I can see this range of positive and negative outcomes with my fierce independence, too. Join now. Professional – you act in ways that best represent and promote the company you work for. Asking friends, family or colleagues can be a useful way to learn what words others would use to describe you. Describe yourself in 50 words or less college essay >>> next page Roman author of essays on government morality and philosophy An argumentative essay is designed to allow the author make a claim and of good ideas that you could use for an argumentative essay. 12. So far, I would say it has been. Which of your words are ones that maybe only you think about yourself, words that would surprise other people to read? Here's the difference: Describe yourself And because the world is the world and everything is bite-sized and fast-paced, boil that down: describe yourself in 50 words or less. 14. I am both cerebral and intuitive, passionate and serene, open-minded and opinionated. Let’s look at different types of behavior and some words that describe them. Tell them how these words apply to your life and give an example that backs it up. 5. Alternatives: sophisticated, worldly, cultured, experienced. And I am certainly, depending on the moment, very often self-confident and very often insecure. The Joy Of A New Toy: Why Adults Need Fun Stuff, Too, “But I’m Not A Racist!” And Other Things We White Folks Need To Do Better, Dear Future Me: a letter to myself 25 years from now. Alternatives: considerate, attentive, courteous, compassionate. Always explain how you add value. The Shit Bin. Mature – you display behavior that shows you are a real grown up. Alternatives: collected, unflappable, poised, self-assured, level-headed. Yes, I think I will work on those. To describe yourself for a job interview, practice describing yourself positively and confidently in 2 to 3 sentences. 2. That is when I started digging harder: “Who am I REALLY?” My answers were revealing, more so than I would have guessed before I started the list. Caring – you like to make sure people are well looked after. Alerts caregiver when patient stop using the Fall Alert app. Required fields are marked *. Competent – you are skilled at a particular task or duty. Asking friends, family or colleagues can be a useful way to learn what words others would use to describe you. 51 Funny Ways To Describe Yourself. In the end, I think my biggest takeaway is that I am complex, that I don’t fit very well in any neat box, not even one of my own making. List of Words that Describe Behavior If you are making a list of words that describe behavior, you might sort them according to the different kinds of behavior. How much do you cling to the boxes you put people in? That adjective is hard won, and I am savoring it now. Much like the contradicting combinations, there are some of these qualities that have both positive and negative aspects, and I can see myself covering the full spectrum. 1. Alternatives: friendly, sociable, welcoming, cordial. Motivated – you have an inner drive to work hard, get the job done, and do well in your career. Committed – you are willing to stick at something and are prepared to stay in for the long haul. Chat Shit - Get Binned! When picking words to describe yourself, make sure they really reflect who you are as an individual and put you in the best light possible. I’m the fun friend with too much free time. This page contains affiliate links. All Your Polls. Fear of not being enough. Entrepreneurial – you enjoy business and are willing to take risks to make a success of yourself. Alternatives: fun-loving, mischievous, playful. 9. Alternatives: daring, thrill-seeker, free-spirited, intrepid, spontaneous. Alternatives: self-reliant, self-sufficient. 4. Moreover, when describing ourselves, we should approach our answers in an honest, candid manner and even though some answers are laid out below, always ensure that you phrase these in our own words as authenticity is important. Alternatives: inventive, imaginative, innovative, inspired, resourceful, unconventional. People behave differently at home than at work, and in the company of certain people. “The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote: Stink, Stank, Stunk!” –Dr. Alternatives: logical, inquisitive, detail-oriented, attentive. Articulate – you are able to communicate effectively. Gentle – you have a soft nature that seeks to get on with everyone. Message Board Support. Honest – you tell the truth, even when the truth is hard to say. You don’t wait around for things to happen; you make them happen. “If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be bad at following directions.” – Unknown “I give myself sometimes admirable advice, but I am incapable of taking it.” – Mary Wortley Montagu “I am not like other girls…I know exactly what I want for dinner. After all, if I am any indication, the opposite characteristic might be just as true for that person we have tried to trap in the box. Those journaling sessions have been invaluable, as I have used them to propel myself toward finishing a book and submitting it for lots of potential rejection. What you see is what you get. Alternatives: passionate, excited, willing. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to describe myself as brave!
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