To be a community center of learning experiences and entertainment, interaction and connection . It outlines actions to reach set goals. 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. Contact Tel (978) 373-1586. Expecting the community to get on board with programs and projects is futile if the purpose is not well understood by all. Informed by the library’s vision, mission, values, and community aspirations, the strategic plan was approved by the Board of Library Trustees on November 26, 2019. The vision statement speaks to our hope for the future of Skokie, as well as the library’s essential role in helping the community reach that destination. This plan follows on the Strategic Plan for the Wellesley Free Library, 2014–2018. It is readily apparent that Hamilton treasures its library and views it as a valuable resource. The planning process outlined in Strategic Planning for Results is based on the assumption that Maybe one of them will be yours. Most managers can benefit from having a strategic plan. 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. Amid technology, Google, electronic and audio books, and contrary to what your family and friends may be telling you, libraries are still very much alive, kicking and are still serving their purpose as a beacon of light for when everything and everyone around you seem to be bereft of the kind of knowledge you need, or just knowledge and truth in general. Since strategic plans can produce different results, consider the needs and demands of the business for development so you can assess and decide on the kind of strategic plan that you should make. Over the next two fiscal years, the Library will activate goals in each of the four focus areas; Vibrant Learning Center, Wellbeing Cultivator, Dynamic Third Place, and Community & Cultural Connector. STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Anythink builds community by connecting people, organizations and agencies with ideas and each other. Support Economic Development – Anythink is a place where small businesses and start-ups can access tools, spaces, mentorship and more to help them succeed. If you’re sold on the why of strategic planning, but are not sure how to do it, consider registering for the upcoming Infopeople course: Strategic Planning for Small Libraries. Thank you. The Oviatt Library Strategic Plan 2017-2022 focuses on six strategic areas: Student Success Knowledge Transfer User Services Scholarly Communication The Library as Place Organizational Excellence Strategic Area 1: Student Success Based on the campus’ priority of student success[1], Oviatt Library will continue to contribute to this overarching priority through its Haverhill Public Library 99 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830. Template for Bylaws; Long Range Plans. 2. The San Antonio Public Library plays a critical role in the quality of life and continued growth of San Antonio. Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Adams County, all Anythink libraries and offices are closed to the public until further notice. Often the library is not as visible in the community as other non-profit organizations. OUTCOME: People are happy, healthy and safe. Considering previous years long-term plans, it was resolved that a strategic plan which affords The overarching theme of our Strategy is to turn the Library inside out to fully face and serve our community. Objective 4.C: Define the scope and priorities for the libraries’ digitization program. Material on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Infopeople is part of the Califa Group, a nonprofit library membership consortium based in California. We solicited community feedback through a survey available in print and online. Vision: To empower every voice in our community Chappaqua Library Long Range Strategic Plan 2017-2021 I. The Library of Congress will implement our strategic goals and objectives through a phased, five-year plan from FY 2019—FY 2023. The Director and Assistant-Director discussed the issue, and decided that a new plan would be beneficial to the library moving forward. For small libraries, with limited staff and resources, finding the time to create a plan can be a real challenge. What does your library do in the community? Strategic Planning for Results, by Sandra Nelson. the planning process allows the participants to imagine library services in a perfect world (visioning), articulate the value and role of the library to the community (mission), and design a blueprint for bringing the library closer to that perfect vision in alignment with the mission (goals). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Reimagine Anythink’s spaces – As Adams County grows exponentially, Anythink will examine, refine and expand its spaces to support the learning and cultural enrichment of its customers. Strategic Plan FY18-22 Our Vision for the Future. VISION. A strategic plan is a document that establishes the direction of an organization. Staff may know the board members only if board members frequent the library as patrons. The Strategic Plan for Smallholder Support (SPSS) aims to coordinate, align and avail all programmes that target support and development of smallholder producers towards achieving optimum utilisation of resources for sustained food security and economic returns. Having a current strategic plan is vital to all libraries as a way to help move staff, programs, and services in a cohesive, determined direction. Last updated in 2014, the strategic plan guided PLA and led to many successful initiatives under four goal areas: Advocacy & Awareness, Leadership & Transformation, Literate Nation, and Organizational Excellence. We expect that the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan will guide library staff in their work and inspire others to engage with us in creating a better community. Every three years, the library undertakes a thorough strategic planning process designed to reexamine its vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities. Introduction: The leadership of the Free Public Library of Hamilton Township believes that a successful strategic plan provides the framework for organizational change, service enhancement, and innovation to guide us to be the best possible library for the community. The agency's strategy will come to life in the Directional Plans that organizational units will develop to identify and prioritize key initiatives. Haverhill Public Library 99 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830. At the September 2017 Board meeting, members reviewed the strategic plan and discussed critical issues facing public libraries today and the changing library landscape. Museum Passes; Reserve a Room; Technology Services ; Digital Resources; Contact Info (978) 373-1586 email us > Library Hours. At the September 2017 Board meeting, members reviewed the strategic pla… Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The plan which aligns with the City’s Strategic Priorities was created with community and Library staff feedback. Although the Libraries are not an academic college and do not provide credit instruction to the extent of a . Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has used this strategic planning process to develop a dynamic roadmap for creating positive change – change for individuals, change for our […] Gardner shares four additional reasons that strategic planning is important in small libraries: 1. It changes over time. You will be guided through the creation of a step-by-step framework for a basic strategic plan that can be readily implemented, revisited, and revised according to your library’s needs. ANYTHINK STRATEGIC PLAN 2018-2022 OUR VISION: Anythink is the catalyst for innovation in our community. Informed by the library’s vision, mission, values, and community aspirations, the strategic plan was approved by the Board of Library Trustees on November 26, 2019. Anythink 2.0 – Elevate and expand Anythink experiences, programs, products and services to support 21st century skills – creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking – through staff support and strategic partnerships. It is designed to position the Library as a responsive and relevant public service organization that is essential to the success of the community. The strategic plan had no fewer than twelve instances where the need for a liaison program was stated in recommendations [ 23 ] contributed by three of the six task forces: user education, collection development, and outreach. Anythink as Town Square – Anythink is a place where people come together for civic engagement, … Strategic Objectives Partners in Research The Library partners with faculty, students, and staff in research activities locally, nationally and internationally. 3. Our 2010-2012 strategic plan was built around this project and the resultant environment. The Anythink Town Square convenes on a district-wide and hyperlocal level, in spaces both physical and online. Strategic Plan Current Plan. And there must be actions; setting goals alone will not accomplish anything. Our library experts are embedded at critical points in the research lifecycle providing collections, information resources, innovative tools and services to support scholarly inquiry. The Bunker Hill Community College Library & Learning Commons (BHCC L & LC) 2012-2018 Strategic Plan is positioned within the framework of Bunker Hill Community College's (BHCC) mission, values and vision. It brings everyone to the table. Master Plan All previous long range plans for the library listed inadequate parking and insufficient physical space as the most compelling needs expressed by the community. In collaboration with faculty and other strategic partners, the Library provides immersive and transformative learning experiences by engaging in all aspects of the educational continuum, preparing students for a lifetime of learning and responsible leadership as informed global citizens. Older Strategic Plans. It reflects the creativity, needs and interests of the Gibbon community. The Gibbon Public Library Strategic Plan 2015-2018 is the combined effort of the Library Board, staff and community members. FY12-15. University Libraries Strategic Plan, 2014-2019 Page of 46 Older Strategic Plans. In May 2012, at the annual meeting of the Boston Public Library’s Board of Trustees, a version of the strategic plan was published that includes the principles for excellence, the full text of the strategic plan, profiles of community members, a summary of the planning process, examples of outreach, and a range of supporting documents. Strategy 1: Assess current activities and impact of the libraries’ digitization effort Strategy 2: Develop a strategic plan for library digitization View the full Anythink Strategic Plan here. This strategic plan, Enriching the Library Experience, is our roadmap to expanding the Library's reach and deepening our impact, thus fulfilling our mission to engage, inspire, and inform our users. Vision: To empower every voice in our community Mission: We share the information, services, and opportunities that fulfill Oak Park’s aspirations. The Bunker Hill Community College Library & Learning Commons. Strategic Plan FY18-22 Our Vision for the Future. VISION STATEMENT The Falmouth Public Library – where […] Mission, Collection and Strategic Plan 2012-2018. The more space you have, the more flexibility to add tables and chairs for study groups, computer stations for Internet research, photocopy machines and a meeting room for lectures. © 2019 Infopeople. Strategic planning is a great opportunity to involve both. Throughout 2017, our community has engaged with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) to help prepare a strategic plan that will guide the Library over the next five years (2018-2022). Woodstock Public library Strategic Plan 2018–2023. Plans for Public Libraries Templates. Cover of State Library NSW Strategic Plan 2019-23 In July 2019, the State Library NSW launched its Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 . Booth Library’s strategic plan incorporates our existing strength as the center and heart of campus with a forwardthinking strategy for establishing the most comprehensively excellent, collaborative, diverse, and inclusive library services, resources, and staffing that EIU students and scholars deserve A list of simple strategic plan examples in PDF are available for you to download in this post. We crafted five Strategic Directions to guide CHPL, with Objectives and Tactics to reach our goals. Over the next three years, we will also take on a major renovation project that will transform our interior spaces on th… He will then assign a strategic planning consultant to your library for the duration of the process. Infopeople instructor Lana Gardner says,  “In smaller libraries resources are limited. Enrich The Iowa City Public Library contributes to the quality of life in Iowa City by offering opportunities to explore diverse ideas, to exercise imagination, and to express creativity. Curbside services are available at all Anythink locations during special hours. I can't wait to see the many thousands of sparks we ignite. It is designed to position the Library as a responsive and relevant public service organization that is essential to the success of the community. Trustee Bylaws. The library is here to serve our community. If you have a staff of 4-5, you have to be realistic. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If small portions of this toolkit are reproduced and redistributed, please credit United for Libraries in writing. About 30,000 children participate in the Sonoma County Library’s services and programs each year, and a key goal of our strategic plan includes supporting education by linking library classes and events to the K-12 school curriculum and creating opportunities for cooperative services with local school districts. Family Place builds on the knowledge that good health, early learning, parent involvement, and supportive communities play a critical role in … Both available from the Commission's professional materials collection, or from your regional System office. This Strategic Plan is intended to be a living document, providing a continuing touchstone for staff yet flexible enough to change as our city evolves. Plans for Public Libraries Templates. Change ). In order to market an organization well, it’s important to understand who the competition is and make a competitor analysis part of strategic planning . ( Log Out /  Download the one-page Strategic Plan overview (PDF). It is a safe space where access to information is free and discovery, participation, and dialogue are encouraged. Trustee Bylaws. The agency's strategy will come to life in the Directional Plans that organizational units will develop to identify and prioritize key initiatives. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 2018-2023 Strategic Plan In order to align with the vision and values of the University of Washington, the UW Libraries will pursue strategies and initiatives that support the evolving needs of our user communities.
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