Outside of the Antarctic, Russia serves up the coldest temperatures in the world. c.mns = sizeMnArray; !function (e, f, u) { e.async = 1; e.src = u; f.parentNode.insertBefore(e, f); }(document.createElement('script'),document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0],'//cdn.taboola.com/libtrc/aol-aol/loader.js'); What's cooler than being cool? The lowest temperature recorded in Yakutsk was −64.4 °C (−83.9 °F) on 5 February 1891 and the highest temperatures +38.4 °C (101.1 °F) on 17 July 2011 and +38.3 °C (100.9 °F) on 15 July 1942. var a = document.getElementById("state-indicator"); 500) in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic of Russia on 6 February 1933. // hmpg_ads.push(c); In fact, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Yakutsk was a bone-chilling minus 83 degrees. If you live in Yakutsk, Russia, just about everything. c.div = divId; Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. } Yellowknife, Canada, also has a case to make, as its residents sometimes claim the added wind chill makes the town's winters some of the most brutal ever recorded. The digital thermometer in the village was installed last year to appeal to tourists. Desde el punto de vista sinóptico, se realizó un estudio del día 18 de febrero de 1996, cuando se registraron temperaturas notablemente frías en la región occidental, y muy frías en el resto del país. For example, check out what happens when you toss boiling water into a minus 72-degree (minus 40 degrees Celsius) day. } AOL.isMobileSwipe = false; // required by dynamic-lede.js, isAutoRotateDisabled() modules: ['aol_module'], This is also the lowest temperature ever recorded outside Antarctica, making Oymyakon the coldest permanently inhabited place in the world. if (typeof AOL === "undefined") { Russia (EU part) holds the record low temperature at -58.1 °C. AOL.articleOverlayActive = false; maxWaitTime: 3000 YAKUTSK, RUSSIA. "Who knew that just stepping outside to grab a cab required such caution?". if (a.currentStyle) { if (sizeMnArray !== null && sizeMnArray[e] !== null && typeof(sizeMnArray[e]) !== "undefined" && sizeMnArray[e] !== "") { var myRapidInstance = new YAHOO.i13n.Rapid(rapidConfig); If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications: Over 7,000 Amazon reviewers give this migraine solution 5 stars, Field Company’s new limited-edition Dutch oven may just be the lightes…, This $6 kit has everything you need to travel safely, Forget the 30yr mortgage if you owe less than $726k (Do this instea…, How to pay off your house ASAP (So simple it's unbelievable), Congress Gives Veterans A Generous Mortgage Relief Program, Refinance rates at 2.34% APR (15yr). c.w = width; // Make sure the atwUAC object exists before putting your function on it } Ice and snow usually reflect incoming solar radiation. c.des = des; // always true? All rights reserved. How Much Money Are People REALLY Getting From Reverse Mortgages? window.adsDisableFileless && window.adsDisableFileless('text'); In Russia, Verkhoyansk was initially considered the coldest city in the world, and has the largest range of temperature on earth, at around 105° Celsius (189° Fahrenheit) between extremes. Ese día, en la estación meteorológica de Bainoa se registró el record nacional de 0.6°C. Russia is the coldest country in the world in terms of the coldest temperature ever recorded. nol: true, var yaftConf = { The two cities want to use tourism to boost their economy with attractions including reindeer sleigh rides and local cultural events. e.async = 1; The Siberian city of Yakutsk calls itself the coldest in the world, and with good reason. The city is full of history, with plenty of art galleries, theaters, and museums — including the Museum of Permafrost, dedicated to the icy-cold ground that serves as the town's foundation. Temperatures as low as -67.7 °C (-90 °F) were measured at Verkhoyansk, Russia on two days, February 5 and 7, 1892 and again at Oymyakon, Russia on February 6, 1933. However, as temperatures dwindled to -62C, the thermometer broke down because it … So why do so many people want to live in Yakutsk? window.Taboolalocale = "usa"; Chilly Record Cold Temperature −116.5 °F (−82.5 °C) Deep in Antarctica, there … Roger Pass at 1,710 meters is cold due its altitude and the occurrence of cold waves. return b While the province of Alberta sits further south than any of Canada’s three territories, it … Khabarovsk has a continental climate marked by cold and dry winters and warm and humid summers. Both Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon in the Sakha Republic have experienced the freezing cold temperature of −67.8 °C (−90.0 °F). 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