Large snake plant varieties for outdoors and indoors Snake plants (Mother in law’s tongue) are evergreen succulent plants characterized by their upright sword-shaped leaves. These colorful markings are why snake plants got the name Trifasciata. However, know that the team will never share your information with other parties in exchange for financial rewards or any other kind of benefits. They can grow indoors and outdoors, with little to no maintenance. Actual plant may vary in size and shape. We can help you grow the indoor garden of your dreams. Some third parties require your consent to collect data to serve you personalized content and ads. Light green colored horizontal zigzag stripes give them a nice marbled effect. We only use your personally and non-personally identifiable information to improve the quality of the website and your browsing experience while here. I was stoked when my roses showed signs of growth. This Snake Plant is one of the more petite varieties. This plant has a hard time tolerating wet feet, so make sure that you plant it in a pot that drains well. It is most commonly known as the snake plant, Saint George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, and viper's bowstring hemp, among other names. Our systems gather personally and non-personally identifiable information from visitors of the website. The leaves are overlapping to create almost a vase-like appearance. Below are some varieties of this plant that we think will suit your tastes, with their gorgeous color strokes, shapes, and patterns. Snake plant care includes proper lighting, watering, propagation and even flowering. Required fields are marked *. By continuing to use this website, you implicitly agree to this policy; if you do not agree to some or all of the procedures listed on this page, you can opt out at any time, however, you might not enjoy the intended browsing experience. If you want fresh air to breathe in your home, this is one of the best and most helpful Snake plant varieties you can host inside without worrying about its maintenance. As a result, many people still presume it to be in the Sansevieria family. Snake plants are as useful as they are visually appealing. I wanted one badly. However when it does, it can bloom in summer with fragrant greenish white flowers. The newest member of Sansevieria’s genus, this plant is originally from India and it goes by the names of Robusta Snake Plant or Robusta Mother in Law tongue. Cookies collect non-personally-identifiable information about your browsing patterns, which helps us pinpoint the areas of our website that require extra work and the areas that fully meet your needs. It is a stemless evergreen succulent that grows rapidly and reproduces rapidly. Silver Birds’ Nest (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Silver Hahnii’), 6. Golden Hahnii is also popular by names “Golden Bird’s Nest” because of it’s distinct shape and color. Although Sansevieria Trifasciata is a commonly known variety by the name Snake Plant, there are … Until recently it was officially labeled under the name of Sansevieria Trifasciata. Like any other website on the World Wide Web, records some info about you and your device during your visit. Also, they can brighten every room, be it at home or at the office. This snake plant variety has dark green lance type leaves with yellow marginal bands, and it is originally from Brazil. It is a plant that grows upright and has leathery dark green leaves. Furthermore, they are bright olive green with thick golden edges. 40 Common Garden Pests And How To Get Rid Of Them, 12 Most Common Plant Diseases – Symptoms And Treatment, How To Propagate Aloe – Easy Guide For Beginners, A post shared by Mr Cacti (@special_plants_world), A post shared by SugboPlants.Ph (, A post shared by Minimalism & Unique Pots (@aesthetic.houseplant), A post shared by Lacy (@northwoodinteriors), A post shared by ÇᎥndy Hodgdon Barton (@cindersbartonhollow), A post shared by Dido Sennahadi (@sennahadi), It is also suitable for both homes and offices. These plants can be neglected for weeks at a time; yet, with their strappy leaves and architectural shape, they still look fresh. Because of their unique looks, most Sansevieria varieties go by the name of Snake Plants. Twisted Sister Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Twisted sister’), 11. There are over 70 recognized subspecies of Sansevieria and hundred of varieties and cultivars of S. trifasciata (snake plant / mother-in-law’s tongue), but the selections below represent a few of the most common ones that you’ll be to find at your local green house or find online to order. ©2018-2020 | All rights reserved. Hahnii plants have darker green leaves with clear horizontal creamy white stripes. There are so many different varieties of snake plants, that you can easily find one that you’ll love. Snake Plant Compacta (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Compacta’), 2. Place it in a warm spot with enough sunlight. So, for you, plant lovers, we compiled a list of the most popular Sansevieria types with pictures and growing tips, so you can choose the one that suits your style and home best. This plant can grow from 6-12 inches tall. Some third parties might get very limited access to your info, but only to your non-personally identifiable information and only as we described above. The Snake plant is a decorative indoor plant so resistant and resilient thriving on neglect. Snake Plant Care – How to grow Mother In Law’s Tongue, Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii – How to grow and care for the snake plant, Viper’s bowstring hemp – How to grow and cultivate the plant. If you choose to opt in for our newsletter, we will also use your information to keep in touch. This Site is affiliated with CMI Marketing, Inc., d/b/a CafeMedia (“CafeMedia”) for the purposes of placing advertising on the Site, and CafeMedia will collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. Commonly known of the Cylindrical Snake Plant, it’s almost a foolproof plant, as it can thrive even if it’s ignored for a long period of time. Snake Plant Varieties: FAQs. But Snake plant varieties are resilient to wear and tear and make some of the best indoor options you have for building indoor gardens. As the name suggests this plant grows shiny twisted leaves that curl around to give it a unique shape. Our team reserves the right to alter this privacy policy with no prior notice to you. A post shared by Aleksandra (@drimeris) on Aug 26, 2018 at 9:45am PDT. Snake Plant Varieties Various third parties are also collecting data to show your personalized content and ads. The only personally identifiable information we collect is your name and e-mail address only when leaving comments if you’re a visitor, or when submitting content and leaving comments, if you’re a contributor. See more ideas about sansevieria plant, sansevieria, snake plant. Snake plants, along with spider plants and peace lilies, are reportedly very effective at cleaning the air, removing toxins such as formaldehyde.However, further studies are needed to determine the true extent of these plants’ air-purifying capabilities! 1. Variegated Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Laurentii’), 8. Snake plants occasionally flower with tubular greenish white blossoms. If you want to distinguish different Snake plant varieties among them, it is best to use a plant recognition/identification app. The foliage forms an attractive rosette shape. We use the following tools to gather personally and non-personally identifiable information from visitors and contributors: • Cookies: these tiny text documents contain unique identifiers that are stored in your computer after your expressed consent. The plant can have greenish white flowers that are usually 1 inch long. Typically, the leaves stay under about 18 inches in height. • Sign-up forms: these requests only come up when registering for our newsletter and is the only way our team collects personally-identifiable information from visitors.
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