C.N. — Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. 4. “What dawg see him bark all night, ramgoat see it too but it nuh trouble him.” Translated: What the dog sees that malkes him bark all night is also seen by the ramgoat, but it doesn’t trouble him. This website (JacquelineDIfield.com) is the property of Jacqueline D. Ifield - 艾佳琳 Copyright © 2020 Jacqueline D. Ifield All Rights Reserved.Contents of this website may not be downloaded, screenshot, embedded, recorded nor reproduced for non-commercial or commercial purposes without expressed written authority by me. 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Powder milk (AKA Klim) and a potted meat sandwich for lunch was dandy. 5 Belizean Proverbs that’ll cause a smile & ponder… 1. “Wen cak-roach mek dance, e’ no invite fowl”. Fax: 501-227-2423 Young, 1988 - Belize - 37 pages. Read more. ... accepting life, and making the inspired decisions that change the horizons of their life. These include Akan, Igbo, and Twi. I put together some questions and answers which can possible help you learn about COVID-19 and fight it. A beautiful funeral does not necessarily lead to paradise. However, this is a corruption which occurred as the meaning of the word gumbeh faded from the language. (Belize).”2 All that was needed to silence the nay-sayers completely was a dictionary, and with this publication that need is met at last. Mouth can say anything. Creole Proverbs of Belize on Amazon.com. I identify as a Creole person. Every country has fables, some have more than others. YO BORRO MONI, IE MEK ENEMI. Got the same from btb in an email. 7. Stick bruk ina yuh ears? This list was made with the Guyanese community in mind—yes, even the self-loathing ones who refuse to identify as such—for the ease of communication with relatives this holiday season. Here is a list of Belize Creole proverbs or Kriol praverbs, as we say in Belize, that I have gathered. Yuh cuda lie suga outta bun. Meaning : Children bring happiness and comfort to the less fortunate. jQuery(document).ready(function() { var id_object_id_0 = '[{\"id\":\"44\",\"type\":\"link\",\"object_id\":\"603626016325100_3690993360921668\",\"from\":\"603626016325100\",\"story\":\"Belize Tourism Board is sharing a COVID-19 Update.\",\"place\":null,\"message_tags\":null,\"with_tags\":null,\"story_tags\":[{\"id\":\"603626016325100\",\"name\":\"Belize Tourism Board\",\"type\":\"page\",\"offset\":0,\"length\":20}],\"comments\":{\"data\":[{\"created_time\":\"2020-11-29T02:43:25+0000\",\"from\":{\"name\":\"Denver Willson-Rymer\",\"id\":\"3335973499844594\"},\"like_count\":0,\"message\":\"Thanks. If dah nuh suh, dah naily suh. Share in the cultural uniqueness of Belize! ~ Belizean Proverb; The higher a monkey climbs, the more butt he’ll show. In this post I translate Who, What, When, Where, Why and How into Kriol. The joyous winter holidays are upon us, meaning plenty of interaction with family members and all of their personal and cultural quirks. EnglishTranslation: “Fisherman never says his fish is stink.”. Belizeans are proud of her and her growing list of accomplishments. Di dauka di berry, di sweeta di juice. Meaning: To tell alot of lies. (Belizean Proverb) Don't hang your hat higher than you can reach. Meaning… Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach. Be sure that the candle is lit before you throw away the match. Praverbs is also the Kriol word for proverbs in English. By “standard,” I mean that I use the Kriol spellings provided in the Kriol-Inglish Dikshineri – English-Kriol Dictionary. It was done for various reasons but the most important was to ready Belizeans for an independent Belize. When a tree is bent you cannot straighten it. I believe Belize Kriol to be the most widely used of all the many languages spoken in Belize. I use the term “Belize Creole” here to distinguish Belize’s creole from others throughout the world. By and large Belize Kriol is a spoken language, most modern speakers would be hard pressed to read it fluidly. The Creolization of Belize involved the relations of slaves and their European masters, resulting in a culture which eventually left the Creole fully in charge of the majority. | Jacqueline D. Ifield - 艾佳琳 | Marketing And Business Management Designer, Don’t Hate Negative Reviews, Use Them To Improve, Jacqueline D Ifield Belize Creole Bileez Kriol, Jacqueline D Ifield Make Life Happen Diary, Jacqueline D Ifield Music / Music Video Review. Meaning: If you are in a sheltered situation, you don’t know what hardship is. Belize City, Belize With everything, from personal reflection to life-changing cautions, the cultural mixtures of Belize are uniquely depicted through “Kriol” (Creole) terminologies.
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