First Military Hospital in the Boka-Kotor Bay was established in 1668 in the city of Kotor. By the end of 18th century, it had lost its military character and had become a general hospital. In the area of Herceg Novi, the military hospital, established in 1687, has existed for more than three centuries until the present day.  Historical documentation shows that military hospital was founded by the Venetian Republic, which conquered this area after two centuries -long Ottoman rule.  It was located in the Old town, next to the St. Francis church and Civilian hospital that existed at that time.  It is impossible to establish the exact day or decade of the beginning of construction of Meljine hospital on the basis of available data. It is being assumed that archival evidence had been destroyed during the First and Second World War, so that previous research did not give any positive results except for a floor plan from 1879.  What can be reliably determined is that the military hospital in Meljine began working in the mid-19th century, with the possibility that it could happened a decade earlier. Its location has had several advantages; among others is the vicinity of the Lazarett (Quarantine), whose function was connected to that of the military hospital. The construction of the Lazarett in Meljine was completed in 1732 when it started to work without interruption until 1830th year, when it stopped working for a while. Water was brought to Lazarett in 1741 from a fresh water source located in the immediate vicinity of the military hospital, south of Savina Monastery. Lazarett was located near the cemetery, which at the time was in a very bad state, and served probably to the needs of the Military hospital.
Treatment of civilians at this hospital was periodical. According to the documents from the Archive of Herceg Novi, the Command of the Military Port of Herceg Novi approved the treatment of civilians in this hospital at the request of municipal government. After the Second World War, the Military Hospital Meljine was the only military hospital on the territory of Montenegro, Dubrovnik and Trebinje and their surrounding areas, treating thereby the servicemen stationed on these locations and the families of military officers. Doctor from this hospital were respected and recognized in the area of Herceg Novi and wider. Hospital work was conducted through the work of internal, surgical and ENT and eye department. In the 1960s, in the immediate vicinity of the hospital, a villa for Josip Broz Tito was built. It was also used by the highest state and foreign officials.
At the end of 1970s, the Centre for treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases was built. Since 2003, with the contributions of the citizens, Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics has been opened. After four decades of not having maternity hospital, the people of Herceg Novi are being born here. It has also been the first health facility in Montenegro to introduce painless childbirth, whereby 2000 babies have been born in the period of six years.
During its existence, the hospital has meant a lot for the people of Herceg Novi and beyond, regardless of the social changes that followed its work and existence. Within the new circumstances, the hospital staff will continue to perform its duty in a professional manner and cherish its reputation at the satisfaction of the customers.

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