Information for Patients

Admission of patients
Providing health services to persons insured by the Montenegrin Health Fund from the Municipality of Herceg Novi is done by a doctor referral from the Emergency Unit and also by a doctor referral from the Health Centre of Herceg Novi in the following areas:
- General surgery with Traumatology - emergency cases and urgent surgical intervention,
- Internal Medicine - emergency cases and treatment,
- ENT - emergency cases and treatment,
- Obstetrics (labor - childbirth)
Also, the hospital provides these services in emergency situations to all those insured through the Montenegrin Health Fund who may find themselves in the Municipality of Herceg Novi due to temporary residence. These patient will need a doctor referral from the Emergency Unit or a doctor referral from the Health Centre of Herceg Novi.
In addition to the above, the hospital provides medical services in hyperbaric chamber to all those insured by the Helath Fund, with the referral from their local / regional office of the Fund.
Persons insured by the Health Fund of Serbia can find detailed information on the rights of health care during their stay in Montenegro on the following page:
Patients without the Fund referral will have to cover the expenses of the treatment themselves.
During admission, patients are obliged to do the administrative paperwork in the entrance section, except for emergency cases, when these formalities can be done later:

- For patients with a referral - a certified health card and a referral
- For other patients - identification document (identity card, passport, driver's license)
- Medical records, as appropriate
- For stationary patients, hospital equipment is provided (pajamas, robes, towels)

Additional information
Visiting hours:
Weekdays 14-15 h
Non-working days 14-15.30 h

Smoking is not permitted on the premises of the hospital!

Payments for hospital services can be made in the cash or by bank cards.
If necessary, patients can be provided with transportation to other health institutions with a modern medical vehicle.

For patients and guests of the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we offer the following facilities:
- Parking
- Hotel Accommodation
- Beach with movables
- TV room, library, chess, wireless "Telenor" Internet, ATM, hairdresser

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