General Information

Private Health facility, General hospital Meljine, is located on the seaside, three kilometres from the centre of Herceg Novi, in a beautiful park area of 50,000 square meters, with 19 buildings of about 20,000 square meters. It disposes with 92 beds in the hospital area and 150 beds in the rehabilitation part of the hospital.
It consists of following health facilities: Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Department of Internal Medicine with a coronary care unit, Surgical ward, Eye and ENT Department, Gynaecology and Obstetrics department, Department of Radiology, Biochemical-Haematological department, Department of Microbiology, Pharmacy, Blood Transfusion department, Dermatovenerological ambulance, Psychiatry ambulance, Department of Hyperbaric and Underwater medicine.

Our professional, responsible and friendly medical staff is here to ensure a successful, professional treatment as well as fast and efficient rehabilitation:
26 Specialist doctors                                       
One Specialist of Medical biochemistry
One Master of Pharmacy
One Doctor of Chemistry
One graduate psychologist
Six physiotherapist with University Degree
One physiotherapist with professional training
Eight  physiotherapists with vocational education
Eleven medical technicians with professional training
Eighty-five medical technicians with vocational education

Our commitment is:
• To provide a comprehensive, efficient, reliable and fast medical diagnostics
• A Professional medical staff who can provide fast diagnosis and efficient hospital and ambulance treatment, without delays.   
   • To provide effective medical rehabilitation (at early or later phase of treatment)
• to provide facilities which will enable guests to enjoy this beautiful part of Montenegro

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