's a dark d. So my best guess is they just haven't opened the kik … 2 minutes later i send another and it showed the faded D. It can either be black or a faded grey.
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