Meljine Complex had formerly served as military owned medical institution.  Since last year it has become a part of Atlas Group’s portfolio. At 50,300 m2 of attractive space on the Montenegrin coast, we plan to build a Health Tourist Complex, a first of a kind on the territory of South East Europe. The unique combination of modern, natural and traditional will find its best expression in the Meljine complex.


The vision of Atlas Group regarding development of Meljine complex is primarily oriented towards health tourism, modern diagnostic centre and hospital with rehabilitation option for all types of guests. Special treatment will be offered to guests who need complete discretion and relaxation during their holiday or medical treatment. The orientation of Montenegrin tourist product towards the elite tourism created the need for construction of modern apartments and resorts.


Meljine complex, which consists of five units: apartments, hospital, resort, botanical garden and sandy beach, will significantly expand the tourist offer on this part of Montenegrin coast. Planned project envisages a highly sophisticated hospital with modern diagnostic equipment that will increase the standard of health service, on both local and regional levels.

The first unit is a highly sophisticated hospital with modern equipment, which employs highly qualified staff as well as world’s leading medical experts. Total planned area of the hospital is 24.645 m2.  Three underground storeys are planned, of which two are to serve as underground garage, with remaining storey accommodating various hospital facilities. The building storey plan is from P+1 to P+6. Underground garage is planned to be a two –storey facility. Total area of underground garage is 3.600 m2. The envisaged object with hyperbaric chambers is positioned south of the eastern hospital wing, towards the sea. The total area of the over ground part of the object with hyperbaric chamber is planned to be around 1.550 m2.

The second part of the project is a five-star hotel, which offers relaxation programme for its guests, wellness and spa centre, restaurants and other amenities, ensuring high quality comfort for its guests.


The total planned area of the hotel is 24.250 m2. Also, three underground storeys are planned to accommodate facilities such as beauty farm, spa, underground garages and technical space.

The third part of the project is Rent Apartments which will be put on market for sale. Their planned location is in the west part of the complex. The total area of the planned parking space for apartments is 22.450 m2. The total planned apartments’ area is 38.962 m2. Underground garage will provide 258 parking spaces which will be spread on three underground storeys.


vizija06The fourth unit is a botanical garden with about 30.000m2, which will be in function for all three mentioned units. The botanical garden constitutes a special advantage of the complex compared to other (mostly urban) health tourist centres. The vision of natural environment that permeates the development plan, anticipates only pedestrian traffic providing thereby visitors with a unique green paradise near the beach.

The fifth and equally important unit is a sandy beach that stretches along the coast in the length of about 500 m. The total planned area of the sandy beach is 13, 252 m2. Sandy beach, in combination with smartly planned surrounding will further encourage guests to enjoy their holiday in completely natural environment, providing them with relaxation from massive concrete buildings. The beach will offer various amenities (built from natural materials) such as restaurants, beach bars, piers and other.

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