This product comes with many premium features that make it stand out from its competition. • Weight 9.8 pounds Best Electric Hedge Trimmer 1. It’s priced very competitively and offers every essential thing you need. It keeps your hands clear of twigs and leaves. It rotates 180-degrees so you can set your trimmer at the optimum position for precise cuts. It can be an excellent tool for beginners. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,494. And you can now trim the top of a tall hedge standing below it, unlike the Earthwise CPBVH43018. • 24-inch Dual Action Blade We carry Sun Joe, BLACK+DECKER, Martha Stewart Living and more. Best small electric hedge trimmer – BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 [18 inch 3.5 amp] The Black+Decker BEHT200 is a small electric hedge trimmer.However, do not let the size fool you to underestimate the power of this little guy. In addition, among the power choices (electric, gas, and battery), they are the least expensive investment in most cases.You may have some concerns about safety. BLACK+DECKER 3.3-Amp 24-in Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer. For those that are new to hedge trimming, we have included some information so that you can decide if electric is the right choice for you, along with some important safety tips for using these powerful machines.If you already know what you are looking for, jump right to our reviews of the top corded hedge trimmers, organized into the following categories so you can find the best choice for your property, budget and height requirements: Choosing the right electric hedge trimmer may not be a walk in the park as there are many important features that you need to have in your mind. At such an inexpensive price tag, it’s offering titanium-coated blades, a more powerful motor, and convenient features like a rotating handle and cord lock. Many homeowners find a 40-volt battery to offer plenty of power. Rating. Excellent battery life and recharges in less than an hour. Best Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews – The Top 10! However, it is good to mention that the battery is not included, which means you need to purchase it separately. PRICE PLEASE But there are lighter “corded & electric” hedge trimmers out there. The inline design offers exceptional balance and combined with the fact that this 6.5-pound machine is extremely lightweight, this hedge trimmer gets high marks for maneuverability.In addition, the ability to rotate the handle a full 180° makes it a solid choice for the kind of precision work that you need to get a professional finish on tight and dense shrubs such as boxwoods and evergreens. It makes sure that the weight is well-distributed, so there’s more balance, precision, and control. Best pole hedge trimmer [Update list 2020] 1. • 2.8-Amp Motor Best Hedge Trimmer. Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer, 04. So you can’t really trim the top of a tall hedge standing directly below it or next to it. The hardened steel made blade is sharp enough to slice through thick hedges like butter. Adds to that is the comfortable grips on the handles. Be sure to always follow all of the safety guidelines and to thoroughly read the instructions before using your new tool. Anything over 5 amp motors make heavy-duty corded hedge trimmers. This makes the machine user-friendly as you can attend to the lawn and fence bushes without getting overly tired. Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer, 09. It’s like a piece of cake to maneuver the trimmer. 1-16 of over 5,000 results for "Best Electric Hedge Trimmer" Best Seller in Power Hedge Trimmers. The Toro 51490 does a decent job for most trimming tasks. There are some major upshots to using a corded machine, but a few downsides to be aware of as well. When fully charged, Greenworks 40V Cordless Jet Leaf Blower works for a full 30minutes. However, solid materials mean added weight, remember that – just like the DEWALT trimmer. So you should sharpen your blade once in a while to get clean cuts. It also comes with hardened steels blades that provide the much-needed strength and rigidity, especially when it comes to trimming tough brushes.Moreover, the hedge trimmer features a lightweight and compact design that allows you to adjust the cutting position for effective trimming. • Dual-handed safety switch • Weight 6.1 pounds, • 3.5-Amp Motor • 22-inch Dual Action Blade Corded hedge trimmers are an extremely popular choice for homeowners that live in residential areas where the distance from a power source is not a problem. It is not built for professional trimmers or gardeners. It is fully assembled, so it comes ready to use out from the box.Apart from being lightweight, it is cordless and comes with a reliable battery that lasts for an hour when on a full charge. You can do occasional stabs at thicker stems too with a little bit of work to do. Best long pole hedge trimmer – Earthwise CVPH43018 [Corded 4.5 Amp, 18 inch] Best long pole hedge trimmer for occasional hedge trimming – regular and high. PRICE PLEASE • 3.5-Amp Motor This is another top-quality electric trimmer that you should consider if you are in the market for one. Sun Joe's convertible pole/hedge trimmer features a multi-angle pivoting head with a telescoping pole that can adjust from 3.8 feet to 5.9 feet so you can trim all those hard-to-reach places. Along with that, it has a quite more powerful 5 amp motor compared to the B&D HH25. The full-length trigger makes it easy to turn the hedge trimmer on or off in just a single press.Moreover, the tool has a 20-inch hardened steel blade with a dual-action that comes with 5/8” cut capacity. It is powerful and efficient. Copyright © 2020 Gardenver. • 18-inch Dual Action Blade This means that at no cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link. The handle also features a lock that retains the power cord. • 24-inch Dual Action Blade Sun Joe SJH901E It also comes with a smartly designed full-length trigger that offers auxiliary support for comfortable control and operation. Garcare is such a brand that you might not have heard of often, but their GHT08 is a decent trimmer that I had to suggest. Instead, it’s aimed to handle light to medium tasks and bushes with soft twigs, and all that in a comfortable and light package. However, it won’t be easy to hold the trimmer at such angles considering the weight again. If you only have very basic trimming to do, this may not be an issue for you.If you are operating with a $50 budget, this is a solid choice to add to your outdoor power equipment. Here are the best electric string trimmers you can buy right now. Best Splurge: Milwaukee Electric Tools M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer Buy on Amazon Buy on Home Depot For a heavy-duty, long-lasting cordless hedge trimmer, one of the best options is the Milwaukee M18 FUEL. Consider getting shorter ones (around 20 inches or less) if you have small areas to cut. And all that comes with a smaller price tag. Sun Joe has been very serious about their product safety features that you can tell from the three that this tool has. The safety lock button is there on the top of the rear handle that you have to keep pressed for the machine to operate. It has a blade of 18 inches which is dual-action and is made from steel for durability, high performance, and ease of maneuvering. Comparison Table of Best Corded Hedge Trimmer in 2020. Oiling them is a great way to keep them sharp for future uses. This makes it comfortable to use, as it does not cause fatigue. 7 Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The safety strap is also not so useful when you use the trimer in an overhead position. Or if you’re good with these things and want to do this by yourself, here’s a step by step walkthrough for you. With the premium features, the hedge trimmer provides a powerful performance that allows for a precise and clean cut.The electric trimmer is powered by an 18-volt Lithium-Ion battery that is sold separately. Well, I know, electric hedge trimmers do not need oil like gasoline-powered one needs, which is obvious. A: Of course, you can sharpen them, and you should. Corded hedge trimmers are the cheapest compared to cordless and gas hedger trimmers. Earthwise CVPH43018 It has very well-placed handles that are coated with soft rubber which helps to absorb some of the vibrations so that you can operate this machine for longer without getting sore. • 5-Amp Motor For most men, a good trimmer is an essential grooming tool to help make sure no hair is out of place. The blade is factory sharpened and has a cutting capacity of  9/16” which is just a fancy way to say ¾”. • 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Hedge So it’ll be wise not to bring them together. The bargain electric hedge trimmer If you’re looking for an affordable and simple to use model that’s perfect for maintaining light foliage around a small garden space, the Ozito Pole Hedge Trimmer is ideal. You do not have to over-reach with the HH25 in hand, so there’s reduced stress on your back. They need oiling on the blades, every type of trimmer needs that. Weighing only around 5 lbs, the HJ22HTE is super easy to maneuver. The HJ22HTE is not a powerhouse that you can tell from its look. $35.99 $ 35. But there’ll be fatigue using it for an extended period. • Cut 3/4 inch thick branches They are fast, powerful, lightweight and very easy to maintain. So you do not have to worry about the cable getting loose when you are working on an important job. View at Amazon. If you want a combo, then this is an excellent tool for you. So let’s see if the RM5124TH can prove to be the top corded hedge trimmer that offers the most value for money. The striking Greenworks hedge trimmer has a 2.7 amp electric motor enabling any gardener to be able to get any type of job done quickly, safely, and effectively. • Weight 9.7 pounds, • 3.8-Amp Motor Having a punchy 420W motor, this trimmer is able to blast through lighter hedges in no time.. This makes this set an excellent choice if you are looking to get a precise and professional finish on your hedges.The main downside of this hedge trimmer is that the pole attaches to the rear of the machine, meaning the weight of the motor goes to the end of the pole, adding some instability that might make it difficult for beginners to manage. You can easily trim through branches without having to switch hand or position. Once you find the best electric hedge trimmer for you, having a beautifully manicured lawn will be a piece of cake. The blade is capable of cutting branches up to 3/4 inch thick. They also include a blade guard to safely store the trimmer with a cover on and eliminates the possibility of slicing a limb. Choosing a trimmer with a long blade is recommended as it allows you to complete your work in time and also reach high branches. Thanks to the again standard sounding dual-action blade that produces about 40% less vibration. Fortunately, we’ve found the eleven best hedge trimmers and also written a buying guide and FAQ section underneath, to answer any hedge trimmer questions you might have. PRICE PLEASE. The feature that stands the Remington RM5124TH out from the competitors is the titanium blades. It’s aimed to take care of medium-duty jobs, and it does that very effectively. With the hardened steel blades, the trimmer has the ability to cut through branches and twigs without causing excessive vibration that may lead to strain.The electric trimmer comes with a blade that is long enough to cut branches at the top of your fence. To find out more about them click on the link to take you to the full review. DEWALT DCHT820B Electric Hedge Trimmaer. All Right Reserved. Would it break the bank to make the cord a little longer? Thus, you should never think of using your electric hedge trimmer even in slight rain. If you have tall hedges, then it is worth considering an extended reach trimmer. And the less vibration it’ll produce, the less fatigue it’ll cause to the user. You can also adjust the angle of the head (6 positions) as well as the handle (5 positions). The Makita cordless hedge trimmer comes with great features that make it ideal for keeping your garden, patios and lawn in good condition. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. The CVPH41018 corded electric trimmer boasts a sharp 18-inch blade that gives you 34 inches of maximum cutting width. Some models further reduce noise; I love them. A quality hedge trimmer is an excellent tool to help speed up your yard work. Cordless Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide. However, there are trimmers with a less powerful motor like 3.5 amps in my list, and they’re intended for lighter tasks as well. The HJ22HTE comes with a 22-inch blade made of stainless steel that helps for longer reach. $34.99 $ 34. This allows for great trimming. • Weight 8.42 pounds, • 4-Amp Motor Updated: October 31, 2020     Gardenever, We may receive commissions when you click some of our links and make purchases without extra cost of you. For such a great price (right around $30) and such a lightweight design, this might be a good choice for small property owners that only have a few bushes to keep up with. There’s this built-in cord stopping system which ensures the cord doesn’t unplug accidentally. The wrap-around handle makes it even easier to hold and maneuver when you’re cutting. This is the best electric hedge trimmer. Moreover, corded hedge trimmers are best for those who live in a residential area where the distance from a power source to their garden is not an issue. BLACK+DECKER 3.8 Amps 20-in Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer. This trimmer’s 24-inch blade reaches easily to the back of wider hedges, and the rotating handle turns 180 degrees for easier trimming at a variety of angles. Dual-edge trimming blade lets you cut on right or left side of the hedge trimmer for easy shaping and sculpting with less vibration. The Toro 51490 features a 4 amp motor and a 22-inch dual-action blade. • 24-inch Dual Action Blade It also includes a protective blade cover that allows for safe storage.Unlike standard corded hedge trimmers, the Scotts trimmer comes with a built-in hook that retains the cord for easy operation and maneuverability. • 3.8-Amp Motor Weighing in right at 5 Lbs., this is about as light as it gets. If your question is still not answered, I encourage you to leave them in the comments below. The best way to figure out how powerful the best hedge trimmer 2020 is to check its power source. Q: Can I use an electric hedge trimmer when it’s wet? PRICE PLEASE However, this machine cuts larger branches than specified, but you’ll need to work on it a little. – Single-sided blades are easier to control and maneuver, but they’re less efficient when it comes to cutting. Required fields are marked *. This selection by Remington offers even more value by giving you the basics without the frills.At only 6.5 pounds, this is a very lightweight machine that will be easy to manage for just about everyone. However, though the trimmer itself is not actually heavy, the weight distribution makes it feel so when fully extended. The workhorse of the available electric hedge trimmers, this is the replacement for the old … If other blades can be sharpened, they can be too. 99. It is designed more for maintenance trimming on small properties. But there are no sacrifices that make it a deal-breaker. Talking of reaching corners, this trimmer has a decent maximum length of 8’8” from tip to tip, which will get most jobs done.
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