Sophie grabbed a napkin from the front counter and wiped her forehead. That would’ve been more than scandalous. “I promise I will find your genetic parents and make this whole mess disappear.”“Ooooooooooh, you were so close.” Ro stated.Honestly, Sophie kind of agreed. Unique Sophie Foster Stickers designed and sold by artists. Ask. :) Hope you both enjoy! She’s probably getting pretty buff from all that training she’s been doing tbh. Share. I can totally see Fitz trying to write his own fantasy story, and Sophie would be such a big support of that! The eye on the right is green; the eye on the left is half green and half hazel, split down the middle.]. I love them. Two pranking buddies work together to get revenge. xD But like, at first, I like both Keefe and Sophie. (Pg.19) 2. “Thinking, eh?” Fitz tried to stand up from the chair smoothly, but an awkward screeching noise came from it. THE. "He was probably fifteen and by far the cutest boy she'd ever seen." "If I may offer some advice Miss Foster, Mr Vacker will be even madder if you don't tell him until later than if you just come clean now" Sandors voice came from the shadows. After getting over Sophie, he began liking Biana. But did they really defeat them? fitz: well, you deserved it. So yeah, to summarize: Fitz brings out the jock in Sophie, and Sophie brings out the nerd in Fitz, and they’re the best. “But you haven’t got a chance.”. When they returned to their houses that night, they grabbed snacks, ran to their rooms, and curled up with their books. Fitz was the elf that found her and showe… Keefe Sencen has been heartbroken. by Awesome_Girl_279 Follow. It had been a long day of coffee serving, but it would be over soon. Or, Fitz is an evil, abusive prick, I'm evil, life sucks, and I am mad that no one's punched Cassius Sencen yet. Probably a romance too. In this setting, Sophie has been declared matchable and is in a relationship with Fitz Vacker. Favorite Projects. Sophie is very loyal and smart. (HEED. However, If you just want to wallow in tears and sorrow and love on some perfectly wonderful characters while watching others get completely destroyed, this is the fic for you. “Well. The eye on the right is green; the eye on the left is half green and half hazel, split down the middle.] Sophie Elizabeth Foster was in love, in the beginning. Read the first chapter, the encounter with Keefe here. here’s the pages from the fitz short story, it is so cute, and i am a sokeefe shipper and i still love it . and development. Like, Keefe calls Sophie ‘Foster’ or the ‘Mysterious Miss F’ and I feel like Biana, who is totally Sophie’s best (female) friend, would have a nickname for her too. Son nom de code est le "Colibri Lunaire" ou "Le Colibri"élément clef du Projet Colibri, ses parents humains l'appelaient des fois choupine en pensant qu'elle essayait de dire son prénom étant petite mais en réalité elle disait "Suldreen" (colibri lunaire). There’s a line behind you.”. kotlcposts. my lil nerds! Since you obviously know me better—” she let out a long sigh— “you get to plan our next date.”, Fitz twisted his lips. Fitz Vacker saved Sophie Foster and Councillor Orallie from Everblaze. Disclaimer: This fic was started since before Flashback, so I will choose which parts of canon I will keep. 6 Sophie Foster first met the twins Tam and Linh in one of the Black Swan's hideouts. Sophitz or Fitzphie is the romantic pairing of Sophie and Fitz. keeper of the lost cities kotlc sophie foster fitz vacker shannon messenger keefe sencen team foster keefe biana vacker linh song tam song dex dizznee 5 notes Nov 27th, 2018 Open in app Keefe Sencen. The epilogue is heavily Sophie/Fitz, but all the preceding chapters are platonic, as the first book is. Sophie has in kid, Levi Vacker. Fitz_Vacker hasn't favorited any projects . Read the second chapter, the afterward conversation with Ro, here. 79 Pages. Apparently, everyone’s solution was a queen. keefe: bad news- I locked the keys in the building. “You can wait there for your order.”, He considered her for a moment, and a sparkle came into his eye. Genuinely don't know why I'm doing this lol. Sophie immediately sprinted for the epics section, scanning the shelves intently. “Okay. He had been Sophie’s first friend, and now he was hers forever. Young Jolie Vacker is not normal. ~~~Aka, Linh Song is Aro/Ace and needs a lot of hecking love, how she made it to the end of the war with the Neverseen, and why Biana started a support group. Ships Fitz+ Sophie, Biana+ Tam, Biana+ Dex, Alvar+?? “What is it, dear?”, Sophie opened her eyes and sat up, blushing. Shared Projects (8) View all. Work Search: It takes place about six years after Sophie came to the Lost Cities, making her about 18. “Try me.”. “Ah, I’ll take a cappuccino.”. It’s a talent she’s never known how to explain. Quote. My brother is @Fitz___Vacker My dad is @Alden___Vacker My mom is @Della__Vacker Sophie is @-SophieFoster-Featured Project. I was even kinda Sophitz back then. Estel knew she was different with her weird name and high IQ but she didn't expect this, Estel somehow fell into KOTLC and has more connections to elves then she thought, Big mess of feelings that make Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe question their sexuality. In which Dex goes solo, but does it count as going solo if you were never an official member of the band? @fanartofthelostcities aww, thank you Zoe <3, I actually almost look my age in this photo, but also I just couldn't do enough. He's been facing the pain of being unnoticed, his friends never realizing his plight. She’d teach him some humility, that’s for sure. @bronte-deserves-better came up with an AU where he’s Fintan’s older brother, actually!. Shared Projects (8) View all. oops, Currently writing: Fitzphie coffee shop AU/Meme summary 2. Or, the first of the two times Sofitz broke up, and how Sophie reacted. Or, Fitz is an evil, abusive prick, I'm evil, life sucks, and I am mad that no one's punched Cassius Sencen yet. This list is organized by category and then length, longest to shortest. They're all famous too. “I think you know me better than you think. “You know what happens now!”, Sophie faceplanted on his shoulder. [Photo of Sophie and Fitz with a line drawn between them, connecting them to a photo of me, family-tree style.] tags: guilt, keeper-of-the-lost-cities, kotlc, sophie-foster. [A zoomed in photo of my eyes, since the first photo has bad lighting. Most elves have different takes on blue eyes. 2 notes. Text. It has been previously mentioned that I, as a fangirl, would greatly enjoy punching Cassius Sencen in the face. Filter by post type. She asks if she'll ever se… This is the second chapter of a (so far) three-part piece that is set in the future of KotLC. He blushed, but continued making his way over to Sophie. Fitzroy Avery Vacker (Fitz) Pronunciation: Fits Vack-er Aliases: Fitz, Fitzy, Wonderboy, Fitzter Quick Relation to Sophie: Friend/Love Interest Gender: Male Eye Color: Teal Hair Color: Dark Brown Bio: Fitz is the golden boy from the famously important family who spent years secretly helping his dad search for Sophie in the human world. Here to provide your dose of Fitzphie | SFW | Content mod on the KotLC wiki | Header credit @suldreen-saga. If you literally just want Sophie beating up Cassius for saying awful things to/about Keefe, this is for you. Sophie and Fitz have developed a bond so strong they are capable of transmittingthoughts to one another from great distances. If Only “What the King Says Goes” was a Reality... Fitzphie and Dexiana are mostly background, Dex Dizznee & Sophie Foster & Biana Vacker, I pushed my alden sucks agenda in this one, Sophie Foster & Fitz Vacker & Biana Vacker & Keefe Sencen, Sophie Foster & Grady Ruewen & Edaline Ruewen, pretty much any character from a big scene in the first book. All posts. Fitz struck Sophie as very cute at first, and the two now have a strong bond. I’m honored to be considered the “resident fitzphie shipper.” I love them just a lil bit /s <3). However, they "break up" in Legacy. Studios I'm Following View all. Rated: Fiction T - English - Mystery/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - … All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Sophie has liked Fitz since book 1, while Biana mentions Fitz had liked Sophie since Neverseen. “Oh, right.” He ducked his head and hurried to the checkout area. And what of it?”, “It was the most fun I’ve had a long time.” Fitz tapped her forehead.
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