I suspect then issue could be with display cable which is between logic board and the display. I just put some ice behind the lid and it started disappearing much faster than when I put my macbook over ice-cooled surface. After that, I will take a step. Getting worse and worse every day. Either the vents got blocked, or you are a heavy graphics user. Either the fans have failed or the vents have be blocked so the system is staved of fresh cool air or the exhaust vents in the back are blocked by bedding. Sadly if cleaning doesn’t solve things you’ll need to replace the display assembly. This seems to be either torn display flex cable or Components out of specs due to age or thermal cycle. @iknowright what's the update as of now, is it getting worse? Apple only knows how take money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6FficHt... At least in my case, these lines only appear after a while (~30 min or more). Prior to installing 10.4.7, my MacBook had worked solidly for weeks without any sudden shutdowns or screen of vertical lines issues. I am also from Brazil and I am having the same issue with my MacBook Pro 2017 Touch Bar. I noticed that it goes away on clamshell mode when i'm using an external monitor but it takes quite a long time to disappear. Thread starter ... migrate from a back up. Think of it this way... What is the difference between analog TV signals and the newer Digital TV signals over the air. It's known as the black screen of death. Hey, it's been five months since you reported this issue. Well, in my case the problem solved itself (knock on wood). I think the problem caused by loose connection of display to logic board due to heat issues as mentioned by Dan. I’ve been having the lines at the bottom of the screen everyday after I use my MBP 15” mid 2016 after a few minutes. The second issue which is the issue in this question is an issue with the T-CON board. Mohamed Attia I’ve been using it again for another month now and these lines has began to appear again. I thought my laptop model was not included but it is. Macbook Pro 2017 - I have a 13-inch model. If you're experiencing an issue with your battery, your Mac notebook might not require a repair. Caso positivo, poderia me dar uma dica de como resolveu esse caso? Diagnosing Hardware vs Software Problem Try connecting the Macbook to an external monitor. And i’m out of warranty. After awhile it even started booting up with horizontal lines on the screen with the apple logo and that was usually the indicator that it wasn't going to boot into the login screen. Sorry for late reply Jason, here is the apple forum thread I had read through: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/783... UPDATE: It's now known as a T-CON board issue. You need to schedule in Apple site: https://getsupport.apple.com/. Also make sure your rear area is clear of any blockage as well. I have same horizontal lines issue. Eventually, I contacted to Apple support and explain the issues. It did not prevent the problem to appear either. Mac screen flickering can be caused by different issues. He can't promise it could be repaired under the program. @mrman. Please share your feedback if you try same. Since the past 3 months I have been observing horizontal flickering lines appear on my MacBook Pro 13 inch with Touch Bar (2017 model). In 2017, the iPhone X was released - the first Apple smartphone with a distinctive notch in the display. i’m currently having the same problem. I am unable to manage repair cost on the other side i am just stuck on my iOS development. As mentioned above, the vertical lines on monitor can be related to the incorrect video cable connection. @luissanchezato, Same problem here. I also got them to change keyboard (+ battery) and logic board. I've tried to reinstall the OS but it doesn't show an available disk -.- and it also wants to reinstall Sierra and not Mojave. My Surface Pro 4 has started flickering. At least they won't get damaged in such a short time. If you are just getting the static lines you want to make sure you get your system cleaned and reduce the processing load. Otherwise, you can take it anywhere you wish, but I … ICanFilmThat. They need to know that there are already a lot of units affected. The older analog had display artifacts depending on which way the antenna was aimed and the direction of the broadcast antenna was located. just above the heat fins of the heat sink the fan blows the air across to cool the system. The only thing different that I did was to ditch the external monitor. Even though my mac is 4 yrs old. With digital signals you either get the signal or you don't and if its interrupted you get a checkered board effect. The only thing different that I did that I can think of is that I built a new PC so the external monitor I used to plug to my macbook is now being used on the new machine. I was wonder when he said that he knew about horizontal line display issue.He also said that many users have complained about display issue. Resetting SMC ensures that any corrupt information it has is erased, and the configurations are set to default. I’ll bring my Macbook (2017, no TB) to the Genius Bar as soon as Apple Stores reopen here in Lombardy. The design of this series places part of the displays logic within the main case placed just above the heat transfer fins of the heat sink. Victor Emmanuel Baylosis. Looks like you also have the same problem as black bar at the bottom screen! I chose not to have the screen replaced as I’m not fully confident this is a display problem. Nishant - Your T-CON board has failed! Once, I have not used my machine for two days and I started using it in a very hot day (over 30ºC), and the problem took a long time to start appearing. I highly doubt is a software problem. So it seems to me that temperature alone doesn't explain the whole situation. Fast forward six months and the problem is back. Im from brazil too. I have solution, you can try to install fan mac control. Ventilation seems to be working just fine and I can hear the fans kicking in during intensive tasks. I hope Apple acknowledges this problem and creates a service/recall or extended warranty program. Watching any videos, for instance, will trigger the problem after a while. My macbook 2017 started presenting the same issue a week ago. You’ll need to see if Apple will cover it under an extended warranty exception! @cinnamontoast. So when the system is running hard the heat can boil up cooking the T-CON board. But i got everything for free, so no charges. Permanent and Cheap Fix. In early April, Apple and Qualcomm entered into a settlement agreement, thus ending a multi-year standoff. You'll need a new display assembly to get this fixed, @Dan Buddy The display assembly is 650$ and a refurbished one costs 500$, August 18 by I think this is Apple's chronic problem. This could also be indicator of an issue with the panel of the display. When it gets over heated it looses its clocking so the horizontal & vertical raster of the LCD signals gets messed up which is why you see the black & grey lines on either the top or bottom of the screen. Thank you. Well, strangely enough the lines on my macbook pro didn’t appear in the past few days, even with very heavy usage. I've seen two with this problem and both needed new screens luckily they were under AppleCare+. Battery service. Like everyone else’s experience, letting the computer cool down will relieve the issue temporarily. Here are the ways to fix horizontal and vertical lines on laptop screen on any laptop like HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Acer etc. Apparently, the up arrow is not working properly. The fans began spinning incredibly fast and the underside of the macbook felt really hot. max.hopkins1997. No solutions found as far as a replaceable part that fails, they blame it on quality. I didnt have any fault, i just complaied so I can get another new battery hehe. 2 months after the end of the warranty. I also got them to change keyboard (+ battery) and logic board. SOLVED: As I mentioned above, my MacBook Pro 2017 13” had the same issue. I took it to them a while back due to the same problem, and they told me that I have somehow damaged the screen and it had to be replaced but the problem is thermal load or heat as you have mentioned, try getting the top case replaced, they have a program going that is free and might resolve your issue. How did you convince them that it is backlight problem?? The lines might appear after some time using it, but this will depend on what type of task you are doing. If your MacBook Pro was previously charging, make sure the plug wasn’t suddenly yanked out of the wall or that anyone tripped over the cord. They disappear once the laptop lid is closed for a while and then re-opened. Gustavo, Your T-CON board is likely overheating. Sadly it doesn’t cover the T-CON issues. Simon Hausdorf. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. Here is what you can do if your Mac screen is flashing or flickering: Screen flickering issue, fixes. 6 months out of warranty. I'm pretty sure Dan's answer was the best since from what I found, it has nothing to do with any cabling in the display but rather some layer in the screen itself. Accessibility, 13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program. Check the video cables. Since the issue was a come and go thing, at the time of presentation my screen appeared fine other than the horizontal line that was at the bottom of screen. What is the T-CON and where is it located? 06/07/2019 by I’m almost sure you already experienced sticky keys on your keyboard or double typing of some keys, if you didn’t it will happen soon, and i think they will only repair it within 4 years from the purchase date (btw i bought my Macbook pro second handed in Malaysia and i don’t have the proof of purchase but it was serviced without problems in Portugal). NISHANT KESWANI. These horizontal, thin, black lines appear across the whole width of the screen from the base to about 1.5 cm above the base. Thats when a defect is found beyond the normal warranty period. Same here :’(( macbook pro touchbar 2017. There are Apple Store in my country. Apple replaced the screen for free, I just updated to Catalina, my MBP started to has some thermal issues management, I am worried about habiendo the same problem with the screen. My device is MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2017 with Touch Bar. my first step would be to order the correct screw driver kit to take off the bottom plate to access the motherboard (usually $3–$20). This is also happing on my 2 friends MBPs - a Retina 13” and a 15”. My problem was solve, Apple in LatinAmerica change the entire screen for free, BTW, the problem appears to be related to a heat dissipation issue, since then I have been always using Macs fan control, it is for free, my MacBook is always cool (no more than 50C any sensor), hopefully I will no have the same issue. It got worse, but I have been reckless lately and kept using it even after the gray lines were strong. On the program they put just the 2016. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Same issue, anyone have any luck with the trade-in program? You have entered an incorrect email address! Has anyone started a petition?? Ask the authorized Apple center for a warranty exception I think they will give it to you. Got the same issue out of warranty, my job got stuck bc of it please suggest what we all can do by the way i already filed a consumer complaint here in India hoping to see if any help comes from there or will to argue with the poor support people who doesn't have part in this at all. Is there any solution to fix it? There are several steps you can perform to resolve screen flickering issues on a Mac. As well as the lower resolution of my external monitor which has a lighter load on the iGPU. I could have tried same but because of lockdown I can't. They wrote that it was repaired under "Apple Quality Program" I already edited my answer here :) so maybe is good news for everybody with this problem, 07/15/2019 by (Note: my project location was desktop in my case) git fetch --all git reset --hard origin/master git reset --hard origin/ then i found my macbook got freeze for seconds & start displaying those Horizontal lines. I am back with another article. GEMWON is committed to wholesale cheap laptop replacement parts for MacBook, helping you save a lot of MacBook screen repair costs. Two and a half months later, the problem persists. The second is when you see the discreet scan lines these are caused by the T-CON board failing from the heat from the heat sink fins boiling up cooking it. View 1 Replies View Related Intel Mac :: Screen Has Developed Multicoloured Horizontal Lines In Random Spots Across Screen Apr 29, 2012 I think you can get is fixed under extended warranty! 17. Same problem for me, mostly happens when MacBook is heating up. My MacBook Pro 2011 is having an issue where when I turn it on, there will be faint red horizontal lines all over the screen. Please stop making people helpless by commenting about "T-CON Board" problem please this is a serious concern i don't think you even own a macbook that was affected by this. This is so disappointing :(. Technician's Assistant: Have you tried a PRAM reset on your MacBook Pro (rebooting and holding down Command, Option, P, and R)? I am waiting for diagnosis report. If you are just getting the static lines you want to make sure you get your system cleaned and reduce the processing load. After 1 month there are small thin horizontal lines appear on my macbook pro screen. It’s unethical, but that never stopped Apple before. 07/14/2019 by So when the system is running hard the heat can boil up cooking the T-CON board. Not yet. I did not yet had the chance to exchange my display using the coating program. The horizontal or vertical lines on the MacBook screen are related to … If you are just getting the static lines you want to make sure you get your system cleaned and reduce the processing load. Annoyingly I purchased Dec 2016 so my Apple Care policy ran out just over 3 months ago at the end of Dec 2019. Thank you I have tried every possible thing nothing worked, I literally had to give my mac away to some guy who later used it for spares, all I got was 50$… Apple will never claim responsibility its been 3 years since the product came out and I dont thing if they havent agreed until now they will. That’s why so many people are nervous about how much does it cost to replace a MacBook screen at the Apple Store in … Junaid Anjum. Today when the lines appeared I placed my macbook in front of an AC unit and the lines faded slowly, so the problem is most likely heat related. Happening on my MacBook 15” Retina mid 2016 and when i stopped using it for a few weeks when i went on vacation, when i returned the problem did not appear for a few days. @gioguidi. Apple has a Quality Program for the 2016 models but not 2017. There is still more heat that sits around the CPU & GPU chips and just a few mm's is the T-CON board!
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