Love it..and easy to digest information with her. it is simple and clear. iii Preface This Handbook for Brunner & Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical- Surgical Nursing, 12th edition, is a comprehensive yet concise clinical reference designed for use by nursing students and pro-fessionals. Q: I'm researching about medical surgical nursing online and want to know what the medical surgical nurse certification entails? August 2020 for Respiratory Assessment (Nursing), By Behzad R. on 23. The Medical Surgical Nursing Certification Review Focused CE Series is a comprehensive learning experience that provides an extensive review of the medical surgical board certification exam. Well organized and repetitive for easy consolidation, she is quite clear... and engaging as well... a good refresher for a&p. Medical-Surgical Nursing - Binder Ready . Can’t thank her enough. Medical-Surgical Nursing 1 - Free ebook download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Such a fantastic teacher, the way she condensed such complex topics and makes it so much easier to understand. The notes were very precise, this made them readily understood. Thank you so much for breaking this all down. Thanks, Content is simple and concise. can't wait for more of these videos Of course, this will vary depending on … Enjoy your full access to all video lectures, quiz questions, articles and the board-style Qbank for the next 24 hours FOR FREE. I love to watch and listen to Rounda’s lectures this lecture was easy to follow and informative. I always watch your videos before i study that topic from the book. She is a great teacher! Registered nurses, including experienced medical-surgical nurses, nurse educators, ambulatory care and specialty care nurses, nurses in transition to new units and work settings and nurses re-entering the nursing profession. The way Rhonda deliver the content is just awesome! The quizzes at the end of each lesson serves to cement the vital information covered in the lectures. I like Rhonda's style of lecturing, I find it encouraging, very clear, easy to follow and interesting. I love the pace and flow of the lectures... great diagrams and very clear presentation... great addition to the study plan! its well explained and the time taken to explain is good.. Describe specific, measurable changes in which lecture content can be applied to nursing practice. I'm talking about the info and details other than that This is a great site to help reinforce the knowledge you already know and it’s a tool for teaching subjects you don’t know. She is the best. A record of contact hours earned will be in your account for six years. Lectures are very well structured. Medical-Surgical Nursing . March 2020 for Medical-Surgical Nursing (Med-Surg) (release in progress), By Adam W. on 10. Five stars. I like her humour ???????????????? Publish Date: June 1, 2018. I enjoyed it very much but there always seem to be more long hard words. In this course, Rhonda Lawes will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of medical-surgical nursing . September 2020 for Bronchospasm (Nursing), By Leslie B. on 26. Thank you for going over this slowly. And as for the USA, it is the single largest nursing specialty practicing in the country. For that we provide Free Med Surg Nursing Practice Exam 2020 real test. I'm not able to give you any improvement ideas as I just stared using Lecturio and find it very good. This course will expire June 1, 2021. Using a unique collaborative care approach to adult health nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, 8th Edition covers the essential knowledge you need to succeed at the RN level of practice.Easy-to-read content includes evidence-based treatment guidelines, an enhanced focus on QSEN competencies, and an emphasis on developing clinical judgment skills. Better than what nursing school taught me. October 2020 for Obstructive Respiratory Disorders (Nursing), By Cecilia R. on 27. nursing interventions that enhance patient safety. She is genius. Rhonda..she is awesome at lecturing. August 2020 for Chronic Bronchitis (Nursing), By Byron R. on 03. This is the Best explanation on ABG I have ever seen so far. She is amaaaazing!! Please provide notes as well so that we revise our topic in brief as well. Thank you Rhonda, this course was very helpful! We discuss in these Free Examination for Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) Test … With this innovative online course, we will cover all the major topic areas included in the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board and the American Nurses Credentialing Center Medical-Surgical certification exams. Love, love love her! Simple and well illustrated lectures. She explains it in a very easy way to understand. Oct 2020. Rhonda is an awesome lecturer..easy to digest information with her. September 2020 for Liver Cirrhosis (Nursing) (quiz coming soon), By Mark M. on 23. Professor Lawes is wonderful. It's simple and easy to understand! November 2020 for Classification of Spinal Cord Injuries (Nursing), By Maheen Y. on 19. I am likely to review several of the lectures again because they were particularly helpful to my practice. This online NCLEX review course presents core content discussion on medical-surgical nursing. June 2020 for Complete Blood Count (CBC) (Nursing), By Jason W. on 07. Medical Surgical Nursing CEU Courses CNE topics in medical surgical nursing focus on a myriad of topics, given the broad specialty of med surg nursing. Rating: 0%. MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING COURSE. Explained the process very well! April 2020 for Neurological Assessment (Nursing), By kelly h. on 29. I especially liked when the lecturer posed the question and gave us the option of pausing the video to think and answer it. This site teach easy way to understand from basic things. Great content. I really like it and I hope you open all the lectures July 2020 for Neurological Assessment (Nursing), By Loise W. on 14. Provide exercises for applying your nursing knowledge. Topics are presented in an online format suited to adult learners with busy professional schedules. Your decision to earn a medical surgical nursing certification can also do a lot of good when planning to increase the level of your income. Special Price $144.00 $180.00. This is a perfect supplement and complement to my classwork. Oct 2020. and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME®). I liked the way that's you are giving the informations I really like the why presented super helpful. A: The medical-surgical nurse certification is offered by the American Nurses Credential Center. thank you so much solved my problem, I wasted 3.5 hours to find isbar format, I like it. I'm on my last semester of nursing and I really find the material easy to understand. Start your trial & get your free online nursing courses today. I love Rhonda Lawes!!!!!! This video discusses how to study for medical surgical nursing as a nursing student in nursing school. April 2020 for Spinal Cord Injuries and Syndromes (Nursing), By Leilani E. on 09. Add to … Topics that med surg nurses can typically find in med surg CEUs include patient restraints, complication prevention, UTIs and oral antibiotics, clotting disorders, and more. November 2020 for Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) (Nursing), By Kemi S. on 16. I'm medical student but I gained so much learning about nursing courses too since nursing is more of practicals. April 2020 for Collaborating with HCP: Initial Orders – COPD Nursing Care in ER, By Odunayo O. on 18. ", "I am a 'listening learner' so I appreciated the option to listen to the lectures, and I especially enjoyed when the speakers used personal experiences and case studies to help illustrate a point.". Nurses practicing under this title are concerned with the care of adult patients who are in a broad range of medical conditions. October 2020 for Complete Blood Count (CBC) (Nursing), By Maheen Y. on 29. I can able to understand easily. When I work in hospital as a nurse , I get a desire more intensive study. August 2020 for Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) (Nursing), By Asheber G. on 18. Learn online with high-yield video lectures by world-class professors &earn perfect scores. Pass the Med-Surg Certification Exam...The First Time Preparation for the exam has just become easier and more effective! Nursing Bullets for Medical-Surgical Nursing is the ultimate reviewer for the NCLEX.This contains 160 bits of information, all about the concepts of Medical-Surgical Nursing that are easy to digest. December 2020 for Complete Blood Count (CBC) (Nursing), By Jackie N. on 22. Great , it is very interesting and I like how it's been taught. She make things interesting and talking to me like l known her for so long. June 2020 for Spinal Cord Injuries and Syndromes (Nursing), By Klent P. on 03. Lecturio Premium gives you full access to all content and features. Medical-surgical nursing is a specialty with a distinct body of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are validated by CMSRN certification. Im so happy that I start use this app. USMLE™ is a joint program of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB®) It's very important to learn my about nursing practices in my job. October 2020 for Neurology Case Study: Nursing Care of Stroke Patient, By eman 1. on 11. I highly encourage everyone in nursing to keep watching these videos. A compilation of nursing notes of different disorders, their pathophysiology, and their management. Teaching style great. Very helpful. 3. As ESL student I really like how she break down the main points. I wish if we have more details Rhond Lawes Easy to understand. Apply evidence-based strategies to nursing assessment and interventions. She is able to transfer her knowledge very well. Going at my own pace and having materials to refer to were tantamount in my education. After completing offerings in this activity set, you will be better prepared to: "All of the instructors were very informative and explained the content well. Many nurses are encouraged to start their illustrious career in med-surg. Act as a patient advocate – consider patient safety as the top priority by supporting patients in knowing what is in their best interests. August 2020 for Neurological Assessment (Nursing), By s. on 31. Try now for free! Choose from key topics in medical-surgical nursing practice to craft your personal review. I really love Dr..Rhonda Lawes her voice is so calm and really knows what her lectures is..i wish she can handle more subjects on the nclex. Important ideas integrated and revisited throughout the presentation. My grades have become better.
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