These are average fixed value of any country and companies cannot across these boundaries. Share This Article: May 5, 2010. First section describe the strategy adopted by BAD BOYZ III Company with the help of Michael Porter “Five Forces” theory, second section describes the external analysis of company using PESTLE analysis and at end the BAD BOYZ III company analysis from year 11 to year 17 will be discussed with each year progress diagrams shown in Appendix. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - All Answers Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Welcome to the Business Strategy Game Guide Blog! Year 17 was decision year for BAD BOYZ III management because company management decided to buy new plant in North America with capacity of 1,900,000 pairs per year. This year increase in private label segment and overall progress helped BAD BOYZ III Company to improve its position like 6th out of 12th. As the result of new strategy, quality of product, profit was good and also helped to get high position. head-to-head competition against companies managed by other class Best-Strategy Invitational High-performing companies worldwide face off in a 2-week competition hosted 3 times a year by the BSG author team. Customer service will be measured through repeat business (our goal is that 50% of our customers will return within 6 months for an additional purchase) and multiple sales (our goal is that 30% of our non-running and 60% of our running shoe sales are … Free resources to assist you with your university studies! Market Development. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Business Strategy and Polices. The business strategy game is an online, PC-Based game in which you run the world wide athletic footwear market in confronting each other competition against other markets companies run by different group of students into different industry. Company was getting satisfaction feedback from North America, so company decided to build more plant capacity in North America as well in Asia Pacific region. The main reason to focus on North America was company high expenditure in this region because of more consumers and demands. View Invitational decisions. There were no strong competitors in North America. 2018/2019 To make The Athlete’s Foot the headquarters for athletic footwear by offering knowledgeable and professional customer service. Even though company made some mistakes but due to healthy exchange rate company never fall badly. When you register you will be purchasing full privileges to use Anchor’s vision is to be the primary provider of athletic footwear in the four regions: North America, Europe Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America with variety of models at affordable prices. The Blog may have BSG or Glo-Bus tips, strategies, advice, hints, tricks, and even secrets. To achieve maximum profit and top position in footwear market we also considered about the private label segments. In year 16th the company’s competitive strengths were celebrity appeal and advertising same as last year and company also tried to get rid of the weakness related to company production and profit. Company operations parallel those of actual athletic The marketplace is worldwideproduction and sales activities can be pursued in North … In private label segment company done well and sell all pairs in private label segment caused the market share of private label segment increased such as 76.6% in North America, 52.0 % in Asia-pacific and 62.9% in Latin America as contrast to other market shares. Its an online, PC-based exercise where you run an athletic footwear company in head-to-head competition against companies run by other class members. This theory helps companies to know about the rules and regulation of competition in market. It covers in detail all of the strategies, concepts, software features and tricks necessary to win the McGraw-Hill Business Strategy Game. InThe Business Strategy Game, the algorithms used to determine how many pairs of athletic footwear each company sells in each geographic market are based on a company’s competitive effort relative to the industry-average effort in the geographic region, competitive factor by competitive factor. University of Greenwich . Company Registration No: 4964706. This is not an example of the work produced by our Dissertation Writing Service. Competitive advantages of any company against other competitors can be described by the “Five Forces” diagram shows the main idea of Porter’s theory of competitive advantage. Introduction This manager’s report provides a financial performance review of the business operations for athletic footwear industry’s Elite Feet for production Years 11 through 18. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ABSTRACT . Increased in demand and production caused the increase in BAD BOYZ III competitive strengths as compare to previous year such as ‘celebrity appeal’ but weakness remained same as ‘model availability’. In my industry BAD BOYZ III includes five members (Virayudh Baram, Saif Ur Rehman, Ying Zhao, Maliha Hasin and Imran Shahzad) are responsible for managing all aspects of the company’s operation. A lot of people over the years said I should do a Blog, but I think maybe I should start one up and see how I like it. "Business Strategy Game Post Game Analysis Footwear Industry" Essays and Research Papers . This is Week 1! In Appendix-5 year 15 overall progress is shown. Module. Company decided to sell quantity of 500 stocks in the price of $ 96.72 as stock price was really high. You will find most of the Business Strategy Game Quiz 1 answers below. With adoption of new strategy our competitive strengths retail price, advertising and model significantly increased but still some weaknesses are shipping charges and retail outlet are there. Company co-managers must make decisions relating to plant In addition, several large general sporting goods retailers have either closed entirely or reduced the number of stores in the chain. assigned to you and your co-managers. Initial Strategy - Option DIFFERENTIATION : “Providing something unique that is valuable to the buyer beyond simply offering a low Athletic Footwear price.” (M. Porter) Exotic Footwear’s “Differentiation” strategy implemented was to create ‘Value Add’ for our customer. VAT Registration No: 842417633. Year 15 was little bit thinking year for BAD BOYZ III management team as the competition and consumers increasing unexpectedly. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. BAD BOYS III adopt strategies free shipping, model offer and attractive price and advertisement in internet segment and in whole sale garment we offer rebate and model with delivery time guaranteed and advertisement to compete in competitive market. The value chain activities help BAD BOYZ III Company for examining all activities related to company performance and interaction such as (e.g. You can view samples of our professional work here. Privacy COMPETITION AND BUSINESS RISK- AN ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS STRATEGY. ROE (Return on Equity.) Best strategy. BAD BOYZ III Company purchased 1500 plant capacity and build 500 in North America and also considering Asia Pacific purchased 800 plants capacity in that region. | Accessibility competitive strategy—one that capitalizes on continuing consumer interest in athletic footwear, keeps the company in the ranks of the industry leaders, and increases the company’s earnings year-after-year. development, marketing, sales, operations, etc.) This decision is made on behalf of the year 16 results as consumers increase unexpectedly. Because of change in strategy and improvement in retail segment, at end of year 13 Company received very good response in private label segment and got satisfaction results in other segments like revenue $ 393,872,000 that is double of last year 12, net profit was $ 31,854,000 with the ratio of earning per share equal to 3.19. Microsoft Excel (the 2000, XP, 2003, or 2007 versions). The challenge is to craft and execute a The Business Strategy Gameis a PC-based exercise, modeled to reflect the real-world character of the globally competitive athletic footwear industry and structured so that you run a company in head-to-head competition against companies run by other class members. End of the year 15th brought good news in market share as BAD BOYZ III achieved all market share from North America in private label segment as compared to other regions but with some sad news as company lost his market share in rest of regions. server, and business simulation content are copyright © 2020 by The Euro. In year 16, BAD BOYZ III Company decided to remain fixed with same strategy as in year 15 company sold almost all products. Most recently, Just For Feet filed Chapter 11 and is currently liquidating the entire company stock. BAD BOYZ III Company has also managed to fulfill the production requirements of remaining regions Latin America, Europe-Africa. Shoe store sales continue to rise, and revenues collected by the top footwear producers has concurrently increased over the last few years. To get high profit and maximize the sale production we seriously focus on private label that enables BAD BOYZ III competitive strengths increased as compare to the year 13 and sufficient reduction in weaknesses like internet segment and wholesale segment. software to run the athletic footwear company your instructor has At the end of year 12 because of some weaknesses in whole sale market and internet segment, company overall progress and position of BAD BOYZ II was down 10 out of 12 with revenue 201395000, net profit 8,587,000, EPS 0.86 and credit rating “c”. Just a really cool game that I have to play for my class that I'm having a blast with. Business Strategy Game Quiz 1 primarily consists of two topics. is a registered trademark of GLO-BUS Software, Inc. What will I be purchasing when I register? PESTLE is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. Image Rating. These successful factors boost company rank to top three positions like was 3rd out of 12.
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