Of course- which drink you’ll want to pair your oysters with is a completely different story (Bloody Mary, anyone?)! Types of oysters While oysters come in all sorts of varieties, there are only five species of oysters in the U.S. Here’s the rundown on their origin, qualities + locations: Atlantic/Eastern | East Coast + Gulf of Mexico Origin: Native to North America; originated in late … Before you and your friends or family make a trip down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you should especially look forward to one thing: OYSTERS! Unlike many other oyster species, these have a very pale colored muscle scar. This particular type of oyster has an important environmental value. Akoya Pearl Oyster. For example, some gear is best handled by at least two indi-viduals. Our newest fis, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Philadelphia Country Club, Chef Fritz Gitschner. Like all oysters, Crassostrea virginica is a bivalve mollusk with a hard calcium-carbonaceous shell, which protects it from predation. [Japanese Oyster, Miyagi Oyster, Kumamoto Oyster, Crassostrea gigas] Native to the coasts of Japan, Korea and China, the Pacific Oysters grown on the U.S. West Coast were brought from Japan in 1912. New England Oysters are one of the most popular Oysters among East Coast lovers. Although these oysters belong to the same family that the European flats do, they are still the smallest of all the species, and their average diameter ranges somewhere between the size of a quarter and a nickel. To distinguish them in the marketplace, oysters are typically named for their place of origin. Unlike most of their cousin oysters, the Belons or European Flat oysters have really flat shells, round shapes, and less defined cups. They are members of the Ostreidae family and are commonly found in shallow waters and a number of oceans around the world. Then Bluepoints and Wellfleets and Totten Inlets started showing up on menus and at fish counters. They also do have a savory finish and a crisp texture, which has helped them gain quite a following in the culinary market. These are the best we can get from the Gulf and come in a 30 pound box of approximately 60 to 100+ oysters depending on their size. Some of their other common names include Wellfleet oyster and Virginia oyster. We guarantee a 30 pound box but not the count of oysters due to the size fluctuations. They sport round and small green-colored tumbled shells, and they have creamy meats, coupled with a mild briny flavor and a honeydew-like finish. A Single Oyster Can Filter Up to 50 Gallons of Water a Day. But if the call of the wild is what you’re after, consider harvesting your own. Pearl oysters are a different species thats closer related to clams. These large to jumbo Oysters can be enjoyed raw on the half shell, but the most popular way to serve these babies are grilled, fried, or roasted. However, they ended up giving up and ending their short-lived efforts because they didn’t see any substantial results. If you want to learn more about the different types, here’s what you need to know. They are generally very large in size and contain a slightly briny and metallic kind of a flavor. Chesapeake Oysters grow in a very large bay area so the flavor profiles can vary depending on where they are grown. They are also comparatively very small in size and manage to reach a maximum size of only 60mm. But, after ten years, these particular oysters began to grow rapidly along the Maine coast in a variety of the river beds. Try o, As the weather continues to get colder, pelagic pr, It’s #ThankfulThursday, so we want to give a sho, Shoutout to our current Employee of the Month, Bri, Join us in wishing Chef Tony Clark a happy birthda, One of our purchasers, Tyler (@fishy_runner) makin, Times are strange, and many people are looking to, It's #ThankfulThursday and we're feeling thankful, Check out the link in our bio to the new release o, Look familiar? Other researchers carried out further analysis on this proposition and compared their DNA sequences, only to conclude that these two species indeed are separate from one another. More commonly known as the “European Flat oysters”, Belon oysters have originated from Europe and true “belongs” are believed to come from the Belon River estuary located in Brittany. One can only imagine how much water a whole bed of oysters cleans every single day! They grow to an average size of 2 1/2 “and consist of a very delicate flavor profile that is coupled with a sweet finish and mild saltiness. Author information: (1)Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University, College Station 77843. Spawning causes them to become fatty, watery, soft, and less flavorful. After all, this is the land that invented Oysters Rockefeller, Po’ Boys, Barbecued Oysters, and myriad other oyster concoctions. John Burke / Getty Images. These species are also known as “Auckland Oysters” and “New Zealand Oysters” which clearly shows that they are native to New Zealand and Australia. They are great Oysters to get if you want to start introducing Oysters on your menu. How can that be? So no matter what your clientele is or which recipe you plan on presenting to your guests, the selection of your Oyster is always important. This type of shellfish is present in such large numbers that the annual commercial yield in the Gulf exceeds that of the South and mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake Bay, and New England regions combined. Pacific (or Japanese) oysters tend to be meatier and creamier. Now a new type of oyster is flourishing in the Persian Gulf -- the edible kind.
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